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Cryptohopper Review: Is Cryptohopper A Scam?

Cryptocurrency trading is a popular way for investors to make money, but it can be difficult and risky. Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency investing tool that offers an attractive risk-free alternative.

Cryptohopper is a trading bot that uses technical analysis to predict the price of cryptocurrencies. It was created by a team of developers and has been around since 2016. Reviews for Cryptohopper are mixed, with some people saying it’s a scam, while others say it works well.

Cryptohopper Costs:

There are three major account tiers and price options available on the Cryptohopper platform. This comprises the Explorer Hopper, which costs $19 per month, the Adventure Hopper, which costs $49 per month, and the Hero Hopper, which costs $99 per month. The account level that is appropriate for you is determined by your trading requirements.

The basic level Explorer account enables you to establish up to 80 trading positions at once, which is more than enough for most people. 

Because this is the most affordable plan, you can only exchange 15 coins with a maximum of two triggers. This cryptohopper level trades every ten minutes.

If any of those figures seem to be slowing you down with trading methods, the Adventure Hopper plan, which costs only $49 per month, could be exactly what the trading account doctor ordered.

If 15 chosen coins wasn’t enough, you may have 200 transactions active at once and trade 50 coins.

Furthermore, every 5 minutes, you may have 5 separate signals and execute trading methods!

If you believe the previous two packages won’t meet your cryptohopper bot demands, the $99 per month Hero Hoper plan is the best deal around!

There will be 500 open trades and 75 coins available to you! The 15 picked coins and 50 selected coins in the other two schemes are much superior.

You may receive 10 triggers and act on your technical indications every two minutes using the hero hopper strategy. 

The hero hopper strategy also enables you to extract trading signals for all coins as a bonus… This is very useful for arbitrage techniques.

Paypal is the most frequent method of payment for monthly subscriptions, but you can now now pay using bitcoin.

Finally, Cryptohopper provides a free seven-day trial. The trial is similar to the first level explorer hopper bundle, in that it allows you to get a good feel for the platform without having to invest any money. 

If you ask us, this is a wonderful plan.

What we enjoyed most about this free trial is that no financial information is required, so it really is a free trial!

Cryptohopper is a new crypto trading bot that promises to make you rich. But is it legit? In this Cryptohopper Review, we will show you how the software works and what its potentials are. Reference: cryptohopper reddit.

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