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Angies List Review: Why Not Produce Your Own Leads?

A few weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at the world of freelance writing. For those who are unfamiliar with it, freelancing is a way for people to earn money without having their own business or an employer looking over their shoulder. The best part about this job is that you can work from anywhere and pick your hours that suit you.

Angie’s List is a review website that reviews service providers like contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. They also have an “Angies List Review” section which gives the user recommendations for local businesses. Read more in detail here: why is angie’s list calling me.

Our review team has discovered a game-changing program in the real estate market!

It’s all digital, even if it’s not real estate in the classic sense.

Yes, it’s all about digital real estate.

The scalability of Angie’s List is where it falls short. 

When you’re purchasing businesses here and there, you can’t really expect to create any REAL passive income… You’d be putting in 60-80 hours every week!

But what if you use it to your advantage?

You will be able to fully eliminate manual work with our digital real estate application!

Does it seem too good to be true?

It certainly does!

However, this isn’t the case… In fact, many company owners wish they have this talent!

All you have to do is create and rank a website, then transmit the job listings to a local company owner through email.

This works for any service-based company, such as tree service, plumbing, towing, and so on. 

Angie’s List is a review website that provides reviews for local businesses. The company offers a free plan with limited features and a paid plan that has more features. Reference: how much is angie’s list per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Angies List in trouble?

A: According to Forbes, Angies List is in trouble because it has failed to innovate as a company and compete with the likes of Yelp.

Is Angies leads legit?

A: Its hard to tell. I dont know how reliable this company is, but it doesnt seem like they are reputable or anything

Is Angies List worth it 2021?

A: Angies List is a website that provides home service reviews. Its possible the company may have changed from its original name, but it still offers similar services to others like Yelp and Google

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