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Amazon Prime Canada – Is It Worth It?

amazon prime canada review

Is Amazon Prime in Canada Worth It?

If you’re in Canada, Prime has a 30 day free trial until December 2021.

Amazon Prime is something that has created a lot of Buzz. Lately, it seems that a lot of people see it, simply, as an alternative to Netflix. Others see it as an alternative to eBay. You have to make sure to use an Amazon price tracker though.

Which is correct?

Both, actually.

Not to mention, Amazon Prime offers a lot of other services, as well. When trying to critique the new platform, I realized that it is hard to understand what Amazon Prime, as a comprehensive whole, actually is. So, as well as noting the positives and negatives, allow me to guide you to an understanding of Amazon Prime.

In Canada, Amazon Prime has been slow to adapt and grow, but it is coming along slowly but surely. For example, the treasured video feature just became accessible for us mere months ago.

Still, $79  can be a tough pill to swallow for this kind of service. As a University student studying in one of the most expensive cities in the world (UBC student in Vancouver, Canada) I was thrilled to learn that I was able to save money and get a free 6 month trial AND pay only $39.

So, what’s all the fuss around Amazon about?

Amazon Prime is more than a service that allows you to watch Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” television adaptation. Being a member of prime, you are also granted free delivery on goods you order through the service.

As a student, this can be an absolute lifesaver. In Vancouver, it can (and will) take forever to get anywhere. Having the things (with a few exceptions, see the list of restricted Amazon categories) I need come right to my door? Pretty nice, and, in my opinion, could be the clincher that makes a Prime Membership worth having. Yes, Amazon generally has complimentary delivery, but the speed here makes a major difference. I think it is worth it.

The next interesting feature? Cloud storage. That’s right, Amazon Prime features some pretty hefty space for you to keep photos and videos, not unlike Dropbox.

Again, there is also a solid video streaming service, as well as some ways to save big on hot products. Much like Netflix, some great shows are made specifically for Amazon Prime and can be watched exclusively through the platform. In general, the media component of Amazon Prime is quite impressive.

If you’re into saving money through shopping with benefits, Amazon Prime could be for you.

So, what’s not to like about Prime?

The service just isn’t as practical in Canada as it is in the United States– yet. Amazon’s online shopping speed and efficiency have effectively eliminated the world’s need for malls, but this famous speed is experienced in a greater way in the USA. Still, in Canada, it is impressive, but not nearly as, I don’t know… Instant.

In the States, the delivery is almost always “Same-day” if you are in an urban area. For free. More and more, delivery is promised within two hours.

Also, one of the major cons is that some of the “made for Amazon Prime” media content is created by Adam Sandler. Yikes.

My Conclusion – It’ll Change Your Life

Yes, it is not quite at the same ‘level’ as American Amazon Prime, but Canada’s version is slowly catching up. For example, the ‘video’ feature was just added, and with the construction of new Amazon warehouses in the country, it should be expected that our delivery speeds will catch up, too.

The delivery of such a wide range of products and services is truly remarkable– and oddly futuristic. But I’m not complaining. As a student, Amazon Prime has helped me cope with the pressures of university life, as a handy tool of sorts. Not to mention, the stock keeps rising, as the services become more efficient, effective, and far-reaching.

Do I recommend Amazon Prime?

I think I do, especially with the student discount. The value is there, and the service makes life a lot more convenient. If you liked this review, please check out my blog where I review just about everything!

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