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Best DHEA Supplement

Balanced hormones are said to equate with healthier and younger-looking feel to your body. Many people believe that balanced hormones are key to feeling good and looking better. With all wanting to achieve balanced hormones, there are natural ways to do so. However, there are other equally effective ways for hormone balance. One of which is taking medications and DHEA supplements.

Though DHEA is a hormone already present in the body, it is as well nowadays, a popular supplement. The use of DHEA is said to affect the hormone levels of your body. With this said, here in this article is all about DHEA and the best DHEA supplements you can find.

What is DHEA and How It Works

Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, is commonly known as a hormone produced in the body. Some of the said DHEA is converted into the major female and male sex hormones, which are testosterone and estrogen. After such conversion occurs, effects of it may be driven by the actions of the testosterone and estrogen and as well as by the molecule of DHEA itself. Because DHEA can convert into specific steroids, DHEA is also known as a parent hormone. Additionally, it is called so because of the fact that it has the ability to naturally produced inside the body.

The main reason why most chooses to make use of DHEA supplements is because of the levels dropping naturally by age 30. In fact, it is believed that throughout adulthood, DHEA decreases by at most 80%. Thus, low DHEA levels are equated with mortality, heart disease, and depression, sexual dysfunction for both men and women, low bone density, and obesity. Given these, it is a must to take DHEA dietary supplements as you grow older.

DHEA for Fertility

DHEA is often recommended for women who have diminished ovarian reserves as a result of premature ovarian insufficiency or age. Given any of both cases, the primary aim would be to restore the normal DHEA levels, which are naturally seen in young fertile women. As explained by a doctor from The Center of Human Reproduction in New York, the taking of DHEA supplements for women with said conditions has been a revolutionized practice of vitro fertilization. With DHEA supplements, studies show that it has vastly improved outcomes of pregnancy for women over the age of 40 who experiences the decline of the ovarian reserve because of aging as part of the natural aging process, as well as for those who have been suffering from premature ovarian aging (POA).

Studies additionally found that DHEA supplementation poses a high possibility to help with raising normal levels and also increases the quality and number of eggs dramatically. A clinical test shows that the use of DHEA supplements does show a significant increase to pregnancy rates.

Other Health Benefits

Numerous studies found out that DHEA may have the possibility to help people with anti-aging, lupus, depression, adrenal insufficiency, and obesity. Additionally, it may also help with treating vaginal atrophy, osteoporosis, improving skin for older people, erectile dysfunction, and some psychological conditions. Further studies are needed as results are still mixed.

This is also used by some people who wish to boost cognitive function, immunity, and muscle strength, and for those who wish to reverse aging effects.

How many milligrams of DHEA should I take in a Day?

In accordance with scientific literature, either 50 or 100 mg should be the typical dose of DHEA supplements per day. This dosage will be a good enough starting point for those who which to begin taking DHEA supplement. It is highly not recommended to overdose or take more than 100 mg of DHEA each day because a higher dose may cause any unwanted health problems. Overdosing can equate as well to serious conditions and side effects. Asking doctors to seek advice is highly suggested.

Why has DHEA been banned? Who are those that need to avoid DHEA?

Researches had mixed results on DHEA effects on body composition and overall well-being. Most studies even indicated that DHEA has no effect on muscle size, cognitive function, and strength. DHEA is still used for certified supplements but, The National Collegiate Athletic Association has banned DHEA use among athletes. No results still show that it has effects on strength and muscle size but the association has banned it for precautions and safety. Ban is still ongoing with further studies, and results are needed.

DHEA isn’t as well recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Additionally, you should consider avoiding DHEA if you have a condition that affects the blood supply to the heart and high cholesterol. This may reduce good cholesterol levels or high-density lipoprotein. The use of DHEA also has the tendency of increasing mania risks for those with mood disorders and also might worsen psychiatric disorders. Moreover, DHEA may cause acne, oily skin, and unwanted male-pattern growth of hair for women.

What is the best DHEA supplement?

As said that taking a DHEA supplement is beneficial as you age, we have narrowed down the choices for you. For those who wish to buy the right and perfect DHEA, here are 10 of the best DHEA supplements you can find in the market.

Zhou Hormonal Balance DHEA Formula

A capsule of this supplement delivers the right 50 mg levels of DHEA each. This is the perfect choice for supporting healthy aging for women and women. Zhou Hormonal Balance formula contains super moderated DHEA formula and is a safe middle ground between those lower-dose variants and extra strong formulations. In fact, to make up the capsule, the only added ingredients are cellulose and rice flour. This brand is a trusted and certified brand, which makes it an excellent all-around choice. Zhou Nutrition makes sure that they only use high-quality ingredients (DHEA) and that they follow GMP during the process of production.

Pros: Underwent strict quality testing and is easy to swallow.

Cons: This supplement is not a vegetarian and may cause water weight gain.

Pure Encapsulations DHEA

For those who are looking for lower doses, this is for you. Pure Encapsulations DHEA is a 25 mg supplement that is straightforward when it comes to supplement design. With this said, this supplement is truly one excellent choice. This doesn’t have any unnecessary additives, binders, and fillers.

Pros: It is designed hypoallergenic and made even for the most sensitive individuals.

Cons: It is quite expensive, and it may cause heartburn.

Sheer Strength SheerHealth DHEA Extra Strength

These DHEA supplements will offer you the higher dose that you are looking for. It delivers 100 mg of DHEA in a cellulose capsule with no added ingredients aside from a few rice flour in order to fill out the capsule. This supplement is best for both men and women as it focuses on addressing various health issues caused by DHEA insufficiency. Rights reserved to the company.

Pros: This is an excellent choice for those who wish higher doses for better sexual and physical performance.

Cons: Has a tendency of worsening depression. Some users noticed increasing acne.

Havasu Nutrition DHEA

This is another one of those supplements with moderate DHEA doses. Havasu Nutrition DHEA supplements are the best supplement for those who wish to increase energy. Each capsule of Havasu Nutrition DHEA contains the right amount of 50 mg dose. An excellent choice of supplement that uses only high quality ingredients which are beneficial to help improve energy levels, health, and confidence.

Pros: It has a great formulation for a guaranteed increase in energy, and these are easy to swallow.

Cons: Not recommended for strict vegans and vegetarians. May lead to irregular menstrual cycles for women.

aSquared Nutrition DHEA Maximum Strength

Delivering 100 mg of DHEA for each capsule, this supplement lands firmly on the category of those with a higher dosage. The capsules are gelatin-based, and the supplement design is clean as well.

Pros: A great choice for those looking for pure DHEA sources with a higher dosage.

Cons: Since it is gelatin-based, it may not be suggested for vegans and vegetarians.

We Like Vitamins DHEA

This has high-quality DHEA and one of the supplements with higher doses as well. We Like Vitamins DHEA is a gelatin-based capsule with 100 mg each, and with only rice flour as the added ingredient. You will never go wrong with We Like Vitamins as your choice for health and higher DHEA.

Cons: A bit expensive than the other included here on the list.

Integrative Therapeutics DHEA-5

These DHEA supplements belong to those with a lower dose. With 5 mg of dosing, this would be your perfect supplement for making small adjustments to your daily dosing. When taken as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, this may promote overall well-being and health. Rights reserved to the company.

Pros: Taking these supplements could potentially improve concentration, memory, and other symptoms that could be related to aging and health.

Cons: Some have reported an increase in acne appearances upon taking these.

Life Extension DHEA

This supplement, all in all, is on the lower dose with 25 mg, and it promotes hormonal balance. Life extension supplement is a great product that supports overall memory function, healthy sexual function, and especially has a beneficial impact on the brain and cognition. This brand promotes that taking DHEA supplementation should begin for people aged over 40. This is truly what you will need for healthy aging.

Pros: Non-GMO and LE certified. It may also promote bone health.

Cons: It is gelatin-based so that vegans won’t be a fan of this. It is also filled with added binders and fillers.

Douglas Laboratories DHEA

This only contains 10 mg of DHEA, and with said dose, it can help with rejuvenating sex hormones and anti-aging for everyone. Depending on your dosage, one bottle of this can be enough for two months of supply. These capsules are vegetarian and guaranteed safe to be used by everyone. With this, you will have support for increased libido and mood improvement, all the while relieving anxieties. Additionally, taking these may also have the possibility of relieving PMS symptoms for women.

Pros: All Douglas facilities and labs either exceed or meet amp 17025 and ISO 9001 quality standards. Each product is trusted and makes use of high-quality ingredients.

Cons: Some users report that they became a little more hyper upon taking this supplement.

Natrol DHEA Mood & Stress

Each tablet of Natrol is packed with 50 mg of DHEA along with 60 mg of calcium. These are mostly for addressing different kinds of mood disturbances and stress that are results of low levels of DHEA. Natrol supplements are also vegetarian, contains no eggs, soy, yeast, milk, corn, wheat, gluten, or sugar. This is perfect for supporting a healthier mood and promoting a balanced and natural hormone level.

Pros: It doesn’t contain any additives and is vegetarian tablets.

Cons: To form the tablets, these contain binders and fillers.

Wrapping It Up

No matter what case, DHEA intake must still be monitored. It is a must to take only the recommended dose of DHEA per day to avoid any unwanted side effects. In most large clinical trials, there have been no adverse side effects with DHEA short term use. With this said, there have been a few case reports that say side effects of manic rage occurred with high doses of DHEA taken over many months. Despite the various claims of its effectivity, there are no substantial results, whether it really works. It will be upon the user to test it if there will be side effects. Still, overall, DHEA is still perceived safe as the body produces these as well.

DHEA is beneficial, but bear in mind that positive benefits come with the right use. These listed each DHEA supplement is best and certified, so it is recommended to choose among those. With this said, seeking doctor’s advice is still recommended.

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