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7K Metals MLM Review: Scam or Legit?

7K Metals MLM is a network marketing company that sells precious metals to generate residual income for investors. It claims to offer three levels of membership, with the highest tier promising an average return on investment (ROI) of $1400 per month.

7K Metals is a company that has been accused of being a scam. If you are considering investing in this company, please read the lawsuit before doing so.

I don’t have the $7,500 Metal membership, just so you know. I based the facts I supplied on what I read on the internet. 7k Metals is a legitimate network marketing firm since you receive something in exchange for your original investment. 

Furthermore, I haven’t seen anybody online complaining about being duped into buying bad goods, so people assume it’s legitimate. And, as for the business, it has strong team leadership, so you can expect they’ll be there for a long time. 

However, there is something concerning about the technique of product distribution that I find disconcerting. Because it’s only accessible to registered members, I’d like to see them sell memberships directly to individuals rather than via MLM business models. 

You may also earn commissions by enrolling new members in the organization so that they can acquire these precious metals at a ‘discount.’ And, since I’m not a fan of MLM business structures and am unfamiliar with their goods, I wouldn’t recommend 7k Metals to anybody. 

But, having said that…

If you’ve worked with an MLM firm before (see out our list of top MLM companies) and are familiar with precious metals, you may want to give 7k Metals a try. However, before you go in with both feet, do some research on the cost of this company’s metals on a global scale. 

If the pricing is correct, being an affiliate with 7k Metals might be well worth your time… Because if you’re like precious metals, this is exactly up your alley. 

With that stated, I hope you found this 7k Metals review to be enlightening and useful, and that you learned a lot about the firm as a result of it. 

But, if you don’t make money with precious metal, what’s the use of understanding all of this? 

So, let’s go a bit more into this. 

The “7k metals coin of the month” is a pyramid scheme that has been around for quite some time. It’s been called a scam, but there are also people who believe it to be legit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns 7K?

A: 7K is owned by the Van Gogh Corporation.

What is the company 7K?

A: 7K is a company that has been in existence for many years. They are primarily involved with the production of power supplies and minor electronics, but they have recently branched out into other areas of manufacturing as well.

Who is the founder of 7K metals?

A: The founder of 7K metals is unknown.

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