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Best HMB Supplement

Along with trying new routine and workout to boosting the results of muscle building, the hunt for a new supplement comes along with that too. Supplements of bodybuilding is what most look for. Of course, you would want one which shall support these goals of yours and bring about incredible results of healthier muscles and muscle tissue. With the endless choices of supplements that you can find, one recognized for great effectivity is an HMB supplement. The HMB supplement is one that is known to greatly complement common lean mass booster such as protein and creatine powders which are known for preventing muscle breakdown and preserving muscle mass during a workout. This being said, HMB might be your missing puzzle piece to effective and faster results.

Here in this article, more about HMB will be discussed, its other health benefits, and how effective it really is. Moreover, in order to help you with finding the right one, the best HMB supplement is included.

What exactly is HMB? How does it Work?

Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate, or commonly known as HMB is a form of metabolized amino acid, Leucine, which is recognized used for promoting strength gaining and muscle growth mostly for athletes and weightlifters. For years, amino acid leucine has been used for preventing muscle fatigue and soreness which had researchers believe this was responsible for the slow breakdown of proteolysis or muscle proteins. Provided the combined benefits of HMB and amino acid leucine, this is now responsible for making the drastic changes to your body composition and during workouts overtime.

HMB is also known to help with promoting both muscle growth and strength of growth by preventing protein breakdown in the body. In this way, it would assist greatly in what is referred to as positive protein balance which in turn makes sure your body gains more protein than what is loses. As a result, you will get stronger and you add muscle mass faster. This being said, taking HMB supplement before and after workout can be the most efficient way of getting more HMB in your diet.

There are also foods that can be good sources of HMB. Because HMB is found as well in leucine, increasing your dietary foods with focusing on those rich in leucine will be a great option. High levels of HMB and leucine can usually be found in plant-based and high protein animal foods. Examples of these foods are Soy protein powders, cheese, eggs, spirulina, and fish.

HMB For Building Muscles: Is it really effective?

HMB, according to researchers has shown effectiveness with increasing training intensity or volume. Along with rigid physical training and regular workouts, the potentials of HMB in protein breakdown or reducing muscle damage is high. Additionally, a review from the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism did a comparison between multiple studies covering the efficacy of HMB supplements. The studies have reviewed using HMB supplementation with groups involved in endurance, powerlifting, basic strength training, etc. The study also included both inexperienced and experienced athletes and identified which between the population benefited from HMB use. Results of said studies from the review showed supporting pieces of evidence of HMB’s effectivity. HMB researches are continuous but given these results, the evidence is strong that HMB is potentially helpful in maintaining muscle through the breakdown of muscle protein.

Other Health Benefits of HMB

Though evidences are still conflicting, there is a possibility that HMB truly helps improve athletic performance. Some research has suggested that taking HMB orally may show improvement of body composition, reduce muscle damages, and increase strength. Additionally, HMB, combined with amino acids, glutamine, and arginine seems to contribute an increase in lean body mass and increase body weight within 24 weeks for people who experience cancer-related cachexia. Moreover, early studies also found that HMB may lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and as well as provide protection and treatment for diseases connected to the blood vessels and the heart.

The uses of HMB supplements

Aside from being recognized as supplements for bodybuilders, it also has a lot of other uses as well. Supplementation of HMB doesn’t just help in maintaining and improving build and muscle mass. It can bring about other health benefits as well. HMB supplementation can help maintain your body’s HMB levels. You may also see that there are changes in your strength and endurance when you do supplementation. It can also maximize the overall results of your training and exceed muscle protein breakdown. HMB supplementation, may as well help you in becoming anti-catabolic. Additionally, in cases of injuries, many know that the body would need proteins in order to repair muscle. This being said, taking HMB is also great for supporting muscle recovery.

How much HMB should I take daily?

Regardless of body size and weight, the recommended HMB per dose is split between multiple 1-gram doses or 2-3 grams per day. Though some tests and research studied and analyzed both lower and higher doses of supplementation, 3 grams per day is the most investigated and well-researched dose of all. 3 grams per day has been said to be the safest, and possibly the most effective dose.

For those who wish to go for higher doses, it would be a must and is highly suggested that you do so under doctor’s supervision. Some research claim that overdosing HMB supplements may have negative effects on protein synthesis in the heart, colon, spleen, and kidney. The exact mg which can be labeled as overdose has not been determined yet so for those who go higher than 3 grams each day, seeking medical advice is a must.

Safety of HMB/HMB supplements

Recent studies show that supplementation of HMB doesn’t show any adverse side effects as found in both animal and human trials. The study also details that HMB’s effectivity may vary depending on the stage of life you are in but stronger evidences are needed to prove this claim. One thing sure, HMB is known as supplements in bodybuilding.

With regards to nursing and pregnant women using HMB, there is no research-backed investigations on the safety. This being said, unless advised by doctors, nursing and pregnant women should avoid HMB. Additionally, it is also not advisable for minors under 18 to be taking HMB supplementation unless there is medical advice to do so. As for seniors, they may take HMB in conjunction with an exercise plan approved by a doctor.

The Best HMB Supplement

With many best HMB Supplements that is present and claiming effectivity to aid in workout, it is a bit intimidating to choose which would be the right one for you. Here in this section are 11 of the best HMB supplements that you can find in the market today.

Optimum Nutrition HMB

You are sure to get your daily dose of HMB per bottle. When it comes to weightlifting, muscle supplements for before/after workout, Optimum Nutrition is the king. With the company known widely for its excellence in amino acid and protein products, their HMB supplement truly lives up to that standard. This is certified pure and with a promise to deliver 1000 mg per capsule. These HMB supplements won’t let you down with growing lean muscle and improving your strength.

Pros: High-quality, made by a trusted brand, and scientifically tested.

Cons: You’ll need to take 3 capsules a day to achieve 3 mg. No great for vegans and vegetarians because it is made of gelatin.

Legion Athletics Forge

This HMB supplementation approaches it from a different angle than most that you will find. If you are looking for a supplement who wish to lose weight fast, this one is for you. This is the all-natural answer to fat-burning both for men and women. Additionally, Legion Athletics Forge acts as a natural suppressant. This being said, it can help you to continuously stick to your diet and lose weight fast.

Pros: Optimum Nutrition HMB is also helpful for decreasing recovery time, charging up workouts, and boosting energy levels and it does so through HMB and a combination of other potent ingredients at a clinically effective dosage.

Cons: This is a bit pricier compared to other supplements on this list.

SELFe Self Evolution HMB 1000

Vegan and vegetarians will be a fan of this with 1000 mg per serving, delivered in a cellulose capsule. SELFe is also packed with leucine where HMB is made from. With HMB and leucine combined, this will truly further improve muscular gains. SELFe Self Evolution HMB 1000 is a supplement that puts great value on your money.

Pros: It is proven to support muscle endurance, prevent muscle breakdown, and improves strength. The brand also offers a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers.

Cons: Since these are larger than other pills, to some, it may be harder to swallow.

MET-Rx HMB 1000

MET-Rx has been a brand trusted for over 20 years and with this, they truly did not disappoint. MET-Rx HMB 1000 immediately received positive feedbacks and became popular among customers. Aside from the HMB, it also contains 2% vegetable magnesium stearate. This supplement has been applauded by many for its ability to assist greatly with muscular gains.

Pros: Made by a well-known and trusted company. It contains 90 capsules per container and provides a good base for protein building and aiding in repair and recovery.

Cons: HMB content is not as pure as the others and it contains croscarmellose.

Double Wood Supplements HMB

Over the years Double Woods has been a well-known company for being one of the best providers of health supplements. This being said, Double Wood Supplements HMB wins additional points to ensuring purity through using third-party testing. Each capsule comes in an easy to swallow a capsule of 500 mg which would mean you would need to take it twice in a day to meet the 1000 mg requirement per serving. Other than HMB, the only added ingredients for the capsule are gelatin and rice flour, which certifies its purity.

Pros: Offers a money-back guarantee and supplements are best certified made in the USA and are tested for purity.

Cons: One of the quite pricier supplements that you can find.

Vitamonk HMB

Like all good supplements, Vitamonk HMB is aimed to help with enhancing protein synthesis and muscle building, along with building lean muscle mass. Thanks to its pure design and cellulose capsule, this might be the most preferable option for vegetarians and vegans alike. Vitamonk HMB is the best vegan and vegetarian-friendly supplement you can find. From a well-known and high-quality brand, this is a relatively affordable option that you should consider.

Pros: Made organic and only with high-quality ingredients. It also doesn’t have any fillers.

Cons: To complete the right serving you’ll need to take 2 capsules each day. It is also not as pure as powder.

Bulksupplements Pure HMB Powder

This is the most cost-effective HMB which provides an impressive 100 servings each bag. If you want HMB served pure not in a capsule and with no additives, this is definitely for you. As this comes in the powdered form you can easily mix it with drinks of your choice, either sports drinks or protein shakes. Bulksupplements Pure HMB Powder is recommended to be mixed with flavored drinks and not just plain water so as to mask its powdery taste.

Pros: Is lab tested and guaranteed clean and pure with no fillers. It is also affordable.

Cons: As the powder is flavorless, it is a must to mix it with flavored drinks and not just in plain water.

LYN Nutrition HMB

This one of the best which makes use of HMB loose powdered form which is most suited for most who want a good mix of a post-workout recovery shake. As this loose powdered form of the supplement comes with the right 250 standards, it is guaranteed to serve 1000 mg each serving. It has no artificial additives and no additional ingredients which makes it pure.

Pros: LYN Nutrition HMB is pure and has no additional ingredients with guaranteed 1000 mg per serving

Cons: Since it comes in a loose powder form, those who prefer capsules aren’t really fans of this supplement.

AMRAP Nutrition Certified HMB Capsules

AMRAP Nutrition Certified HMB Capsules are what you may refer to as the safest choice for a supplement both for protein synthesis and muscle growth. The dose you can get for each of these is 750 mg. This supplement works great for stimulating the production of proteins for increasing stamina, reducing skeletal muscle damage, and strengthening muscles. It is proven ideal for both men and women, safe even for long term use. AMRAP Nutrition Certified HMB Capsules are bodybuilding supplements, made for men and women at all athletic levels who wish to reduce post-workout recovery time and increase lean muscle growth and mass.

Pros: Third party tested and approved by athletes and is GMP certified. Proven a safe and effective muscle supplement.

Cons: A bottle of AMRAP Nutrition Certified HMB Capsules doesn’t have as many capsules as the other supplements.

Blonyx HMB+ Creatine

One of the unique supplements which makes use of a combination of HMB and Creatine. It is certified pure and has no additional ingredients or additives as it comes in powder form. As Creatine serves as the body’s primary source of energy for activities, it helps in increasing and boosting power, lean body mass, and strength. With the HMB combined with Creatine, you can be assured of achieving decreased soreness, improved recovery time, and maintained muscle proteins and healthy muscle tissue for post-workout.

Pros: Guaranteed to only use high-quality and pure HMB and Creatine monohydrate.

Cons: Not for those who wish to go for a higher dose. Blonyx HMB+ Creatine isn’t the cheapest option you can find.

NutraKey HMB Capsules

This is one of the best HMB supplements with the lowest dosage you can get at only 330 mg each capsule. NutraKey HMB Capsules are for those who wish to go for a safer dose. This supplement is created and designed especially for supporting lean muscle growth and muscle mass and preventing muscle breakdowns during a workout.

Pros: It is clean and has no filler, no artificial colors/dyes used.

Cons: Capsule contains only 300 mg so you would need to take it 3x a day to meet 1000 mg.

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