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Top 9 Best Spanking OnlyFans Accounts in [year]

Many people may wonder why spanking is a popular activity in the bedroom. While it may seem like a form of corporal punishment, Spanking OnlyFans celebrate the sexual desires, excitement, and physical and psychological pleasures that come with engaging in this activity in a safe, consensual setting. Being in control of a partner’s pain and pleasure can be very erotic, and the release of endorphins that follows a spanking can be thrilling for both parties involved.

In this article, the top ten Spanking OnlyFans accounts are compiled for those who are interested in exploring this activity or simply want to enjoy the educational and sensual content provided. Whether you are a seasoned spanker or a curious newcomer, these accounts offer a mix of informative and highly pleasurable content that is sure to satisfy.

Best Spanking OnlyFans Accounts

Here are the top 10 OnlyFans accounts for spanking enthusiasts:

These accounts offer a variety of content for those interested in spanking, from tips and tricks to hot videos and photos. With such a diverse range of accounts, there is something for everyone.

Best 10 Spanking OnlyFans

#1. Pharoah Spanks – Best Spanking Tips and Tricks

Pharoah Spanks is a professional disciplinarian who films all of his adult spankings and posts them on his spanking OnlyFans, giving bad girls the paddling they deserve in kinky NSFW videos and photos that show the process, as well as the aftermath of a good spanking. His page is updated at least three times a week with exclusive content you won’t see anywhere else online. In addition to his exclusive content, Pharoah also gives out advice along with spanking tips and tricks that will make your at-home play even spicier as you try out his techniques on your partner…or yourself!

#2. Dallas – Storytimes About Hard Spankings

Dallas Spanks has been a producer of popular spanking films for well over two decades, and he has seen some crazy things during his time in the industry. His is one of the top spanking OnlyFans as he divulges all his secrets, tells stories from his youth and his spanking origin story starting in high school, through his surfing instructor days, and beyond. He features fun models who also have interesting spank stories, and his many intriguing tales.

#3. Fit Spanking – Naughty Couple Spankings

Fit Spanking is a spanking OnlyFans page made by a cute young couple who take turns punishing each other over and over, making their bums turn red and enjoying themselves immensely after bathtime or while bent over their partner’s knee. Whether you like to watch girls getting their butts spanked with a bare hand or a wooden spoon, or guys being paddled with a hairbrush (or both!) there is something exciting waiting for you on their page.

#4. Harrison – 6’5” Male Switch Spanker

Harrison is a big and tall bisexual man, standing at 6’5”. He can dole out a good spanking, but on his spanking Only Fans page he also gets a turn as the “spankee” as a switch on his big, juicy bum. Subscribing to Harrison’s page, you will be able to watch jack off videos, spanking POV vids, and a whole lot of clips of him completely dominating and spanking other guys for fun.

#5. Pandora Blake – Curviest Spanking Lover

Blake goes by they/them pronouns, and they make super fun queer porn, often acting as the submissive, but with the ability to switch when a spanking opportunity arises. Blake can play with gender, alternating between femme, masc, and androgynous roles, and taking on different power dynamics between roles as well. Their spanking OnlyFans page features daily updates, with ass Wednesdays for the hard core spank lovers out there.

#6. Spank Queen – Best Collection of Spanking Implements

Spank Queen is a tattooed MILF with one of the top spanking OnlyFans accounts. Her content includes roleplaying and solo masturbation, but her main love is spanking. She has a large collection of implements that she uses in both light and sensual play, and more hardcore kink. OnlyFans does not allow things to get too rough, but Spank Queen knows how to toe the line.

#7. Spanked Spouse – Hottest European Wife Spanking Pics

Although their account does not say anything at all, literally, about what kind of spanking Only Fans content you can expect when you subscribe, they have conveniently left a link to their Reddit page which features a few photos that gave us a good idea. Red welts on bums, bent-over wife paddling pics, cane marks, and other punishments, each with the petite wife wearing a new cosplay or lingerie outfit.

#8. Princess Kelley – Best Disciplinarian on OnlyFans

Princess Kelley is a professional disciplinarian who used to be a model and now prefers to be what she calls a “full-time spanko” on her spanking OnlyFans account. She loves hardcore spanking, and is a corporal punishment fetishist who punishes bad boys and naughty girls, and she also likes it when her daddy spanks her as well. Subbing to Kelley will give you access to daily updates, behind the scenes content, personal posts,  two full-length videos every month, a weekly live stream session, and access to a private Discord server, with no pay per view content at all.

#9. Abbey Rhode – Best Roping and Taboo Spanking Content

Abbey Rhode has a very witty name, which is what drew us to her, but what kept us on her top spanking OnlyFans page is all of the taboo content and kink-friendly play she does. She squirts, she does bondage, she gets into taboo role play, and, of course, there is a whole lot of spanking happening in

FAQ About the Best Spanking OnlyFans

Why Do People Like to Get Spanked?

There are several reasons why people enjoy being spanked during sex. One reason is that it can feel good, as there are sensitive nerves throughout the butt that are close to the genitals. A spank on the butt can trigger pleasurable feelings all over. A little pain can also cause the brain to release feel-good endorphins, increase the heart rate and blood flow, which again, increases the pleasure and excitement of the moment.

Others may enjoy the feelings of humiliation or being punished. Being bent over with your butt out is a vulnerable position, and the partner doing the spanking holds all the power and control. This can be a very erotic situation for many people. The best spanking OnlyFans videos often utilize these power dynamics as part of creating a fantasy scene.

Thirdly, it can be a release for the person getting spanked, as for a moment their minds are clear of anything except the anticipation and brief pain they experience. It can be freeing and help them to get out of their own head and be more present in the moment. This can increase their ability to receive pleasure, without annoying thoughts or insecurities getting in the way of a good time.

How Do You Make Spanking Sexual?

It is important to talk about it before trying it, as some people will not be into spanking at all. Get consent and find out what threshold of pain they are willing to go to. Some people want a light tap, while others want red marks on their butts that will stay for hours. Choose a safe word, so things never go too far by accident.

Erotic spanking often has one person taking a submissive role, while the other one is dominant. You can be dressed or completely naked, use bondage, and spank with your hand or with a spanking implement like a paddle, hairbrush, or belt. Start out gently, try out different sensations, and try to hit all four erogenous spanking zones (the top near the lower back, the sides near the hips, the undersides, and the center). The underside is usually the hottest, as it is closest to the genitals. You can even spank yourself during masturbation, which can be helpful in figuring out what kind of spanking works best for you.

Can You See Erotic Spanking on OnlyFans?

Yes, there are plenty of spanking OnlyFans accounts online. It is a fine line, though, as all acts must be perceived as consensual on the site and cannot be too hard or violent in any way, or the content creator risks losing their account. Everybody must appear to be having a good time, and there can be no “punishment” aspect to it.

What Kind of Content Do Men Do on OnlyFans?

Men do pretty much everything on OnlyFans. There are straight men who engage in sexual activities with women, give and receive oral sex, and masturbate on camera. There are also millions of bi and gay men on the platform who get together with other men for oral and anal sex, along with plenty of fetish play including blowjob, BDSM, foot fetish, and spanking OnlyFans play. With millions of content creators on the site, you will be able to find almost any type of porn you are looking for.

Does Spanking Increase Endorphins?

Yes, if it is done right spanking can increase oxytocin, endorphins, and adrenaline, while making sex play exciting with different levels of dominance and submission, role play, and kinky stress release. So if the people in the top spanking OnlyFans videos appear to be having a really good time, it’s because they are.

Is it Wrong to Like Spanking in Bed?

Not at all, as long as your partner is also okay with it. Just like any sexual play, you must ensure your partner consents, but spanking is a very common fetish that all kinds of people enjoy. It feels good, and it’s fun!

Where Should You Spank or Paddle a Partner During Sex?

If you have been watching spanking OnlyFans videos, and now you want to try it out with your partner, you want to make sure you hit them in the right place to maximize their pleasure. Use an open palm or an implement and aim for the butt and thighs. These areas can take a lot, and you can try different rhythms and positions to see what gets your partner going.

Make sure you talk about it first and start out softly in each area to make sure it isn’t too painful and ramp up as much as your partner would like over time. A safe word is a good idea in these scenarios, to ensure you are staying within your partner’s limits.


The top Spanking OnlyFans accounts of 2023 have been presented, showcasing the best in BDSM content. By subscribing to these accounts, viewers can explore their interest in light BDSM play and the dynamics between doms and subs. The accounts presented feature a variety of models, including professional disciplinarians and college girls, and offer a range of content such as photos and videos.

It is important to note that while these accounts provide entertainment and exploration, it is crucial to always prioritize safety and consent in any sexual activity. The Village Voice and its advertisers do not condone non-consensual or unsafe sexual practices.

In conclusion, the top Spanking OnlyFans accounts of 2024 offer a unique and exciting way to explore BDSM play. By subscribing to these accounts, viewers can add new content to their mental spank bank and support the creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find Creators Specializing in Spanking Content on OnlyFans?

Finding creators specializing in spanking content on OnlyFans is easy. Simply use the search function on the OnlyFans website or app and type in relevant keywords such as “spanking,” “discipline,” or “BDSM.” You can also browse through relevant subreddits or forums dedicated to OnlyFans content to find recommendations and suggestions from other users.

Content Guidelines for Posting Spanking Videos on OnlyFans

OnlyFans has strict guidelines regarding the content that can be posted on their platform. Creators must ensure that their content does not violate any laws or regulations and must comply with OnlyFans’ terms of service. Specifically, content featuring any form of non-consensual or underage activity is strictly prohibited. Further, creators must ensure that they have the legal rights to any music or other copyrighted content used in their videos.

Legal Considerations to be Aware of When Subscribing to or Creating Spanking Content

Subscribers and creators of spanking content on OnlyFans should be aware of the legal implications of their actions. Depending on the jurisdiction, certain forms of BDSM activity may be illegal or fall under the purview of obscenity laws. Additionally, creators must ensure that they have the legal rights to any music or other copyrighted content used in their videos.

Best Practices for Safety and Consent in Spanking Videos on OnlyFans

Creators of spanking content on OnlyFans must prioritize the safety and consent of all parties involved. This includes obtaining explicit consent from all participants before engaging in any BDSM activity and ensuring that all parties involved are aware of the risks and potential consequences. Additionally, creators should establish clear boundaries and safe words to ensure that all parties involved feel comfortable and safe throughout the filming process.

Navigating the Payment and Subscription Process for Spanking-Focused OnlyFans Accounts

To subscribe to a spanking-focused OnlyFans account, simply navigate to the creator’s profile and click the “subscribe” button. From there, you will be prompted to enter your payment information and select a subscription plan. OnlyFans offers various subscription options, including monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Offering Personalized Spanking Content to Subscribers

Many creators on OnlyFans offer personalized spanking content to their subscribers. This may include custom videos, photos, or chat sessions tailored to the subscriber’s specific interests and preferences. To request personalized content, simply reach out to the creator and discuss your needs and preferences. The creator will then work with you to create a personalized experience that meets your needs and expectations.

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