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Bulldog Mindset Review: Is He A Fraud?

Bulldog Mindset is a multi-level marketing scheme which offers members the chance to sell their own products. The company claims on its website that it has paid out over $10 billion in compensation, but some say this figure is inflated and false.

The “bulldog mindset reddit” is a review of the book, “Bulldog Mindset: How to Succeed in Life by Embracing Risk and Failure.” The author of the book, Eric Barker, is a professor at Stanford Business School.

Bulldog Mindset and Simple Programmer were founded by John Sonmez. He didn’t have a wild upbringing, but he was quiet and introverted as a youngster.

He went on to work as a software engineer for roughly 15 years.

John Sonmez had a few issues…

  • He was terrified of everything.
  • He despised flying.
  • He was terrified of roller coasters and the dark.
  • He was terrified of ladies as well!

These are some of the causes of his discomfort.

He attempted to get in shape once, but it didn’t work out. He put on weight and became sedentary.

This was not a happy period in his life for him.

He was disgusted with himself.

John Sonmez made the decision to overhaul his whole life. He altered his diet and increased his physical activity.

Because of how he appeared, he gained confidence over time. But it was teaching that he truly wanted to accomplish.

He also feels that his life’s goal is to educate.

He launched a popular blog in 2007. He also started uploading videos on YouTube about how men may develop a bulldog mentality.

Initially, he provided technical material and programming languages app courses. But later he became interested in personal growth.

This sort of material was popular among his visitors and subscribers. He proceeded to generate it, obviously.

Many guys now learn from him how to be successful in all aspects of their lives and jobs. He does this by educating them about the bulldog mentality. He also has his own podcast, The Bulldog Mindset Podcast, which he hosts. Go to the bulldog mindset Instagram and Twitter accounts to follow him.

Let’s have a look at what you’ll learn if you join this program:

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