Cannabis dispensaries are a thriving industry in Canada, you should know how to pick and buy from the best and highest quality of online dispensaries. The dispensaries sell a range of products from medical marijuana to recreational cannabis sativa such as concentrates, edibles, shatter, and also accessories such as vapes, and bongs. In today's world, MOM(Mail Oder Marijuana) practice has become very popular because of the express delivery systems. Below is a list of some online dispensaries in Canada selling top-quality cannabis products and when you buy through our review you will get a coupon code and great discount deals.

1. Cannablossom

Cannablossom Dispensary comes on top of our review list because it is the best in Canada and is known for selling a wide variety of weed products. Among the weed products, they sell include flowers, edibles, concentrates, magic mushrooms, vapes, and some health cannabis stocks. This company has stocked products from over 40 brand shops so you can buy from your preferred brand and get the best quality. Some of the brands include the CBD,1:1, Baked Edibles, Indica, the Baker's Shop, Hybrid, Ganja Edibles just to name a few. Their website has good customer service and also have a live chat that operates every Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Prices and Loyalty Programs

Canna Blossom is offering a 15% discount code for new members and this excludes any wholesale goods or the ones on sale. If you refer a friend, and they use the link in the email, you earn a $25 discount. Additionally, they have an ongoing sale ranging from concentrates to edibles and flowers of different grams. On the other hand, they ship for free for orders that are above $150.


Canna Blossom uses CanadaPost to ship your package to your location and every order comes with a tracking number. It is ideal for you to order before the holiday rush to avoid any delays.

2. Mail Order Marijuana

This online dispensary in Canada sells a premium variety of cannabis products that are organically grown. In Canada, Mail Order Marijuana has one of the largest high-quality varieties of fresh strains among all the dispensaries. Among the broad variety of cannabis products the company sells are concentrates, edibles, and devices and accessories that you can use with products. Among the ones on sale are the mix and match deals like the shatter mix and match, THC vape, marijuana strains, edibles, concentrates

Mail Order Marijuana is legit and supports the safety of its clients by encrypting all emails and all order information with SSL security while only selling to clients above 19 years old. The order is canceled if the company finds out the customer is not of legal age.

Prices and Loyalty Programs

Mail Order Marijuana is among the best online dispensaries for it offers some of the best prices for its cannabis products. Besides, they have a price match policy where they sell an identical cannabis product to you using any competitor's price. All that is required of you is to send a screenshot or a link of the identical product showing the company, product price, and name of the products and the sale is yours. They also ship for free for orders that are above $100 and when you refer a friend you get free 250g THC gummies.

The loyalty program works great as you get points every time you invite a new member and when you write a review. They also have a refund policy in their loyalty program where you can return any defective or incorrect product and the company refunds your purchase and also the shipping fee. A bonus benefit of this company is the great customer service it provides to its clients.

Shipping Process of Mail Order Marijuana

Mail Order Marijuana dispensary uses Canada Post to ship all its products and all the products have a fast delivery of 1 to 3 days. For discretion, every of your sativa packages is usually wrapped up in a bubble to ensure maximum protection and also vacuum seal your quality cannabis orders for freshness.

3. THC Canada

THC claims to be a lifestyle, not just a store. Located in British Columbia, Vancouver, it is open for 7days a week, Monday to Sunday.

THC sells all types of strain types and you can purchase a commodity of the strain type you want. Among the commodities it sells is the Blendcraft Indica Shatter concentrates in whatever gram you want it in, CBD Capsules, Sense Flower, Pre-rolls, and edibles. They offer exceptional quality at a fair price. Besides, according to plenty of reviews, their customer service is great

How THC Canada ships

It has a physical store and you can order online and collect your order from the store.

4. Get Kush

Selling over 250+ commodities, Get Kush company is owned by siblings Nancy and Ryan who had a passion for cannabis. Just as the other online dispensaries, GetKush company sells cannabis list of all grades from the A+ to the AAAA+ and you choose according to your preference. When it comes to quality, they cover all the bases of strains and also ensure customers get high-quality commodities at a friendly price. The company also has the best quality of flowers at an affordable budget which you can buy in mix and match and you can save because of the bulk order.

The website is quite easy to navigate and new orders are packaged discreetly in smell proof vacuum bags and then placed in a box ready to be shipped. Their customer service is very responsive with their email support desk and they welcome any kind of feedback.

Prices and Loyalty Programs of GetKush Company

Get Kush is one of the top dispensaries in Canada that offer plenty of sale discounts and gifts. Among the deals is one free bag of 200 grams of edibles, 2.5%-4% cashback on every purchase, a free joint, a $10 welcome bonus and you can get 5% off your order by just signing up. The company also offers refunds on any unsatisfactory orders and in the case your package is lost while being shipped, they reship your order again at no extra expense for you.

How to Ship and a coupon code

Get Kush company uses free Express Post by Canada Post to ship their orders. The order is packed in a sealed bag and afterward, vacuum sealed and finally being put in a box ready to be shipped. You can be able to track your order with 24 to 48 hours on their website. They ship for free for orders above $149. At the moment, this company only ships in Canada. If you experience any delays or experience any issues, you can easily contact their support.

This one of the companies with MOM that offers a lot of discount codes and coupon codes. Currently, there is an active coupon code of "thx10' where you get $10 off your order. Additionally, there is a loyalty program that helps a customer to accumulate points and as a result, earning discounts off with every buy.

Cannabis Plant Strain Types

1. Indica

The main characteristic of the Indica strain is the short and stubby leaves which usually have a short flowering time and thrives in colder climates. Indica is familiar for its relaxing properties. The Indica Cannabis is preferred for night use for reliving any stress, insomnia, depression, and easing any muscle tension.

2. Hybrid

A hybrid strain is a combination of the best features of Sativa and Indica. The hybrid strain is a high-quality cannabis strain that has been designed with balance in mind. A Hybrid can be either Indica or sativa dominant with their effects to match. In the present day, hybrid weed is bred with other Hybrids for a variation of several treatment alternatives.

3. Sativa

Sativa strains are taller than the Indica counterparts but with thin leaves. Sativa's prefer and grow tall in warm climates. They are mentally refreshing and produce a cerebral high that helps to ease mood disorders, depression, and anxiety. Sativa's also brighten the moods. This is common with artistic individuals because of their effects.

Why order in an online dispensary?

Online orders are easy and efficient to get and they ensure that you get good service while saving your money and time. These are some of the other reasons why you should buy from an online dispensary.

1. Great Prices

Online weed prices will always beat the physical store's prices every time. One of the reasons this is possible is the online dispensaries have lower overhead costs and they offer free shipping of orders that exceed a certain amount. Also, most of these online stores usually accept bank transfers and e-transfer.

2. Discounts and coupon codes

When a customer makes orders online, you can take advantage of any coupon codes and as a result, you get the best cannabis deals in the market. The overhead costs of operating websites in an online store are less than operating a physical store. Therefore, many shops offer either sign up bonuses on your first purchase or give you a coupon code.

3. Better selection

Ordering from the best online dispensary gives you a better variety of edibles, concentrates, a hybrid strain, kush strains, Indica strains, and Sativa strains.

4. Convenience

When you buy online, you can be able to buy from any location in Canada by putting your goods in the cart and they will be shipped within a matter of days. This is most convenient when you are either busy or in winter where going out is not preferred.

What to look for before you buy weed online

1. The Price, Offers, and Discounts

Make sure you compare the different product prices from the different products to get the best current deals. Get a good price but don't compromise on the best quality rated weed. From this review, you can be able to find the best top online dispensaries and as a result, buy weed online from the top dispensary.

2. The Company's Background

This is a very important aspect to look for before making any cannabis orders to avoid being robbed by any fraudsters on the internet. You can search and use the rating and reviews for any website online. The rating and review of any website will reflect how good the customer service, the after-sale services, and whether the product is of high quality.

The best online dispensary always has a good reputation online for both their customer service and the quality of the products. However, some companies, mostly the new ones in the industry, may not have any reviews online and this makes them impossible to rate their products or service. Do a thorough background check of the company's websites and social media pages.

3. The types of weed

There are different weed products or marijuana strains in the market and different customers have different preferences. You should choose the type of sativa you want based on the need you are looking to satisfy or the benefits. Whatever type of sativa you choose to use, whether the edibles, magic mushrooms, or concentrates, they should be of the best quality and provide you with top satisfaction.

4. Shipping Cost

Some companies in the weed industry offer free shipping while others do not. It is important to check how much it will cost to ship to your location is before you order weed products.

5. Referrals from family and friends

Referrals are some of the best ways to hear about weed and mostly if it's an online dispensary. Check what kind of shopping experience your close ones have had with any online dispensary, Canada. When you are referred to buy weed online in Canada by your family and friends, you easily believe the quality because they have used the cannabis and mostly they are a trusted source.

6. Location

The location is a good consideration if you are interested in cheaper costs or free shipping. It is recommended that you look for a company that is close to your location as some companies offer free shipping for orders in some locations. Also, to avoid any unnecessary shipping costs when you are gifting someone, ensure your orders are from a company that is close to them.