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Written by Jacky Chou

Danelle Osborne BAM Review 2023: Is She Legit?

Danelle is the most interesting personality in the cryptocurrency community. Her YouTube videos are full of fail and she has a great sense of humor which makes her very easy to root for on social media. She’s always coming up with new ideas, but how much do you really know about this woman who runs BAM?

Danelle is Joshua T. Osborne’s wife, and she assists him in running BAM University and Mr. and Mrs. Leads.

She became an incredibly disciplined person after a great career in the Air Force, and she still wakes up early and works every morning.

She wasn’t always in charge of lead generation and digital marketing, however.

Danelle began her career as an entrepreneur by owning and operating a salon.

It was difficult for her to get started at first, but she eventually became quite successful.

She was soon earning $160,000 a year!

She felt she had finally made it since no one else in her family had ever earned so much money.

But it wasn’t long before she discovered she was working seven days a week… She’d feel bad about taking a day off if she did.

She met Josh Osborne at that time, and the rest is history!

Danelle instantly went full time with the digital real estate strategy after seeing what was possible and the amount of time leverage it afforded.

She now only works at her salon for friends and family, spending the most of her time running Mr. and Mrs. Leads and teaching and coaching at BAM University.

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