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SJ4000 Review GoPro Clone Action Camera

SJ4000 Review

In the age where everything is documented action cameras have come to be extremely popular. Big camera brands each have their own version of these cameras. The most distinguished or reputable product is the Hero series from GoPro.

GoPro cameras dominate the market because they offer above average specs, fun features, various mounting options, sturdiness, amazing quality and as per expected, a large price tag. Not everyone can get their hands on one. However, if you are looking for an action cam but do not want to sell your family heirloom, fear not there are such things as clones. The SJ4000 is the GoPro Hero 3+ bootleg, so alike you can mistake it for one at first.

Physical Design SJ4000 review

The size and shape of the SJ4000 is exactly the same as the GoPro, as well as the UI (user interface) design. There are only 4 buttons on this small device – the power button, OK/trigger button and scrolling (up, down) buttons on one side. There are ports for micro SD, micro USB, and micro HDMI all conveniently located. The battery can be accessed at the bottom through a stubborn cover. Even with the battery, the SJ4000 is so light that I start to question the robustness. However, the waterproof casing seems sturdy enough to handle reasonable force.

Free Accessories SJ4000 review

The SJ4000, priced at around US$140, comes with a variety of mounts, connectors, straps, and a waterproof shell. The mounts and connectors are made of a seemingly strong plastic with steel bolt connectors. The waterproof casing is designed very closely to the GoPro casing as well. I tested the reliability of the casing with a humidity checker and submerging it in water for some time. Unfortunately, the 5% and 10% indicators were triggered as shown. But I am sure a bit more of reinforcement would be fine.

1. Prior Test


2. Post Test


Overall performance SJ4000 review

The camera supports micro SD cards around 32GB. There is a micro HDMI port which is fully functional to project this screen display. The port, nonetheless, has a less than perfect fit – it can lose the HDMI cable connection in certain positions. The micro USB conversely fits perfectly in the interface. The preview screen is a really nice feature, and is actually a huge step up from earlier models in the GoPro Hero series in this particular aspect. There is no requirement of an external device to receive an FPV while setting up/mounting this camera. The camera has an individual immensely long list of set up configuration options. Video, photo, and general settings are listed randomly in the set up menu.


1080p 30fps automagically, but may be changed to help 720p 60fps, 720p 30fps, WVGA, and also VGA. Here are a couple of in-car test videos: SJ4000 GoPro Clone Drone Test Review by Go-pro

Conclusion SJ4000 review


  • Video quality is great in good lighting conditions
  • Decent quality of stills
  • Effective exposure and ISO adjustments
  • Notable features – Preview screen, Rotate function
  • Continuous firmware support for bug solutions and feature update


  • Grainy video in low light conditions
  • Color setting bug
  • Mount fasteners aren’t the greatest – causes a bit of wobble
  • Waterproof casing lets in moisture
  • Disorganized setup menu
  • Slightly loose micro HMDI port
Honestly though, these cons are on the boundary of being extremely picky. For the price of this camera, some things are bound to have imperfections, and this one has these – very very small and minor issues, easily remedied with a bit of reinforcements for the accessories and some editing for the video and color bug. The SJ4000 is a very good GoPro-like camera. If you want an action cam without having to dig too deep in your pockets, you can get one from both Amazon(if you don't trust Aliexpress) and Aliexpress: Amazon: Product

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