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Best CBD Vape Juice

Looking for the right kind of products under CBD vaping can be overwhelming because of the sheer number of them in the market. The industry has been growing, and more people want to experience the acclaimed medical benefits they bring.

To help you select only products of the highest quality, this review has compiled several of them that have proven themselves to be outstanding CBD vape oils.

Best CBD Vape Juice Reviews

CBDFx vape juice

Its sweet flavor and full-spectrum services make this one of the top-notch products of its kind in the market. In addition to being delicious, it has also been tested by independent labs to ensure that its quality is up to standard.

Some of the health benefits it hosts include pain relief and helping you sleep better. Included in its ingredients are vitamins and amino acids to improve your health. Other substances in the oil include glycerin and propylene glycol.

You will also have at least six flavors for you to choose from. As for the packed contents in the bottle, you can select from either the 250mg, 500mg, or 1000mg options.


  • Different flavor options to choose from
  • It’s a full spectrum CBD
  • Several health benefits


  • Has artificial flavors

Hemplucid vape oil

This whole-plant hemp extract has had nothing short of stunning reviews from its users. Its effects are felt quickly after taking a dosage, and this thick juice can be used with any vaping device.

Its flavor has been described as sweet and sharp, but don’t let that trick you into thinking its effects are not as potent.

The sellers also provide certifications from third-party labs who tested the product’s quality on their website.

The versatility of the Hemplucid CBD oil is also impressive as you can opt to mix it with water or use it in cold-cooking instead of vaping it.


  • Multiple health benefits
  • Fast absorption into the body
  • Versatile in how it can be consumed
  • Available in varying concentration levels


  • Some users feel it’s too thick

Pure Hemp botanicals

The company behind this creation is one of the most passionate about creating natural, organic CBD products. They also have superior packaging when sending out this oil to their customers.

They offer more than six different types of flavor, all of which are derived from organic plants, making them an excellent choice for anyone into holistic products. The oils are also full-spectrum and contain propylene glycol. 


  • Organic products
  • High quality
  • Non-psychoactive


  • The mint flavor is not as good

Alternate vape oil

The reviews that have been written about this product speak on its behalf. Customers say it has helped them relieve back pains and countered sleeping problems they experienced before.

This highly rated Colorado hemp vape oil undergoes tests from independent labs to check on its quality. All the products sold by this company are organic and contain three main ingredients; CBD, MCT oil, and terpenes.

In addition to selling the oil, you can also select packages that offer the full kit, including disposable cartridges and vaping devices. There are two main dosage options of 250mg and 500mg.


  • 30-day return policy guarantee
  • Great pain reliever
  • No THC is present


  • It’s fairly expensive

Canna Trading Co.

If you are looking for a vaping product with the least THC content, then this oil should be your go-to option. It has been proven to contain less than 0.1% of THC.

Started in 2015, the company prides itself on using the best possible extraction methods when creating this impressive CBD product.

The natural terpenes used in its creation gives it a lemony flavor. You can choose to purchase a disposable vape pen or go for the cartridge.

Although they claim there is testing from third-party labs, their website contains little proof of it as evidence. They also do not provide information about how the screening of the products is performed. 


  • Natural, organic product
  • 30-day return policy
  • Little to no THC levels


  • No evidence of third-party testing

cbdMD vape juice

Based in Kentucky, these manufacturers have been expanding their hemp products and campaign programs over the years to spread out their impressive products.

The broad-spectrum nature of their oils makes them full of beneficial ingredients while minimizing the THC levels to as little as possible.

All their flavors are made from natural extracts, and you can choose from several available options. The concentration of their dose ranges from 300mg to 1500mg.

Unfortunately, just like the Cana Trading company, they also show no evidence of third-party lab testing on their website. While they show an up-to-date report on the site, there is no information on how it was done or proof of the concentration levels.


  • A generous 30-day return policy
  • Natural flavors
  • Full-spectrum product


  • Unproven lab testing results

CBDistillery vape oils

Since the CBD wave took over, CBDistillery has emerged as one of the best companies that offer CBD products and services. They champion a high-quality cause and try to ensure all their products are as natural as they can be.

Furthermore, their vape juice is also free of THC, and they come with the option of disposable pens or cartridges. You can also purchase a 100mg CBD oil bottle.

Unlike most products, this oil uses no MCT as their cutting agent but instead utilizes Tec Temper oil for the process.

You will have a range of flavors to choose from, including vanilla. The oil has a smooth texture that makes it gentle on your internal organs during vaping. 


  • Provides a smooth, non-irritating experience
  • Fairly priced
  • Utilizes organic extracts in its development


  • There was no downside to this product


Vaping is one of the most efficient ways of delivering CBD products into your body. It is fast, effective, and the effects kick in within a short time as compared to using capsules. This is because no digestion is involved. When making a purchase, be sure to factor in the reputation of the manufacturers and the quality of their products. You can also read user reviews to have more insight into how the product worked for other people.

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