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Best Led Grow Lights of 2023: Complete Reviews with Comparison

LED grow lights have become very popular as effective ways to give light to plants to help them grow. These lights deliver specific light as well as heat to plants that enhance their growth. The best LED grow lights can be on the expensive side and take some getting used to. But people who do invest in them, swear by them. Governments and farmers all over the world use are growing with LED lights.

Comparison Chart

EZORKAS 80W Grow Light

Barrina 144W LED Grow Light


Relassy 15000Lux Grow Lamp

Monios-L T5 LED Grow Light

Byingo 2ft 32W Plant Grow Light

MAXSISUN 600W LED Grow Light

Best LED Grow Light Reviews

EZORKAS Grow Light

This LED grow light is one of the most popular on the market. It offers a wide application and has many fans (as in people who love it). It is designed to be energy-efficient and helps to reduce power consumption even better than other similar grow lights.

Product Highlights

It offers the ideal blue and red light spectrum to allow for the optimal growth of your plants. These LED lights are made with indoor plants in mind and can be used for a wide variety of different plants. The light intensity is also very good.

With 4 heads that can adjust 360 degrees on a flexible gooseneck, this is a very convenient set of lights. You can make each LED light face in a different direction to reach more plants. The tubing is made from the best high-quality materials to last long and remain usable.

These lights come with a very powerful clip that will keep them in place while you use them. Simply attach it to the end of your table, and your plants will be able to enjoy its light.

The design of the lights is also of such a nature that the whole unit is very attractive.

You can adjust the lights to reach different heights and areas for the best results for your plants. It is a good set of lights for indoor hydroponics as well. They are great for use with potted plants and are easy to use for this application.

Another useful feature of this light set is that it is able to switch on and off automatically. This will make your work as a gardener and plant lover much easier.

The Good

Ezorkas’ best LED grow lights come with 9 dimmable modes that allow you to make very accurate and precise adjustments. You won’t have to settle for just one or a few light settings.

You also get 3 switch modes, which make using these lights a straightforward and simple task. It is a very user-friendly option for your plants’ growth.

With 9 intensity levels and 3 spectral modes as well, this set of lights it packed with useful features. You can adjust the light output to meet the needs of your plants so they will grow better.

The red and blue spectrum abilities of these lights make them very efficient and a great addition to any gardener’s working area. They will offer your plants the light it needs for optimal and healthy growth. Because of its wide spectrum ability, the lights can be used at all the growth stages of your plant.

You also get to play around with combinations of 460mm and 660mm wavelengths to make the lights work precisely the way you need.

The Bad

Unfortunately, when it comes to energy consumption, this set of lights stands out, and not in a good way. Its consumption is pretty high when compared to other products.

However, it still manages to be more efficient than standard lights and a much better choice for plants.


  • Very easy to use and set up, no matter your experience level
  • User-friendly control panel to personalize settings
  • 3 switch modes and 9 dim settings
  • Good red and blue spectrum


  • High energy consumption can increase power bill a lot

Barrina LED Grow Light

Barrina’s LED grow light is also very popular with plant lovers and green thumbs everywhere. It will help your plant to not only grow but thrive as it offers great LED light throughout the plant’s growing stages.

Product Highlights

This set of LED lights is an excellent option because it offers a full spectrum of colors. Unlike many other of the best LED grow lights, Barrina’s offer red, blue as well as green wavelengths to give you the full spectrum available for boosting plants’ growth.

With its blue light, your plants will be supported in the photosynthesis process, making them healthier. This color also promotes your plants’ leaf and stem development. The red light will be very important during the plants’ early stages as well as the flowering process.

For healthy growth, the green light will be an important influence. The LED lights - which you get in a pack of 6 from Berrina - are designed to be very efficient and are some of the best out there.

Thanks to its efficient design and the 120 affordable LED pieces, with each producing 0.5W of power, the light only uses 24W. This is what helps you to save on electricity use and therefore save on money expenditure.

It is possible to hang these LED lights from the ceiling. This will be best for your plants as they shouldn’t be exposed to the light too intensely.

The Good

You can easily join together bulbs with small connectors or a connecting cord - it is very user-friendly. It is possible to then join up to 6 lights to increase the light coverage on your plants. However, you will still be able to switch off each bulb individually.

This means you can use one light at first, and as your plant collection grows, you can add more lights as necessary. The plug and play feature of this set of lights make it very popular with gardeners. It really isn’t difficult or tricky to use this grow light (or lights).

You will notice that the light is very bright, so you can keep it some distance from your plants. Keep LED lights that are bright not too close to your plants as this can bleach them and be detrimental to growth.

Because the light is made from high-quality materials, you can expect it to last long. The manufacturer promises that you will get up to 50,000 hours of use out of their light - this is quite a long time. With that said, the lights have a sturdy feel and won’t break as easily.

The Bad

The one drawback of this LED light is that it can actually create quite a lot of heat. This isn’t good for your plants. Should you decide to make use of this product, make sure that you do so in a ventilated area. That way, you can help some of the produced heat to escape, keeping things a bit cooler.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • It’s possible to connect 6 lights
  • Offers a broader range of light - red, blue and green
  • Will last a long time - very durable
  • Very efficient and bright


  • Can produce a lot of heat that is unexpected




  • Top-selling and popular option for beginners
  • Easy to use and very affordable
  • Offers 3 light options for customizability
  • Good intensity for low-priced unit


  • Limited features on offer
  • Doesn’t offer dimming or an automatic timer

Relassy LED Grow Light

Without taking up too much space, this LED grow light provides a lot of light for your plants, making it a popular choice. You get a nice and large illumination area from Relassy’s LEDs.

Product Highlights

This grow lamp emits the kind of light that your plants will flourish in, as if under natural light. That’s because Relassy’s lamp is made to emit light in the full spectrum, which is as close to natural sunlight as you can get with a grow light.

As would be expected of LED lights, this one only uses about 20W, making it an economical choice. Your plants will grow healthy and you will save money - who doesn’t want that?

Relassy’s grow LED light offers you a light spectrum of 380 to 800 nanometers, which is useful for all types of plants. This spectrum also allows you to use the light during all the growth stages of your beloved plants.

You can expect about 50,000 hours of use from this LED light. That means you will enjoy many years of light from your light, and it will help you grow many plants. There are a total of 88 LEDs that are grouped together, which offers good lighting.

The manufacturer promises that by using this light, you will see your plants grow much faster.

The Good

This LED grow light is ideal for both beginners and those with some experience. You don’t need to have a lot of technical know-how to get the best from this light.

It is easy to use and has a convenient clamp so you can place it on any table. All you need to know is how much light your specific plant, or plants, need to grow and be healthy.

Should you find it necessary, you can replace the lightbulbs of the LED grow lights in a few easy steps - it isn’t difficult at all. Also, there is no need to replace the entire thing when the bulbs no longer work. You can simply replace any bulbs that do not work anymore.

The flexible gooseneck makes it possible and very easy to adjust the light as you see fit. You can focus it on different areas and at many angles to give your plants the best lighting possible.

The LED light is protected against overheating and high voltage thanks to the design and the best high-quality materials.

The Bad

Despite being very easy to use, assembling this LED light can be a bit tricky. It can keep you busy for quite a while. And because it is put in place with a clamp, it can be a mission to put this light anywhere else than on a desk-like surface.

This light has a feature that not everyone will appreciate - it has a required resting period of 5 hours. This isn’t all that bad for plants but can be an irritation for anyone who wants to have their plants in LED light permanently.


  • Gooseneck allows for easy adjustment
  • Durable and hardy for long lifespan
  • Clamp lets light stay firmly in place
  • Emits light close to sunlight
  • Bulbs are easy to replace


  • Requires resting period of 5 hours
  • Assembly can be difficult for some people

Monios-L T5 LED Grow Light

This LED grow light has a unique design that is of high quality as well as is very easy to install. Many lights of this kind can sometimes be a bit tricky to be assembled, but not the Monios LED light. You won’t be held up for a long time when setting the light where you want to place it.

Product Highlights

You get two rows of LEDs from this grow light, which is quite unique. That allows the lights to cover more areas, which means you can have all your plants covered. That is one of the best features in LED grow lights set. With its T8 LED chips, this set of lights is professional and versatile.

A wider beam comes out of the light that has a higher PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) value that is best for healthy photosynthesis. This LED light will, for sure, help your plants grow quicker and in the best environment.

The connectors that come with the lights are straightforward and easy to use. You will easily understand how to use them and make the most of this feature of the lights.

If you want an LED light that is elegant and good-looking, you will find yourself impressed with this one. The housing is durable but still manages to look nice. In addition, the reflector is made of aluminum, and this makes it up to 20% more efficient.

The Good

Although it can be quite a task to find the best LED grow light that is suitable for all the growth stages of your plants, this one is quite perfect. You can use it right from the start and keep your plants in its light while it grows.

You get a full spectrum of 400 to 800 nanometers from the Monios LED grow lights. This is what makes it great for plants no matter what growth stage they are in. Your plants will receive the best kind of light they need to flourish, and you’ll feel proud of them.

When taking care of your plants, you should keep an eye on the heat dissipation of your LED grow lights. An LED can cause the plant to be exposed to too much heat, and this puts stress on it, affecting the growth.

Fortunately, this LED grow light comes prepared. It is equipped with a heat dissipation mechanism that keeps it safe from exposing the plants to intense heat. This makes the light very safe and one of the best options for prolonged use.

The brightness of LED lights should be monitored because if the light is too bright, it can harm the plants. With the Monios, you don’t have to stress about that. It does not offer intense brightness and is also much safer for the human eye.

The Bad

Unfortunately, these affordable LED grow lights from Monios doesn’t have any built-in timers. This means you will have to switch the lights on and off manually. Though not a big issue, this can be a bit annoying for some gardeners.


  • Offers a full light spectrum
  • Easy to use - even for beginners
  • Doesn’t get too bright or intense for your plants
  • Effective at dissipating heat for proper ventilation
  • Installation is simple and quick


  • There is no built-in timer

Byingo 2ft 32W Plant Grow Light

Another full spectrum LED grow light, the Byingo is a great way to give your plants all the best Led lights they need to grow healthily and flourish. It aids in sprouting, growth, and flowering. It also helps plants to absorb all the nutrients for good growth.

Product Highlights

The Byingo comes with an integrated fixture and is very easy and simple to install. You will spend less time assembling the lights and more time taking care of your plants. Because the LED grow lights are lightweight, you won’t find it difficult to hang wherever you plan to use it.

The light comes with a long life expectancy, so you can treat your plants to its light for many seasons.

Thanks to the extendable design of this LED grow light, you can connect up to 4 fixtures. The connectors and connector cords are seamless, so you can make adjustments easily and quite effortlessly.

Whatever you want to use this light for, it will work. It is ideal for greenhouse cultivation, Bonzai growing, normal potted plants, herb gardens, as well as growing lovely flowers.

The Good

You get a good spectrum LED grow light that is very accurate from this light. It will expose your plants to all they need to grow. Except, of course, water and the loving care gardeners must provide.

The light is manufactured to last very long, is built sturdily, and feels very hardy. The manufacturer suggests that the light should be used for at least 4 to 8 hours a day. This will help you achieve the best results. To stimulate healthy growth, as much as 18 hours of exposure is a good idea.

The light does not produce a lot of heat, so it is safe to use and won’t adversely affect your plants. Because this LED grow light doesn’t use a lot of power to operate at its best, you will also save on electricity.

You get a 4.9-foot cord included with the purchase that has an off and on switch so you can easily reach it. Basically, this light is a plug and play model, so you can get started with using it as soon as you’ve installed and plugged it in. There is no need for any extra steps.

The Bad

These LED grow lights are very bright and can be a little too intense. For best results, you should place the light at a safe distance from your plants right from the start. If you don’t, you will find that this light can burn the plants. It is just a bit too bright for close-up use.


  • Lightweight yet very durable design
  • Easy to install and use, even for beginners
  • Offers a full light spectrum
  • Ideal for all stages of plant growth
  • Included cord allows easy use of on/off switch


  • Can burn plants due to brightness and heat

MAXSISUN 600W LED Grow Light

MAXSISUN is an international brand with a good reputation. It is a favorite with many gardeners. There are many people who would use nothing but this LED light for their indoor planting projects.

Product Highlights

This LED grow light is especially suitable for plant lovers who are starting off with a small ‘patch’ of plants. It works very well in 2 feet by 2 feet flowering areas and 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet vegetable areas.

You get this LED product with a hanging kit, which makes it easy to install anywhere that you would like to hang it. This will keep the LED grow lights a good distance from your plants.

The design is sturdy and durable, so you will be able to use it for many seasons and see your plants grow over a long time. The LED light’s accessories are also made from high-quality material.

The Good

You can expect an output of about 300W from this LED grow light, which is not too shabby at all. It comes with an aluminum heat sink as well as an effective cooling fan. You won’t have to worry about a build-up of heat, and heat dissipation is not an issue. The MAXSISUN has a very impressive cooling system to prevent this kind of damage to your plants.

You can increase or decrease the LED grow lights' intensity with two different knobs. This allows you to control the blue, red, white, and IR lights and adjust it to best suit your needs. It offers a purple color spectrum, which is ideal for seeding. It is also very good during the vegetation stage despite an expectation to the contrary.

The manufacturer has detailed how to get the most out of its LED grow light. This will make it easier for you to give your plants just what they need when they need it. When you have just planted your seeds, give them 10 hours of light and then give them a break of 14 hours.

When the seeding starts, they need 12 hours of light, and during the vegetation stage, you should provide as much as 18 hours of light. As soon as your plants start to flower, it would be best to provide the plants with 12 hours of light again. If you follow this plan, your plants should grow very healthily.

The Bad

Unfortunately, you cannot dim the LED lights of this product. That means you have one light setting, and that’s that. Many people find the manual a bit difficult to read and understand, as well.

Also, you will find that the LED grow light gets very hot despite having a really good cooling system. The cooling system helps with dissipation but does not prevent heat that can burn the plants. You may find that the included power cord is not long enough for your needs.


  • Hanging kit is included with the package
  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable and hardy design for long lifespan
  • Light intensity can be adjusted
  • Affordable for most people


  • Does not offer dimming option
  • Instruction manual is tricky to understand
  • Can get rather hot
  • Power cord is quite short - limits positioning without extension cable


You may want to know a little more about the best LED grow lights before you invest in them, and that’s understandable. There are several important things to remember about LED grow lights, and we’ll discuss them here.

Type of Lights (Spectrum) and Light Color

The color spectrum is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a set of LED lights. If you fail to get the best and full spectrum of color for your plants, they will not grow very well.

Making a smart choice is very important.

It is important that you know what a color spectrum is first. It is the graphical display of all of the colors in sunlight. Wavelength numbers are used to refer to colors instead of names, which many feel is more accurate. For example, a red color may have a wavelength of 630 or 660. Although it looks the same to us, these two reds are different colors.

Plants use light for the process of photosynthesis. Blue and red light are absorbed more for this purpose, and very few green colors are absorbed.

Red lights are important for plant stem growth and leaf expansion. They also regulate flowering, seed germination, and dormant periods.

Far-red light also supports the lower leaves and reduces the time it takes for plants to grow ad flower. It has been found that plants exposed to this light grow bigger leaves.

Blue lights may cause the plants to grow unhealthily if not used correctly, and overexposure happens. This wavelength affects the chlorophyll content in plants and the thickness of leaves.

Greenlight acts as a support for leaves that are located lower.

Ultimately, the best color for your plants depends on the type of plants you have. In most cases, plants do best with lights from all wavelengths but don’t need equal amounts from all of them. You should do more research influenced by the kind of plants you want to grow.

Keep in mind that cheap LED grow lights may only have blue and red bulbs.

Illumination Area

In general, this will depend on the LED lights you have purchased. You should be able to tell on the packaging what their best illumination area is.


It is recommended that you invest in LED lights that are dimmable. This will ensure that you can adjust the light according to the plant’s needs. A good mode to have with LED lights is the view mode. This allows you to switch to white light for a more natural view of your plant.

Design and Construction

LED grow lights make use of LED chips to produce the kind of light that plants need to grow. You can find them in many sizes and shapes.

Manufacturers use technology to make sure that the diodes they use in their products will emit the highest-quality and correct wavelengths. This will give users the best results.

Cheaper manufacturers will obviously not be able to deliver such good quality LED grow lights. The intensity of cheaper LED grow light will also decline over time, so be sure that you buy a higher quality LED product rather than a cheap one.

Safety Features

Even the best LED grow lights do not work the same way as normal lights, which emit a lot of heat. This means that these guys will not get hot enough to start a fire. That makes them much safer than their counterparts.


We will take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to buy the best LED grow lights. If there are some things you are curious about, you might just find the answer here. When you have learned all you can, you will see how an LED light grow healthy plants.

How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

In general, you should try to keep your LED grow lights about 12 to 30 inches above your plant or plants. Of course, the lights’ wattage, the type of LED light, and the way your plants grow will influence this distance. If you are using a strong 600W or 800W light, you should make sure that your plant’s leaves are about 25 to 30 inches away from it.

To determine the best distance for your plant, and give it the best chance of growing healthy, there is a ‘trick’ you can use.

The Hand Test

Place your hand under your LED grow lights at different heights - the heights your plants will be from the light. Keep your hand there for 30 seconds, and if the heat becomes too much for you, it is too close. You want the LED grow lights close enough to give your plants heat without actually burning them.

It is highly recommended that you do more research that is focused on the type of plant you have.

Why are LED grow lights purple?

You will find many LED grow lights are purple (sometimes pink) because they make use of blue and red bulbs. This creates a purple hue. Although most plants need more than just blue and red light, this is what most manufacturers offer plant lovers.

How many LED grow lights do I need?

Getting the right amount of LED lights is something you want to get right the first time, or you could end up wasting money and time.

There is a way to determine how many LED grow lights you will need - there are two steps. You need to determine the plant’s lighting needs and your plant area’s dimensions. The plant’s needs are measured by watts per square foot.

Do not measure the plant area (your grow tent or wherever else you’re growing your plant) but instead measure the footprint or your plant’s canopy.

Example: A 5 feet by 5 feet space with a plant canopy of 4 feet by 4 feet needs only LED lighting for the 4 feet by 4 feet area.

To calculate the wattage needs of your plant, you will need to do some research about your plants. It is not always a case of more is better. In fact, too much LED light can burn plants and even bleach them.

This sounds complicated, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll get the hang of it. Alternatively, you can just search the internet for this specific information about your plant.

Do LED grow lights get hot, and how much heat do they produce?

LED grow lights heat up about 40% less than normal lights do. While incandescent grow lights can emit about 325 degrees Fahrenheit, LED lights emit only about 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is recommended that you still keep these LED some distance from your plants because they can be very bright and intense. This will give your plants too much light and affect them negatively.

However, LED lights remain cool to the touch while giving off heat, though not a lot of heat.

How to protect your eyes from LED grow lights?

LED grow lights can actually be harmful to humans, but preventing this is actually quite simple. There are a few ways to make sure you stay safe while using all the best LED grow lights.

Get yourself a pair (or two) of protective sunglasses that were designed especially to be used LED lights. Regular sunglasses will help to keep your eyes safer but will give you a discolored view. This could affect how you see your plants.

Keep your lights 8 feet off the ground and about 3 feet away from the LEDs. This might be tricky if you’re using a grow tent. When exposing yourself to the lights, wear long-sleeved shirts. You must have as little of your skin out in the open as you can afford.

You can also try to use LED lights that have view modes.


All in all, the EZORKAS Grow Light is our favorite because it offers a lot of features without breaking the bank. It is easy to use, has 3 switch modes and 9 dimming settings. The red and blue spectrum light is very effective, as well.

Its only drawback is the high power consumption, though this is still not too much to handle. In the end, the LED grow light you end up choosing depends on what your preferences are, your plant's needs, and what your budget allows you to purchase.

So take a look at the recommended models that we have recommended above and decide which grow light is the one for you. Happy growing!

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