I am writing this update because after a year of researching and testing out various methods online I have finally made my first 100 US dollars online. With that said 60 of the 100 was in the last 15 days. Are there tricks to online marketing? In short, no, especially not in what I am specializing in. Since Google’s Penguin update there are no longer shortcuts in SEO, content reigns supreme. In the following post, I will highlight my plans for launching an authority site and my other online marketing endeavours.

Authority Site

First off, to the people who are new to SEO they will most likely not know what an authority site is. An authority site is commonly defined as a domain which has a very high chance to rank well. I personally like to see it a bit differently. I see it as a site that targets a very specific audience, and provides ultra high-quality content that visitors trust and will refer back to.

I already have it set up and the main focus will be on SEO and Marketing Tips. My end goal is to have people happily coming back to the site for quality information and will gladly refer their friends, family and dog to. Here is my business model for the authority site:

  • Have Two Sources of Traffic
    • Free high-quality traffic from search engine optimization
    • Referral traffic from the content visitor
  • Monetize the site very passively and only after I reach a consistent 300 unique visitors a day
  • Continue to go back on my posts and updating it according to the industry
  • Build a monster email subscription list

Amazon Affiliate Sites

This has by far been the best source of money for me. Ranking well for ‘keyword/product’ + review has been fantastic and I will continue to do it. I will not reveal the niche however I highly recommend you find a micro niche that you are passionate about and start posting about it.

I have just launched 3 micro niche sites and am slowly, but surely building up its content. I highly recommend you spend a decent amount of time doing keyword research. For more on this you can refer to one of my proudest posts on this blog on SEO here.


I have only made about 10 US dollars from Instagram, but I am hopeful as it grows exponentially. I currently have 5 accounts and here are the stats as of February 17th, 2015:

Account 1: 135 posts| 5.5k Followers | 1.9k Following | 200± Likes per Photo

Account 2: 47 posts| 3.7k Followers | 1.2k Following | 200± Likes per Photo

Account 3: 14 posts | 3k Followers | 1.2k Following | 500± Likes per Photo

Account 4: 12 Posts | 1.8k Followers | 100 Following| 100± Likes per Photo

Account 5: 4 Posts | 1.5k Followers | 162 Following | 400± Likes per Photo

I plan on continuing to monetize with PPI offers on Ogmobi and when I hit 10k followers sell shoutouts on Fiverr.

Offline Marketing

The offline marketing method is nothing new to me. I have done it before and now I am trying it here in Berlin. I simply find local businesses with terrible sites and approach them to have their site revamped. I even upsell to a monthly SEO service sometimes. This may seem hard but my method of approaching this had a call-back rate of over 15%.

Unfortunately, I do not plan on revealing this method but if you’re interested we can discuss it via email.


Well, that is it for now I guess. I set myself a weekly goal of writing at least 1 quality post for my authority site(500-1000 words), 2 review posts(300-500 words each) for my Amazon affiliate sites and 1 blog post on this website. I am really excited as having to manage all these sites are very new to me.

Please let me know if you have any tips for me at all – I look forward to hearing from you guys!

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