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Bill Spetrino Review:Scam or Legit?

Bill Spetrino, despite a lack of content on his website and no social media presence outside of just one profile picture that looks like it was taken with an iPhone 4. His only other form of contact is through the email address [email protected]

Bill Spetrino is a self-proclaimed “investment guru” and his company, Spetrino Wealth Management, claims to have made $10 million in just six months. However, there are many who believe that the company is a scam.,

Bill Spetrino feels he was destined to be a successful investor. His parents had just given birth to a newborn brother. Bill’s father bought him a package of baseball cards to distract him from his new sibling’s attention.

He remembers 36 card packs, each containing five cards and a stick of gum. A pack of cards cost 5 cents back then. As a result, each card was worth a dime.

Bill was from a poor family, and one of his wealthier friends wanted his Sam McDowell card. At the time, Sam McDowell was the school’s favorite player.

He didn’t want to sell it, of course. His friend then offered him 35 cents. He sold! He used his 35 cents to buy seven more packs of cards.

Bill continued to sell cards to my classmates while also purchasing more. Two months later, his father received six shoeboxes full of cards.

Bill then snatched them.

When he recounted what he was doing, his father was amazed. When Bill showed him his $35 savings, he was even more amazed…

The Great American Dividend Machine was written by Bill Spetrino in order to educate as many people as possible about investing.

He set up a dividend machine for himself and retired at the age of 42.

At that early age, he could practically walk away from my 9-5 job and live happily on the money from his investments.

As a result, he founded The Dividend Machine newsletter to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom.

Bill does not consider a large home, new automobiles, membership at a country club, or keeping up with the Joneses to be signs of success. That’s debt, debt, debt to Bill.

For him, success is freedom. He has the freedom to spend each day as he pleases. He believes that if you have to work every day to pay for your worldly aspirations, you will never really be “free.”

Bill joined the stock market to become financially self-sufficient. After graduating from John Carroll University, he began working for a small accounting business at the age of 23. After his first day, he thought to himself, “I can’t do this for 45 weeks, much alone 45 years.”

The remainder of his life was devoted attempting to find out how to retire financially self-sufficient.

As a result, Bill Spetrino spent hours reading books by some of the world’s most brilliant financial minds. He devoured Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. He continues to read for three hours each day. He is always eager to learn from the knowledge of others.

So, let us return to Bill’s market entrance. Finally, he decided it was time for him to invest on his own. He grew up poor, like many others in his little town, so he sold his BMW and purchased an old beater for $1200.

He used the $8000 left over from the car sale into developing his dividend machine.

Every three months, he received his dividend cheques. He continued to reinvest dividends, and as his stocks plummeted in value, he was able to acquire more. He immediately saw the value of my dividend machine concept.

It wasn’t really glamorous. Bill’s major purpose while working on His dividend machine was to save money. He was finally able to retire at the age of 42. His investment income now fully meets his living expenses.

That is his goal for subscribers of The Dividend Machine newsletter. The objective is to make enough money from their investments to live comfortably. Each month, customers get a conservative investment approach focusing on safety, income, and growth.

Their objective is to achieve a dividend yield of 10% or greater on a compounded yearly basis.

They’ve had some success, according to Bill. In addition, Hulbert Financial Digest, a respected expert, has ranked The Dividend Machine newsletter the industry’s #1 low-risk newsletter.

Bill’s devotion to creating The Dividend Machine an effective newsletter resource for the average investor and value investing has earned him this honor.

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