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The Best Amazon FBA courses of 2023

Now, what is Amazon FBA training in the first place? What should you look for in a course? Are Amazon FBA courses even worth it? According to Dominique Grubisa, it is. 

You're probably like me and you enjoy to do research. Maybe you've been looking for answers to these questions while searching for feedback on the best Amazon FBA course on Reddit or something similar.

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That's fine; I'm constantly looking for input on Reddit, but you might have found that finding impartial feedback from people who've taken the courses can be challenging.

I've gone through these courses one by one, so you can be sure you're getting first-hand feedback with no ulterior motives.

Below ranked are the best of the Amazon private label community, including full, in-depth reviews for each of them as well as a quick bio of each of these Amazon coaches.

Top 7 FBA Courses for 2021

1.) FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang

Course Length: 338 Lessons.

Price: $ 6997

  • Tom Wang is a credible Amazon seller. The owner of this course knows what it takes to succeed with FBA, so he is qualified to teach others.
  • A comprehensive course (338 training videos and lessons).
  • Tom Wang cares about the success of his students. Learners have the opportunity to leave feedback for each module.
  • No refunds.
  • Expensive.
  • Additional payments for paid advertising campaigns and additional tools.
  • Not the best business model for beginners.

Course Details - FBA Tom Wang:

Can you learn how to start and grow an online business with Tom Wang's Amazon training course, or is this just another scam you should avoid?

If your end goal is to quit your day job and run your Amazon business full time, you're on the right track with the FBA Masterclass. The course is led by serial entrepreneur Tom Wang, who could quit his day job within a year of launching his first Amazon product.

At around $7,000, Wang's FBA Masterclass is one of the more expensive courses on the market, but that's not necessarily a negative.

You get what you pay for because, in this case, you're getting 330 lessons that go well beyond the fundamentals. You'll also receive sales training from a seven-figure earner.

Through this, you will learn everything you need to know about selling on Amazon. From finding things to sell, getting feedback, and making money with FBA, anything you need to start a company in Canada or the United States is covered.

The business model is REAL, competitive, and requires a fair amount of start-up money.

Although its training is extensive and covers everything you need to succeed, there will be much work ahead of any other business model.


Key Selling Points

  • Extensive training on the Amazon FBA business model.
  • Bonus training videos with successful Amazon sellers.


  • The price-for some
  • Not The best business model For beginners.


If you are aware of all the pros and cons of Amazon FBA and are sure you want to do it, Tom Wang's FBA Masterclass may be an excellent option for you.

However, if you are a beginner with no experience creating an online business, there are better alternatives to choose from.

One of them is affiliate marketing. It does not involve product creation, shipping, or handling. You are not responsible for customer care, refunds, or grievances. You don't even have to pay for paid advertisements if you don't want to.

If that sounds interesting, you can see how these people make money using a basic but extremely successful blueprint that most people overlook, causing them to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

2.) Private Label Masters with Tim Sanders

Course length: 20 hrs, 18 mins.

Price: $4997


  • Tim is an Amazon seller of over 120 private-label items.
  • Material that is comprehensive (from mindset to scaling).
  • Tim participates in the Facebook community for his course.
  • Updated for 2021 (the majority of the course).


  • Outdated product supplier sourcing location.

Course Details - Private Label Masters:

Tim has also been operating on Amazon since 2016, and in less than a year, he has grown his company to the upper six figures in revenue.

This FBA course is well-structured, with eight consecutive modules that cover the pros and weaknesses of selling on Amazon, excluding teaching a strategy that will quickly lose effectiveness as more sellers enter the marketplace.

In a few places, Tim goes above and beyond in this course:

Listing Creation; Tim hires a professional to compose and refine the copy for listings.

Strategy for Choosing Products; Tim reveals his product philosophy lays the foundation for his branding strategy and, in turn, his product suppliers.

Overall, Tim's course is at the top of the rating because he offers an active community of motivated sellers.

It is one of the best courses available if you're serious about getting into Amazon FBA.


Key Selling Points:

  • Well-rounded FBA training at a competitive price.


  • Limited sourcing process


Tim's program is among the best Amazon modules you can find right now for understanding the actual system of FBA from beginning to end.

You can get it at a reasonable price (their sales team offers $1,500 if I purchased the program on-demand).

However, before you buy, consider the additional costs of selling on Amazon (FBA fees, product costs, packaging design, pay-per-click ads).

3.) Product University by Sophie Howard

Course Length: 26 hrs

Price: $ 3495


  • Advanced Product Selection Strategy
  • Sophie has launched and sold more than 500 products and created several million-dollar brands
  • Uses a product she develops as an example of her process throughout the course


  • Disorganized for the first few modules
  • Long lectures (might be boring for some)

Course Details - Product University:

Sophie Howard created Product University in 2016. She is an Amazon seller based in New Zealand, selling in both the US and AU markets and her home country.

Sophie started part-time at Amazon in 2014 when she was on maternity leave from her job.

She quickly scaled and established her first brand, Higher Tea.

It's a consumable, responsible organic tea that requires continued sales and has a unique appeal to those who enjoy health and want to be proud to support ethical manufacturing.

(Don't get any ideas on this topic; Sophie says that while she could get into tea initially, she wouldn't recommend it now because the category is oversaturated).

Do not expect to be taught how to set up your vendor account, obtain a business license, or any other important skills because she claims you will find those tools elsewhere.

But she's here to share her experience and help you discover markets to sell products that are difficult for copy-catting merchants to replicate because they don't have access to your uniquely sourced products.


Key Selling Points

  • Sophie's branding strategy works in the 2021 market.


  • She is more of a creative than an analytical thinker, so she struggled to organize the course material (earlier on) until the third module.


If you are willing to do the basics yourself, such as setting up your account and your basic Amazon listing, We will give you the strategies to create brands that sell well in the long run.

The most exciting part is that she also teaches you how to exit-by building a brand worth 7-figures and then selling it to an interested company.

4.) Amazing Sale Machine (ASM 11)

Course Length: 19 hrs

Price: $5000


  • Shows every new FBA seller the basics
  • Private sellers forum on their website
  • ASM has spawned plenty of wealthy entrepreneurs.


  • An outdated product selection strategy
  • Flat coverage of Amazon PPC
  • Very expensive
  • Overly intrusive marketing (their affiliate program went haywire)

Course Details - ASM 11:

In 2012, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback began selling on Amazon (the gold rush as far as Amazon sales).

Matt was already making money via the private label on Amazon at the time, and Jason had a history of selling educational materials online dating back to 2003.

Matt brought Jason up because Jason wanted to learn to sell on Amazon, and allegedly, sell he did. A variety of sources on the Internet show that he was soon making 100,000 in revenue each month.

That same year-still 2012-the two put together the fantastic selling machine, and the rest seems to be history.

The instructors do a great job teaching marketing private labels via FBA.

The only thing is, the fact that the course is taught by other people, not the founders, was a little suspicious because it makes you wonder if they know what they are talking about?

But as I said, I saw many reviews of people who became prosperous through the course when I started selling FBA in late 2015 (due diligence is a must when starting a business, my first coaching program taught me that).

If you opt-in now, you'll essentially get an old course (albeit a massive old course due to the add-ons) with a few extra bells and whistles. #profitminer

The way I think of ASM now is a 100-level Gen Education course.

You learn the fundamentals of the industry, which is useful, but the realistic techniques are obsolete because the course took too long to package and get board approval before it could be offered.

So it's a beneficial course, even today, because of the great perspective it gives you on how Amazon Private Label works.

The primary obstacle to success is the same as the FBA Ninja course:

This course will assist you in getting a well-rounded education on the FBA system and learning a lot about what it takes to sell on Amazon.


Key Selling Points

  • Holistic education on the Amazon platform


  • The product selection strategy needs an update.
  • There should be better content for this price.


It's always a fantastic course for getting the majority of your FBA experience. Be sure to remember that it's a general education course. You will need to take more if you want to be successful on Amazon in 2021.

5.) FBA Sales Accelerator - Ryan Rigney

Course Length: 14 hrs, 29 mins.

Price: $495 (1-on-1 = extra charge).


  • Taught by a real Amazon seller.
  • Unique tips on optimizing listings for mobile buyers.
  • Includes a range of scaling strategies
  • Content is well organized
  • Many tactics to get reviews


  • Outdated (hasn't been revised since 2018).

Course Details FBA - Sales Accelerator:

Ryan's course is laid out from A to Z and covers most of what is needed to get going on Amazon, but it is important to note that Ryan has geared his course to help those already selling products through Amazon.

In the case you already know the fundamentals of Amazon FBA, this course will take you to the next stage, as Ryan will teach you how to get more traffic (via Facebook) and reviews.

This course lets you appreciate an Amazon seller being pretty open about how he does his own business.

While not quite as vulnerable as Tim Sanders, he shares what works for him and what platforms he focuses on most.

Ryan is a pro at driving external traffic to Amazon (which helps his products rise to the top).

Besides FB ad training, he also offers insights on working with Instagram influencers, such as paying them. That's awesome because influencers can be extremely useful for someone trying to sell goods, and few people teach you how to use them effectively.


Key Selling Points

  • Provides FB group for support and education
  • Shows how to integrate FB Messenger and Manychat to get more sales.
  • Get more reviews.


  • Outdated (made in January 2018).


Ryan provides excellent material for those in the intermediate stages of building their Amazon FBA businesses.

His course is not for those just starting as he doesn't spend a lot of time on the basics (list building, product selection, etc.) He provides excellent value through his brand mindset training.

The Web evolves at a rapid rate. Yet this course hasn't been revised since 2018, which seems like a lifetime in modern times. As a result, some of the techniques learned in this course could soon become obsolete.

6.) Nine University 2.0 - Kale & Taylor

Course Length: 16 hrs

Price: $1997


  • Provides a decent FBA foundation
  • Has an active support group on Facebook
  • Helpful QuickStart boot camp included
  • Bonus FB mini-course that shows product launch tactics


  • Lots of upsells
  • Not much support
  • Only online sourcing from China (COVID-19 has made this more complicated)
  • Little to no evidence of Kale and Taylor's sales

Course Details - Nine Uni 2.0:

After a few years after its launch in 2017, Kale and Taylor's Nine University 2.0 has been modified to include more depth in individual modules, such as introducing more analysis techniques to their product selection portion.

By the way, this is crucial. I'm sure I don't need to remind you that the online world can change in an instant, and strategies that worked last year could be completely useless the following year. So be cautious if a course has been out for a few years and has become outdated.

This course includes some useful hacks from K&T. If you're new to the FBA game, for example, asking your supplier for both the unit price and the shipping price of your goods is a valuable resource.

Note: Kale is sometimes a little short with his explanations and leaves out some of the risks of his suggestions. For example, he doesn't mention that adding icons to listings can cause your listing to be shut down (per Amazon's terms of use.) Don't get me wrong, I'm not a shy Timmy, but if I ever take a risk, I always weigh the possible consequences before making a final decision, and I appreciate knowing what those are.

Kale & Taylor do an excellent job of covering a lot of the details of the product list. They make specific suggestions on product shipping and packaging, such as letting your supplier know where you are labeling your items and proactively fixing some of the problems shipping your products brings plane.

Finally, if you're the type who needs motivation or hype, this course is for you! Kale brings the fire in almost every lesson he teaches!


Key Selling Points

  • FB Ads mini-course
  • The QuickStart FB Bootcamp


  • Lack of proof of sales
  • No training on scaling with virtual assistants
  • A lot of upselling


Overall, the KT Nine University course offers value, but it is overpriced for what it is. Nine University 2.0 includes a few helpful bonuses (QuickStart Bootcamp and FB Ads Mini-Course) that add a bit of value to their course.

They've gone over and revised their course, so it's up to date for 2021.

7.) Amazon FBA Ninja by Kevin David

Course Length: 10 hrs,19 mins.

Price: $3997


  • Taught by a real Amazon seller
  • Expert-level FB Ads product launch methods taught.
  • Hack to earn free trips while spending money on PPC ads.


  • Content lacks clear organization and progression (kind of all over the place in general).
  • Some hacks are outdated (super URL).
  • Refund policy Not Clear
  • The product selection method is outdated

Course Details - FBA Ninja Masterclass:

Although the FBA Ninja Masterclass has some flaws, you can see glimpses of Kevin David's genius in the Facebook Advertising content he provides.

He doesn't waste time; he's more of a no-nonsense personality type. His videos are not long and drawn out; you can tell he is the type that likes to use time efficiently.

If you're an apply-on-the-fly kind of person, you'll enjoy the speed at which Kevin delivers his education.

In case you are looking or need more reading material, Kevin shows a lot of emphasis on providing PDFs in most of his modules. But as a heads-up, there is exact content in both the videos and the papers, so you should watch and read to get the maximum value.

I would say this course is for you if you can handle a firehose of rapid-fire information. If you are a little on the other side (like me), you will find this path less boring than your English class last year.

Since Kevin does not cover all of the hypotheticals in his mini-lectures, you must take ideas and run with them, problem-solving as you go.

When you sign up for this course, be prepared to run with your laptop, notebook, and pen.

Overall, the Amazon FBA Ninja course is affordable and allows you to trade gold nuggets with other private label ninjas in a Facebook community.


Key Selling Points

  • The FB Ads Training
  • FB Support Group


  • Super fast-moving
  • Outdated hacks (super URL)
  • Lacks details relative to success in 2021 (previous-style product selection).


This course is fast. If you're ready to build an FBA business fast, you'll enjoy Kevin David's ninja approach.

Also, if you're the type who needs some extra Amazon FBA course material, e.g., PDFs to refer back to, they are also provided.

You should also note, the product selection model taught worked well in 2017 when the marketplaces weren't densely populated as they are now, and some suppliers weren't selling their products on Amazon.

However, if you can find a replacement product selection method, you'll have most of what you need.

Which FBA course is right for you?

If you have a small budget, you could choose Ryan's FBA Sales Accelerator, giving some concrete strategies that are current for selling on Amazon in 2021.

Even so, you'll need something more than FBA Amazon training to succeed in this business strategy.

It goes without mention that to get a solid start; you're going to need money.

I realize that this idea is not popular. But that's not why you're here.

You came here in order to find information on starting an online business that generates income to finance your lifestyle.

More so, if you believe that this is what you would like and are sure to venture into, don't let budget get in your way. You should view it as a pathway to achieve your desire.

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