SEO Introduction – Why Search Engine Optimization is Important to You


Friends and family see the term SEO thrown around nowadays and more than a few have approached me regarding this subject. In this post I will attempt to explain my findings and knowledge regarding Search Engine Optimization in a way a non-technical person can understand.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Moz describes SEO as: The practice of improving and promoting a web site in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand. With me I like things a lot simpler so I like to describe it as the process of making your website come up at the top of a search engine, like Google.

How Does This Affect Me?

Now that you know what SEO is you are probably wondering why it affects you. If you have a website and your site provides services, products and/or information it is important to have traffic to your site because traffic drives sales. Search engines provides a great way to direct targeted traffic to your site. For example: If you own an online store,, there is a higher chance to have a person who searched for “cute dresses” on Google buying your product than your Uncle Jim who was directed to your site from your Facebook.

Who can do SEO?

I would like to say anyone can do SEO because there have been more than a few well known people who experienced amazing online success from different disciplines. With that said, SEO is work, therefore the success is directly proportional to the effort you put into it.


What is a Backlink?

In short – backlinks are incoming links to a website or webpage. A simple example will be putting the link to your webpage on your twitter(for example: Twitter).

Why are Backlinks important?

Search Engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) sees links from Page A to Page B as a vote by Page A for Page B. So needless to say, you should try to put the link to your website on as many sites as possible.

Tricks and Tips 

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting on High Page Rank (PR) blogs are very powerful, I used to do them a lot before and the results were impressing. You can find high pr blogs easily, just google “how to find high pr blogs” and there are tons of ways, you can also hire someone to use scrapebox for you to find high pr blogs.
There are also high pr blog posts, meaning the post itself has a high pr, that is more powerful, but you might notice there are many spammy comments, but still it will take you few seconds to get a backlink.


There is a tool called “Scrapebox” that scrapes blog posts, on any niche (you decide the keywords etc) and it will scrape it for you, and you fill in the details (ie anchor text, url etc) and it will comment on all of them, but watch out about akismet, but I prefer manual blog commenting.

Forum Profiles

Well you know what’s a forum I suppose? Simply find many high PR forums, register on them, and in your signature just enter your anchor text. Most of the times or forums it is this format (without space between U and R at the start)

[U RL=]Keyword[/Url]


There is a tool called XRumer, it is an extremely powerful tool, but if your site is new, you should not use it, it creates thousands and thousands of forum profiles and puts your anchor in signature, but it is expensive.

Link Exchange

This works best if your site has a page rank, then you just request link exchange on DP or WF with the same niche, and most likely with the same PR. He will put your anchor text on his/her site, and you put his/her at your site.

Web Directories

There are tens of thousands of web-directories for you to submit your website to, and they will approve it. They also have featured listing but don’t mind that, just go for the free listing which 99% of the directories offer, these aren’t as strong as high PR backlinks, but they are still worth it, as I said, every backlink is worth it.

Press Release

This is usually done when a new site is launched, or you are launching something on your site, or there is an event etc, then you simply write a press release (google “how to write a press release”) , and then you will submit it to many press release sites, it will take few days to approve your press release.

Buying Links

You can pay other website owners to put your anchor on their site, the prices vary depending on the page rank of their site, and of course target websites on the same niche as you.

Guest Blogging

This one is one of my favorite. It is simply offering other blog owners as the same niche of your site, offering them a free article with 2-3 anchor texts in your article, this is indeed really worth it.

Buying Blog Posts

You can also buy blog posts, sometimes they will write an article for you and publish it on their blog, and sometimes you will have to write an article and they will publish it on their site, and again, prices vary on the page rank of the site.

Article Directories

Writing unique articles yourself or hiring an article writer, and then submitting it to high PR article directories, it will take few days to approve.

Yahoo Answers

You can also hire people for this as well, but a bit hard to find. , register an account and go to the category on your niche, and answer people’s questions, but first 25 answers, don’t put anything in the “source” box, and then afterwards, for most of the answers put your website link in the “source” box, but make sure your answer actually answers the person’s question, it might get chosen as best answer, and Yahoo Answers ranks well for questions, and your answer will be shown first if it was chosen as Best Answer by the questioner.

Social Media

Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc, submit your websites there. There are many social media sites like digg, and you will have to create an account on all of them, and then submit your website.

Web 2.0 Profiles

Creating profiles on Web 2.0 sites is very powerful indeed, like Squidoo and then writing an article and linking back to your site, and also Blogger (Free blog, yes!) and writing an article linking back to your site, and video sites like Youtube, Metacafe etc.

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