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Top 10 Best Mucuna Pruriens 2023

As you age, of course, you would want to maintain your overall strength, well-being, and health. With stepping into local health centers and stores, you are presented with a lot of choices of supplements and herbs that claim effectivity to overall health and which promotes optimal physical performance and rapidly burns fats, builds muscle mass. While the majority of these supplements truly work, some still are better than the others. This being said, in the past years, there is one supplement growing in popularity for these said purposes: Mucuna Pruriens.

To provide a little peek of the discussion, this magic bean is linked to the improvement of dopamine levels. It is currently is being marketed and studied as a possible treatment to symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Here in this article, you will be able to dive deeper into things to know about Mucuna Pruriens, the health benefits, and the best supplements that you can find.

The Best Mucuna Pruriens Supplements

With Mucuna Pruriens posing such incredible health benefits, surely you would want to find which supplement would be best. To help you with choosing the best supplement, here are 10 of the Best Mucuna Pruriens supplements that can be found in the market right now.

NOW Foods Dopa Mucuna

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NOW Foods Dopa Mucuna makes use of pure, Non-GMO extract, which are standardized in order to contain at least 15% of the L-DOPA content. With this said, each pill may be capable of providing 120 mg of L-DOPA, which is the primary bioactive ingredient. This is currently the top supplement in the market, and it is even served in a vegan capsule.

Pros: NOW Foods Dopa Mucuna is free from binders, fillers, and artificial ingredients. This product as well-received positive customer reviews.

Cons: Some consumers complain of negative side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

Samsara Mucuna Pruriens Powder

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This is the Mucuna Pruriens product that is affordable and comes in pure powdered form. Samsara Mucuna Pruriens Powder is filled with pure Mucuna extract and is as well packaged simply. Given that it is in powdered form, you may choose to add it to shakes, sprinkle on top of food, or simply mix it with water.

Pros: You are allowed to customize the dosage. This product is tested for yeast, mold, and other contaminants.

Cons: Compared to capsule alternatives, this powdered Mucuna can be expensive for some.

Solaray Dopa Bean

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This supplement contains only standardized Pruriens pills, which can provide at least 15% of L-DOPA (dopamine) content which sums up to a total of about 50 mg of Dopa each pill. Aside from this, the pills are also fortified with alpha-galactosidase, which is an enzyme proven to help in breaking down foods. In addition, Solaray Dopa Bean is also enteric-coated, which makes it safe and helpful in preventing stomach irritations.

Pros: Solaray Dopa Bean is affordable and may even be recommended for vegans and vegetarians.

Cons: Some users experienced troubles with sleeping and started to gain weight.

Source Naturals Mucuna Dopa

Source Natural Mucuna Dopa is a pill containing concentrated seed extract to get the L-DOPA content. With this pill, it is believed that it may assist with libido, supporting muscle growth, and brain function. With 60% L-DOPA content, it yields as much as 100 mg for each capsule, which to say are vegetarian. Additionally, with calcium added to it, this helps in assisting the brain in using amino acid tryptophan in the melatonin production.

Pros: Preferable even for vegetarians. Contains no sugar, wheat, soy, yeast, eggs, gluten, wheat sugar, and artificial fragrances, colors, and flavors.

Cons: It is a bit pricier compared to the other similar products.

MicroIngredients Organic Mucuna Pruriens Extract

This is definitely a potential supplement which may help in enhancing cognitive functions and brain health. MicroIngredients Organic only uses extract which is non-GMO, vegan, USDA organic, gluten-free, vegan, and high-quality. This supplement is ideal for anyone who wants enhanced memory recall and mental focus, and as well as faster mental processing.

Pros: This is free from fillers, additives, and preservatives, and are additionally vegan-friendly. It is also absorbed quickly by the body.

Cons: Overdosing this has the tendency of resulting to nausea. Long term use also shows possibilities of causing dyskinesia. A supplement is, additionally, not recommended for nursing women.

Swanson Mucuna Pruriens

If you are looking for seed extract delivered in a single pill that can be taken daily, this is for you. These pills offer 350 mg of Mucuna, and the company even offers a money-back guarantee for those customers who aren’t satisfied. With just the right amount of potency and purity, this pill will definitely your needed a good dosage of dopamine from Pruriens.

Pros: This pill is proven effective and trusted by a lot of consumers. It is known worldwide for being a full-spectrum nutritional support that supports healthier sexual function.

Cons: With all said effectivity, the only con for this pill is that it has an unknown L-DOPA content level.

Absorb Health Supplements

Each capsule of Absorb Health supplements provides and offers a high dosage. It additionally doesn’t contain any cutting agents, and the company as well offers a money-back guarantee to dissatisfied customers. All products produced by Absorb Health have COAs and underwent third-party testing. For those of you who want a higher dosage of Mucuna, Absorb Health Supplements are for you.

Pros: Supplements have great and secure packaging.

Cons: This is also one of the pricier supplements here on the list and also doesn’t indicate the L-DOPA content level on its label.

Bulksupplements Mucuna Pruriens Extract Powders

At an affordable price, this can provide an approximate of 500 servings, which makes it a great and economic choice for everyday users. If you want to go for pure and high-quality Mucuna Pruriens extract, the formula in this cannot be beaten for its integrity and value. Bulksupplements is sure to promise unprecedented quality and pure value that will surely deliver every time.

Pros: Bulksupplements are well and highly regarded by their customers. Contains a potent formula that can provide 500 mg each serving.

Cons: It is not stated in the package whether dopamine contents are standardized. It can possibly produce an unpleasant aftertaste.

HawaiiPharm Mucuna Alcohol-free Liquid extract

This is the product that is made especially for men. Providing a high 970 mg of pure Mucuna Extract, this is surely the product for those who wish to go for a higher dosage. HawaiiPharm Mucuna Alcohol-free liquid extract is well- formulated and even great for preventing Nitric Oxide Breakdown, at the same time improving circulation for men. Additionally, this extract may help in optimizing and the regulation of testosterone levels.

Pros: As its name says, it is absolutely alcohol-free. It is additionally, gluten-free and non-GMO. Aside from said benefits, it can as well aid with hypertension and regulate blood sugar levels.

Cons: Given it has many benefits, it is no doubt why this belongs to the pricier one on our list. It is also unknown whether its L-DOPA content is standardized as well.

Pure Science Supplements Mucuna Pruriens

These supplements are where you can get your daily dose of 95% L-DOPA delivered in a vegan-friendly capsule. With this supplement, Pure Science supplements truly prove that they are capable of producing powerful Pruriens supplements as well.

Pros: Contains potent L-DOPA and is GMP certified.

Cons: This is another pricier supplement.

What Exactly are Mucuna Pruriens/Pruriens Mucuna?

Also known as Velvet Bean, Mucuna Pruriens (also: Pruriens Mucuna) are fuzzy beans pods that usually grow and originate in parts of The Caribbean, India, and Africa. These pods grow from trees which are itchy to touch and is a member of the legume family. Historically speaking, pods of these fuzzy beans have been used for traditional medicine. Presently trees of these velvet beans are being naturalized and cultivated in Northern America.

Uncooked velvet bean or Mucuna Pruriens has a chemical compound, which is a precursor to dopamine, called L-DOPA, dopamine. Aside from having a chemical compound (L-DOPA) precursor to dopamine, Mucuna Pruriens may have high levels of antioxidant content and high levels of flavonoids and alkaloids. Once it is ground and dried, the bean of Pruriens Mucuna produces powder with finer L-DOPA, the direct precursor to dopamine.

Does Mucuna Pruriens really Work?

A number of researches have covered the effectivity and benefits of Mucuna because of dopamine. Still, there are already few ones that are strong enough to prove that this seed or bean, and even extract taken raw or as supplement really works.

As dopamine is essential for promoting healthy and balanced mood, function, and emotions, with this bean containing this, it is no wonder that why dopamine effectively boosts mood. In the year 2014, researchers have conducted a study on its effects on reducing anxiety in rats. With each model that has been used, the results of the said study showed a significant effectiveness to anti-anxiety. One human study which tested 8 adults with ages 21-28 was given single doses of 200 mg of levodopa before conducting a visual reaction time test. Results show that levodopa improved participants’ performances and increased learning and focus.

Additionally, Mucuna Pruriens seed and extract were also proven to work for men. Men involved in the study were given 5 mg of Pruriens powder per day for 3 months, After the 3 months, results significance in the decrease in the men’s cortisol levels and an increase of the sperm count, being the high levels as fertile men.

How Safe are Mucuna Pruriens?

Mucuna Pruriens is a safer, more natural alternative compared to other prescriptions that contain added chemicals and ingredients. Using Mucuna Pruriens seeds/bean and extract for supplements has a long track of records that shows safe use. Additionally, to modern users, it rarely shows and poses any unwanted side effects upon the right and moderated doses. The typical dose of taking Pruriens supplements is 500 mg per day. At first use, typical side effects that might be experienced are insomnia, abdominal bloating, nausea, and abnormal body movement.

Can Mucuna Pruriens Increase HGH?

Researches have suggested that because of L-DOPA or dopamine content, Pruriens Mucuna might help with the regulation of human growth hormones, which are essential for cell regeneration and growth. This said, without HGH, the body will not be experiencing an increase in muscle mass and bone density. Prior to this, researches are suggesting that oral doses of Mucuna may possibly increase luteinizing hormones. Making use of L-DOPA for the increase of dopamine levels are believed to promote sex drive, bone density, healthy aging, and lean muscle mass.

Does Mucuna Pruriens Seed in Supplements Make You Sleepy?

There is still insufficient evidence suggesting Pruriens promote sleep. However, an article says that it isn’t like caffeine. These aren’t quite as high, and people are claiming that Mucuna helped them sleep. Additionally, in a study involving 18 people, Mucuna was used combined with another tropical herb to see its effects on sleep quality. Results show that after about 4 weeks of use, participants experienced a 50% improvement in their sleep quality. Mucuna Pruriens used alone for sleep, and improving sleep quality is still under ongoing studies and tests.

Other Health Benefits

The Mucuna Pruriens seed/bean and extract contain about 20-35% of calories in the bean, which is a good source of protein. Same with the bean, the extract is packed with benefits as well. Researches have been studying that Mucuna Pruriens may have effectivity on mental health, sperm, stress, testosterone, which is related to male fertility. It is good for a healthy blood brain. Mucuna is also believed to heighten concentration and provide perception to mental focus, which makes it beneficial as well for patients who have ADHD/ADD.

There have been studies as well as taking an interest in Mucuna being beneficial for Parkinson’s disease. There is still insufficient evidence, but due to its dopamine content, there is a possibility of this bean helping with treating this disease. Pruriens show possibilities of alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Wrapping It Up

For assurance that you buy quality and best products and supplements, it is recommended to buy those who are approved and tested like those which are listed. For added assurance, it is still best to consult a doctor first and seek medical advice for the dose of supplements to be taken and which will be best for you.

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