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Best Canadian Cannabis Seed Banks for Craft Growers

best canadian cannabis seed banks

Legally, countries like Canada grow their weed and sell it to customers meaning that they have more potent, high-quality and affordable marijuana seeds with time. So if you are tired of spending a lot of money and time purchasing marijuana, you might want to consider growing your cannabis seeds.

Growing your cannabis starts with finding the best Canadian seed bank, and this can be challenging as there are varieties of seed banks in Canada claiming to be the best. We have compiled a list of the best Canadian seedbanks to help you buy marijuana seeds

1. Seed Pharm- Best Overall

Seed Pharm prides itself in selling marijuana seeds that are premium, high-quality and at a friendly price. These cannabis seed strains are mostly suitable for Medical and Commercial growers. Still, they can also work perfectly for a craft grower as they have feminized seeds, auto-flowering and medical cannabis seeds.

The seed bank is among the best Canadian seed banks, thanks to its huge selection of both indoor and outdoor best cannabis seeds. When you buy marijuana seeds online, they will be delivered to your door in a discrete packaging within two to five days, but Seed Pharm also offers Express Delivery. In addition, there is free shipping on all orders above $99


  • Four free seeds
  • It is among the best seed banks thanks to its large to its high yields and high THC content.
  • All orders have shipment tracking
  • Free shipping on all orders above $99


  • No free shipping but a $30 flat rate shipping for discrete packaging

2. Crop King Seeds- Best for New Marijuana Strains

If you are not choosing our best recommendation, the closest you will come is Crop King Seeds. One of their major pros is their user-friendly website which is easy to navigate and will quickly lead you to the type of product you are looking for. In addition, the Canadian seed bank has total product pages that include details on the product, product bundles, price, payment options and any additional information that would benefit cannabis growers.

Crop King seeds are suitable for beginners, and advanced growers and the seed's searches go beyond Vancouver thanks to the highest quality seeds, breeders and strains worldwide. The company can offer a large strain selection that features new age hybrids and classics side by side with a variety in size, shape and color.

Since Crop King seed bank has been in the market since 2005, they are experts in the business and know-how stealth shipping works, and the almost two decades have turned them into cannabis packaging experts. In addition, Crop King seeds don't save your payment details, and payments can be made with US or Canadian dollars, Visa, Bitcoin or Mastercard.


  • Stealth shipping experts24/7 customer service
  • Very comprehensive website
  • Germination guarantee on all the Cannabis strains
  • Free shipping for US$200 orders
  • Release new strains consistently from own research
  • Value-adding grow guides
  • All seeds are tested, inspected and handpicked to be viable and mature
  • Ten free cannabis seeds from Canada with overs above $420


  • Express shipping may take up to five days
  • Limited strain selection

3. Quebec Cannabis Seeds- Best CBD Selection

You will almost always find Quebec cannabis seeds on the list for Canadian seed banks since it's a consistent performer. For over 15 years, the company has been coming up with diverse varieties out of Quebec, intending to offer high-quality cannabis and a better choice.

Quebec cannabis seeds suit any grower's budget where they offer a huge range of different seed varieties, including auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular marijuana seeds and high CBD seeds. Some of the Quebec seed bank's popular products include Quebec Durban, Quebec Gold, Girl Scout Cookies, Purple Kush, Sour Diesel and AK-39. It is also among the few seed banks in Canada that focus on improving genetics and breeding cannabis for medical use and well-being.

One of the biggest wins for Quebec seed bank is the guarantee that the company will send replacements to make up the difference of an 80% germination rate. However, the company doesn't resend items if you got the wrong address. Instead, it has stealth packaging where your seeds are sealed for freshness and hidden in stealth packages with random objects.

Quebec cannabis seeds have discreet shipping, and orders are shipped moderately fast, but the US customers have to wait for a little while. Lastly, they have a full scope of payment methods, including bank transfers, cash, international money orders, E-transfers, Mastercard and Visa Card.


  • 80% germination guaranteed
  • Breeder focus on medical cannabis and strains for one's well being
  • Over 50 different kinds of cannabis strains
  • Decent and easy-to-navigate menu
  • High yielding cannabis plants since they source their marijuana seeds from great raisers in the country
  • Detailed information with every strain that covers impact, flowering time, yield and the place to grow
  • Secure and safe shipping


  • It doesn't have free shipping but has a $10 flat fee
  • Great customer service but its not always available

4. Rocket Seeds- Best One-Stop-Shop

Rocket Seeds is unlike other Canadian seed banks, where it's a website that carries marijuana seeds from various brands, including Crop King seeds or Beaver Seeds, meaning it offers a wider variety of seeds than most Canadian seed banks. It promises top-quality products, fair prices with a wide range and an excellent selection that offers everything each one of the brands will carry. It is one of the best Canadian seed banks if you are looking for unique seeds. It often carries limited edition strains and new hybrids that you won't find anywhere else, including auto-flowering seeds and photoperiodic versions of the same strain.

The seed bank also has popular strains such as Acapulco Gold and White Widow, and many of their strains are suitable for beginners, but there are other tough and rare options to cultivate. The seed bank's site is easy to navigate and features an extensive layout in an organized way that allows a customer to go through the assortment of choices.

However, Rocket seeds don't have a germination guarantee for growers who follow their instructions and so you will need to have confidence in what you are purchasing. You will also receive your Rocket Seeds in a unique packaging which will take about 5-7 business days in North America, and free shipping will be applied to orders above $200. The seed bank accepts various payment methods, including Bitcoin, Paypal and credit cards.


  • Great array of cannabis seeds and strains
  • Extensive germination instructions
  • Good customer support
  • It offers fast-version seeds
  • Unique strain packaging
  • World wide shipping


  • Lacks the germination guarantee
  • No free shipping on smaller orders

5. I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank- Most Reliable

I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank is among the best and biggest seed banks globally, and the owner has been growing marijuana for over 25 years; he brings a wealth of experience to the seed bank. The company will give a good deal for long-time growers, and it's a great deal for first times who need extra help when getting started. In addition, the site offers several growth guides, meaning they will help you navigate every step of the process and cater to experienced novices and growers.

The company also has a troubleshooting feature to help if you get stuck in any step not covered in the guide. A nice feature is the DIY growers' kits and fertilizer. You can purchase your first batch growing successfully, and it will give you peace of mind covering only germination and shipping. The company will also guarantee fast delivery to any location in the US within a week.

I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank has everything from classic strains to the new hybrids, which will cater to both novice and expert growers. A product like CB Diesel, a high CBD version of Sour Diesel or CBD White Widow to keep all your medical marijuana growing needs nicely. Some of their popular options include Blue Cookies, a top-shelf hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry. In addition, you will get free delivery when you spend a minimum of $200 at checkout and ten free cannabis seeds that come from Canada with orders over $420.


  • Well organized site
  • Extensive strain catalog and high-quality marijuana seeds
  • Multiple growing guides are available
  • Germination guarantee on all strains
  • Stealth delivery is available
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • It caters to novices and experienced growers
  • It has season specials and discounts for events such as 420
  • Multiple Payment Options


  • Limited shipping options
  • It sells unbranded seeds
  • Smaller selection

6. Sonoma Seeds- Fastest Shipping

Sonoma Seeds has a user-friendly experience with an extensive range which has the potential to be overwhelming, but they have organized on easy-to-navigate pages. As a grower, your job is more about eliminating great options depending on your goals and not only by figuring out what will work.

The Canadian seed bank focuses on organic growing, and it offers relevant tips. Although they don't have the most extensive range, they have Sativa, indica and hybrid seeds. Their strains range from hard to cultivate to beginner-friendly strains suitable for first-time growers.

Sonoma Seeds is among the Canadian seed banks that offer many payment options, including money transfers, credit cards, cash, Interac e-transfer and different cryptocurrency types. They ship to you in unmarked packages, and the seeds are sent outside of retail packages. They offer safe and secure shipping for orders over $200, which is free shipping, and the package will reach you in three to five days and about 7 to 14 days in the US.


  • Guaranteed 80% germination rate
  • Multiple payment options
  • Free shipping for orders $200 and over


  • Extra fee for tracking
  • No guarantee of resending if seeds don't germinate
  • It doesn't have a wide selection

7. True North Seed Bank- Best Fresh Marijuana Seeds

True North Seed Bank is among the best Canadian seed banks for a good reason. It sells a huge variety of products with fresh marijuana seeds and some of the lowest prices for top-quality products. The website is abundant and has sorted and unmistakably sorted and named out categories classified by variety, sex, cultivation and color. You can use filters to find cannabis strains you always wanted, and bulk seeds are available in 100, 300, 500, and 1,000 count packs, where the more your order, the bigger your savings per seed will be.

The True North seed bank offers stealth shipping globally and has guaranteed delivery and germination. True North seed bank also allows a customer to return a product and claim a refund, although you will need to return the package unopened. Also, they replace faulty seeds.

The top Canadian seed bank has flexible payments as it offers wire transfers, money orders, credit/debit, cash, E-transfer in Canada and several cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it will qualify as the best Canadian seed bank if you like discounts since it comes with seasonal promos and low prices and free seeds with every order.


  • Free marijuana seeds with each new order
  • Flexible payment options
  • Many feminized and auto-flowering seeds
  • Newsletter subscription to avail of 20% off offer


  • Phone support is only during business hours

8. Montreal Cannabis Seeds- Cheapest Marijuana Seeds Online

Montreal Cannabis seeds company is relatively new in the market but made to the Canadian seed bank list because it is unique in combo packages and cheap seeds. With only $65, it is the best seed bank to get you the top strains in the world which will also give you the growing details on the additional information tab. The tab can also show indoor or outdoor yield, flowering time, THC level, indica/Sativa content, and growing difficulty.

The seed bank guarantees a customer an 80% germination ratio where if any of your seeds fail to grow, the company will send replacement cannabis seeds at no extra cost. As a result, Montreal cannabis seeds offer the best marijuana seeds, whether for your personal use or commercial purposes and will feature some of the best cannabis strains on the market.

All the seeds are tested, and there are handpicked selections for maturity and viability. Their retail packs come in seeds of 5, and the bulk can be bought in packs of 100, 500 and 100. Lastly, if you are impatient, you might want to consider express shipping as the normal delivery may take two weeks. However, for Canadian customers, 24 hours shipping is available.


  • 80% germination ratio where
  • Free seeds with every purchase of US $150Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherium payments
  • Discreet ordering via telephone is available
  • Sends replacement cannabis seeds to make up for the 80% germination rate
  • Great selection with over one hundred products
  • Offers and discounts for different category seeds


  • No worldwide shipping. Canada and US only

How to Check Quality Cannabis Seeds

Growing cannabis can be time-consuming and expensive, and therefore no one wants to go through the whole planting process with cannabis seeds that don't work. It will be easier to differentiate between high-quality cannabis seeds and bad cannabis seeds. You should always inspect how your cannabis seeds feel and look, and although some quality issues are easy to detect, some will demand more experience to understand.

Generally, the superior, healthy and mature marijuana seeds have outer shells with dark, grayish colors, and pale or green cannabis seeds may germinate slowly as they are still immature. Gently feel the seeds, and they should feel firm when you handle them to ensure you don't crack, fold or bend under pressure when you gently squeeze your seeds between the finger and the thumb buried in the soil. Lastly, choose fresh, mature cannabis seeds with high-quality, stable, proven genetics.

Whenever you receive a cannabis seed shipment, inspect them in the following ways:

  • Color, Appearance- Avoid the immature seeds that are light in colors such as yellow, light green and white. Choose viable black and brown seeds instead.
  • Toughness- Look for the smooth non-cracked outer shells.
  • Age- Remember the best storage conditions for under 16 months in a proper cool dark place but avoid rot and mold.
  • Perform the float test, where you will need to place your seeds in distilled water to see whether they sink after some hours. If it has enough bulk to sink, it will have a better germinating.

What Makes a High-Quality Marijuana Seed?

When buying marijuana seeds that are of high quality, the most important seed quality factor is good genetics, which will matter a lot as you are shopping. This is because the less ethical breeders may cross strains and sell whatever seeds they will produce and do that without considering all the steps you will need to ensure a stable, reliable seed.

Reputable seed breeders will invest time in crossing and backcrossing marijuana plants to generate different phenotypes. However, it takes more than crossing male and female plants to stabilize the desirable traits of a cannabis cultivar. In addition, it is critical to use and store seeds as they are meant to ensure the best seed quality.

Notably, to avoid mold or other pathogens, you should store your cannabis seeds frozen or in a cool, dry place for up to 16 months and ensure the cannabis seeds are fully mature before harvest.

Which is Better Between Autoflower and Feminized Seeds?

Autoflower female marijuana seeds are considered the beginner's choice where the weed seeds are made to bloom and are easy to cultivate compared to regular seeds. Also, they harvest quickly compared to other seeds, but they tend to be smaller and can be grown despite the lack of sun and different temperature changes. However, auto-flowering seeds cant be cloned, but they are the best choice if you get frustrated easily.

On the other hand, feminized seeds are harder to cultivate since they need special attention and more growing room. Nevertheless, advanced growers usually prefer this variety. These seeds don't produce male plants, which are less potent in CBD and THC, and these feminized cannabis seeds will produce a high-yielding cannabis plant.

Feminized seeds are better in terms of cannabis seeds' quality, and some purists might say that regular seeds have a specific flavor or potency that both autoflower and feminized seeds lack.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Canadian Seed Bank

1. Price

When looking for the best Canadian seed bank, you will need to check one that offers the best prices and give the value for your money. Notably, not all stores will have the same price as distributors, and therefore, retailers may price their products a bit higher.

2. Germination Guarantee

Germination guarantee ensures that your cannabis seeds will grow and sprout without rotting and remain as seeds in the soil. The best Canadian seed banks usually offer a germination guarantee, and this means that the roots won't sprout, and they have alternative solutions.

3. Customer Service

Customer service is always a consideration when dealing with online dispensaries, and so it's expected that you see good customer service from seed banks. Customer service will also include after-sales services such as warranties, replacement cannabis seeds, and loyalty programs.

4. Payment Options

Since the world has moved online, buying cannabis seeds is no different. When a Canadian seed bank has flexible payment options that consider the privacy and preference of their customers, it becomes more attractive.

Other payment methods used by seed banks include:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Cards
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cash Payments
  • Online Bank Transfers
  • Debit cards

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are popular with top Canadian seed banks, and some seed banks will even offer a bitcoin discount. Other people will use payment options such as cash, although sending cash in the mail can be dangerous, especially if you don't use a reputable seed bank.

5. Stealth Shipping

Although packaging should not be an issue since the Cannabis trade is legal in Canada, it's better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, part of the review criteria and selection is the seed bank services for stealth shipping since discretion is required when dealing with the product for the security of both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Canadian Seed Banks

1. What Laws Surround Growing Cannabis Plants in Canada?

The rules don't allow any customer buying cannabis seeds to grow at home to sell to others. The Cannabis Act allows adults to grow up to four cannabis plants in each household, and the Act also gives security and safety measures for growing cannabis strains. To grow the best quality cannabis seeds for sale, you need to be licensed by Health Canada, and in some cases, you will need a license from the Canada Revenue agency. In addition, all legal cannabis products should have an excise stamp except the products with less than 0.3 THC or no THC.

2. What Seed Bank has the Best Genetics?

Online seed banks offer cannabis with different genetics, and therefore, this is a difficult question to answer. However, the top-recommended online seed bank in this Canadian seed banks list is Seed Pharm, closely followed by Crop King Seeds.

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