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BaseCamp Trading Review 2023: Scam or Legit?

This company is a fraud and the trading software that they provide should be avoided, argue some traders. After looking at their pricing structure, review of reviews reveal that this broker can’t compete with other top providers in terms of both customer service and returns.

The “basecamp review 2023” is a new trading system that has been released. It’s being marketed as a scam or legit.

I haven’t come across many Basecamp Trading reviews on the internet. As a result, it’s likely that the majority of people reading this Base Camp Trading review will be pleased to learn of this information.

To begin with, this is a trading company managed by shady and top-tier Twitter marketers. Second, a variety of trade products are available for purchase.

It’s all an investment.

You’ll have spent at least $6,000 by the time you’ve looked at the seminars, mentorships, trade indicators, and so on.

As a result, give it some consideration.

Base Camp Trading offers a slew of useless trading indicators, instructional seminars, and one-on-one mentoring.

Three persons used to run the original site ( Mark Helweg, Dave Aquino, and Thomas Wood. Value Charts has been renamed Basecamp Trading in the last several years.

Drew Day is the name of the founder. It’s unclear if he uses an alias or not. I am aware that most ignorant traders trying to earn quick money should avoid investing large sums of money in this trading organization in the hopes of obtaining a unicorn.

Drew Day and the other individuals he’s reportedly operating this firm with aren’t qualified to provide investing advise to anybody, in my opinion.

Is the trading information offered by BaseCampTrading reliable?

No way, no how!

At, you’ll discover 20 indicators and 32 workshops. These trading indicators range in price from $140 to $2,000.

Base Camp Trading throws you a surprise by reminding you of all the other knowledge available via their trade seminars, just when you believe you’ve purchased all you need from Drew Day and don’t want to buy any more trading materials.

The cheapest trading lesson will set you back $7, while the most costly trading item will set you back $2,000!

To be an expert trader, you must draw the majority of these trading courses as well as various signals.

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