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Best Korean Red Panax Ginseng

Ginseng has been one of the earth’s many hidden wonders. For centuries, it has been recognized and used in traditional Chinese medicine, and soon, the world got to know the health benefits of the different types of ginseng as well. Depending on how long these have grown, it can be classified into 3 ways which are white, red ginseng or fresh. Whether you choose to take ginseng lightly steamed or raw, the health benefits of these will not waiver. Add it to your diet and take it via in forms of powder, extract or capsule, whichever way you prefer.

 One of the ginseng with many essential health benefits is the Panax ginseng. This article will cover the things you need to know about ginseng, the Panax ginseng, its health benefits and the best ginseng supplements of 2020.

What is Ginseng Panax?

Also known as the Korean, Red Ginseng or Asian Ginseng. Ginseng Panax  is grown mostly in far Eastern Siberia and Korea. In making medicine, what people use with these are its roots.  Panax ginseng, it is usually taken orally aas well as used in ointments and bottled medicines. In the manufacturing industry, Panax ginseng is recognized as well. It is now used for making cosmetic products, soaps and also for adding flavoring to food and beverages.

Panax ginseng, according to research, has many active substances. One of the essential substances it is said to contain is called panaxosides or ginsenosides. The term ginsenosides was a term generally coined by early Asian researchers, while panaxosides is a term coined by early Russian researchers. Some health benefits of taking Panax Ginseng are, it helps to improve thinking and memory  for Alzheimer’s, and other conditions. Studies are still in continuous exploration of what other benefits the Panax ginseng holds.  Because its substances affect most systems of the body, it is often referred to as a general well-being medication.

The Difference Between other Ginseng and Panax Ginseng

The two main types of ginseng are American Ginseng and Asian/Korean Ginseng. Do not get confused with these two main types because each plant helps in different situation. American ginseng, in traditional Chinese medicine, is considered and said less stimulating compared with its Asian variety.

Although herbs like Siberian ginseng or Eleuthero are also referred to as ginseng, they do not contain the substance ginsenoside which is commonly found in Panax ginseng. Moreover, there are pieces of evidence that show that a specific type of American ginseng extract can help in decreasing the severity and number of colds in adults.

Ginseng for Men: Does Ginseng help in Erections? Can it Help Sexually? 

Ginseng supplement, as research has shown, can be used as a great alternative medicine for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. The study has found compounds in ginseng that can help in protecting against oxidative stress in the tissues and blood vessels in the penis. All these help restore its normal function.

Results of a study have additionally shown that ginseng is also essential in promoting the production of Nitric oxide. A healthy production of Nitric oxide helps in increasing blood circulation and improving muscle relaxation in the penis. In the same way, Panax ginseng improves erectile dysfunction, it is also linked to help alertness increase.

A study showed that 60% improvement in erectile dysfunction symptoms was found in men that were treated with Panax or Korean red ginseng. This result is high when compared to the 30% improvement that is brought by medications used with treating erectile dysfunction.

Another study, also found out men (86 of them) who were diagnosed  with erectile disfunction had noticeable improvements. This overall satisfaction was all thanks to the 8 weeks of intake of 1,000 mg aged ginseng extracts.

Ginseng for Women

Ginseng may, for women hasn’t been very much studied in detail as much as it was studied for its benefits in men. Some early studies, however, show that for women, ginseng may have effects on immunity enhancement and boosting energy. Beyond said benefits, evidence still aren’t clear whether women can experience as well the sexual health benefits from ginseng.  Effects, too, are still continuously studied.

The Best Ginseng Supplements of 2021 

For those of you who wish to test what ginseng may be capable of, these ginseng products can help with that. Here is the ranked best ginseng supplement of 2021.

Yours Nutrition Korean Red Ginseng

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The brand Yours Nutrition has been one of the trusted brands providing nothing but holistic, authentic and best-selling supplements.

Each capsule of the Yours Nutrition Korean Red Ginseng has no artificial ingredients and is completely free of any additives. This ginseng supplement is incredibly defined by its 10% optimally concentrated ginsenoside content. This is at least doubled the amount of which can be found in other ginseng leading brands. Yours Nutrition produces ginseng supplements that are pure and organic by using the whole root of the ginseng to bring out its full potential. This brand truly sets itself apart from other brands.

With these supplements, you can expect significantly reduced stress levels, energy increase and boosted immune system in no time. Merged with the traditional wisdom of the capabilities of ginseng, Korean ginseng in these 750-gram capsules are potent, third-party tested, pure and ethically farmed.

Auragin Korean/Asian Ginseng Supplements

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Produced in Korea, Auragin Korean Ginseng is the best-selling authentic Asian ginseng supplements. Each tablet of Auragin Korean Ginseng contains 300 mg of organic Korean ginseng roots in which contains 8% of ginsenosides. Ginseng root is the only ingredient of this supplement as it wants to uphold tremendous minimalism.

However, questions are raised when it comes to its ginsenoside contains by saying that it might be only 5%. Regardless of questions being raised, Auragin Korean Ginseng is still unbeatable, others cannot come close to the ginseng content stated on its label.

You can expect that this won’t be the cheapest supplement in the market since it is partially imported from Korea. Despite the given price, Auragin Korean Ginseng has been trusted by many, not just in Asia but worldwide. This is because of the fact that many people still believe that Asian/Korean ginseng is far more superior than the American ginseng. People believe in its power in serving as a remedy for numerous health problems.

NuSci Panax/Asian Ginseng Supplement

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If you want something ready-made and affordable, the NuSci Panax Ginseng is the product for you. Packaged in a foil bag, this Panax ginseng comes in powdered form and contains only one ingredient, which is ginseng extract. This product is said to contain 10% as well as ginsenosides.

A tricky part that you may encounter with taking powdered Panax ginseng is figuring how you will consume it and how much you will consume. The powdered form of ginseng is recommended for those who already know the amount of ginseng they need and want to take each day.

NuSci Panax Ginseng supplements purity is lab tested and confirmed. Per serving, it even says that it may actually contain 12% ginsenosides in each serving. This means that for this product, you’ll be getting more value.

One approach for taking powdered ginseng is mixing into food. Mixing it though may have a familiar potent taste. If you want the best results, it is best to go for mixing it with a smoothie or protein shake to help it go down easier. Rights reserved to NuSci.

Nature’s Answer White Ginseng 

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Instead of having ginseng in its usual forms of free powder, tablets or capsules, Nature’s Answer White Ginseng comes in a liquid eye-dropper bottle as a liquid. Counting out the standardized serving size can be tedious for some. Listed in the number of drops, the serving size in each serving is 56 drops.

Though the fact that it has a high serving size, this product can deliver an incredibly potent ginseng dose. In order to purely dissolve the ginseng extract, the other ingredients included in Nature’s Answer White Ginseng are purified water and vegetable glycerin.

Solgar Korean/Red Ginseng 

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Solgar Korean Ginseng comes in capsule form and each capsule contains 250 mg of Korean ginseng extracts. Each vegetarian cellulose capsules are 8% in ginsenosides. An interesting thing to know about this product is the fact that it contains ginseng powder, which presumed to be non-extracted ginseng roots.

This product needed some extra ingredients in order to act as bulking agents and preservatives as it comes in capsule form. These bulking agents and preservatives come in forms of proprietary blends of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and beta-carotene, along with magnesium stearate.

Do note that these other contents won’t affect the efficacy and direct health benefits of the product. These other contents are just placed on preserving its shelf life and preventing oxidative damage from degrading the ginseng over time while stored.

Puritan’s Pride American Ginseng 

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Each capsule of Puritan’s Pride American Ginseng contains a fairly high amount of 500 mg ginseng. It may be easier to take for other people, given that its capsules are gelatin-based.

Though the label states that there is 25% ginsenosides content in each capsule, lab tests found that it seems higher by 41% in ginsenosides content. Given this, the product is actually giving you a lot more ginsenosides content than what you have paid for.

Aside from these, like any other capsule, Puritan’s Pride American Ginseng contains the usual magnesium silicate and magnesium stearate, which serves as stabilizing agents and simple binders.

aSquared Nutrition Pure Red Korean Panax Ginseng 

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This supplement is said to provide at most 500 mg of Panax ginseng. With this said, there is high ginsenosides content of this product, which makes it a pretty solid choice. Aside from the Panax ginseng, the only other ingredients included are magnesium stearate and rice powder.

Buddha’s Herbs Ginseng 

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For its supplements, it strictly makes use of nothing but pure Panax ginseng. To uphold its name instead of gelatin, the capsules of Buddha’s Herb Ginseng are made from vegetable cellulose.

100 mg of Panax ginseng root extracts can be found in each capsule, and with it is 10% standardized ginsenoside contents. Aside from this, other ingredients included in these capsules are magnesium stearate, rice flour, and silicon dioxide, which are fairly standards for stabilizing agents.

It is ranked lower because reviews from independent lab testing found some variability in the ginsenoside contents of this product.

Nature’s Bounty Ginseng Complex 

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Nature’s Bounty Ginseng Complex isn’t just pure ginseng supplement as it takes a more holistic or maximalist approach.

The first great thing to know about this is the fact that it makes use of both Asian/Korean and American Ginseng. The Asian ginseng in this contains 2% ginsenosides, and the other, the American ginseng contains 5% ginsenosides.

Additionally, these supplements contain 500% of the recommended value of vitamin B12 daily. With this said, this supplement doubles the effort of boosting energy levels as what the majority of energy drinks do. Nature’s Bounty Ginseng Complex contains royal jelly concentrate as well; a compound that is secreted by honey bees in order to feed larvae.

NOW Foods American Ginseng Supplements

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Per capsule, individual lab testing found a fair amount of 11% ginsenoside content. NOW Foods American ginseng doesn’t rank very highly because it contains fewer contents of bulking agents and stabilizers. Given these deficits, this supplement does not find itself ranked highly despite the fact that it is as well a best-seller. No effects found for these supplements.

Swanson Full Spectrum Korean Red Ginseng Root Supplements

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Each capsule of this supplement is said to contain a fairly good amount of 400 mg ginseng in each. Aside from the ginseng roots, these capsules also contain silica, cellulose magnesium sulfate and gelatin. Given that it composes of gelatin; this supplement is not suggested for vegetarians. Though not indicated in the label, independent lab tests say that it only contains 6.8 ginsenosides, which is pretty low.

Wrapping Up 

Researches are continuously being studied for side effects and other health benefits ginseng may be capable of. Some studies found that ginseng shows the potential of boosting the immune system and lowering blood sugar. Moreover, early evidence from studies shows that it may help in the improvement in mental performance, learning, and concentration. There have been no harmful side effects or other effects of taking ginseng supplements.

Additional studies of ginseng supplements are continuous in knowing whether ginseng is truly effective if used as a treatment for hepatitis C,  as well as cancer, high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, heart disease and fatigue. To avoid unwanted negative side effects, consult a doctor first before taking ginseng supplements.

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