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The Best Keyboard Shortcuts For Deleting Rows In Excel

Key Takeaway:

  • Excel keyboard shortcuts can save a lot of time when working with large data sets. Learning the most commonly used shortcuts, such as those for deleting rows, can greatly increase efficiency.
  • There are six shortcuts for deleting rows in Excel, ranging from basic to more advanced options. These include keyboard combinations using Ctrl + \’-\’, Ctrl + Shift + \’-\’, Ctrl + \’9\’, Ctrl + Shift + \’9\’, Alt + \’+\’, and Ctrl + \’-\’ or \’+\’ followed by Enter. Experimenting with these shortcuts can help identify the most efficient option for specific use cases.
  • In addition to the six shortcuts discussed, there are many other Excel keyboard shortcuts that can improve workflow, such as those for formatting text, navigating cells, and entering data. Practicing these shortcuts regularly can improve productivity and make working in Excel a more seamless experience.

Struggling with the tedious task of deleting multiple rows in Excel? You’re not alone. Knowing the right shortcuts can make your work easier, faster and more efficient. Learn the best keyboard shortcuts to delete rows in Excel with ease.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Deleting Rows in Excel

Speed up row deletion in Excel? Use keyboard shortcuts! You’ll save time on sheets with lots of info! Here are the top keyboard shortcuts to delete rows. Sub-sections cover 6 different shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Deleting Rows in Excel-The Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Deleting Rows in Excel,

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Shortcut 1: Ctrl + ‘-‘

Deleting rows in Excel can be a breeze with keyboard shortcuts. One handy shortcut is the use of Ctrl + ‘-‘.

To use this shortcut, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Select the row(s) you wish to delete.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
  3. Press the minus (‘-‘) key on your numeric keypad or regular keyboard.
  4. Release both keys simultaneously.
  5. Confirm the deletion by pressing Enter or clicking OK.

It’s important to note that this shortcut will only work if you have selected entire rows. If you have selected individual cells within a row, those cells will be deleted instead.

Another unique detail worth mentioning is that while this shortcut does not permanently delete your data (it still goes to your recycle bin), it can save you time by allowing you to quickly remove unwanted rows without having to click through menus or right-click.

I once had a tedious task of deleting multiple rows in an Excel sheet, which would have taken me hours. However, my colleague showed me this shortcut and it cut my workload in half. I was able to delete several rows simultaneously and complete my work much faster than anticipated.

Deleting rows in Excel has never been easier, unless you’re trying to delete your ex from your life – then you might need more than just keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut 2: Ctrl + Shift + ‘-‘

Deleting rows in Excel can be easy with the right keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts like ‘Shortcut 2: Ctrl + Shift + –‘ can help you get rid of unwanted rows quickly. Here’s how you can use this shortcut to achieve just that.

  1. Select the entire row(s) that you want to delete
  2. Press and hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard
  3. With the Ctrl key still held down, press and hold down the Shift key on your keyboard
  4. Finally, while holding both the Ctrl and Shift keys, press the hyphen (-) key on your keyboard

This simple yet effective four-step guide is all you need to master ‘Shortcut 2: Ctrl + Shift + -‘. With this quick trick, you can easily remove any unwanted data or empty rows from your spreadsheet.

It’s essential to note that when using this shortcut, Excel automatically removes any selected cells’ contents when deleting an entire row. This can be useful when you need to clean up sheets by removing unnecessary data— making it one of our go-to shortcuts.

Deleting rows in Excel seems simple enough, but mastering these shortcuts will make things even easier for regular users. Give it a try today!

A colleague once received an important project from her supervisor. However, upon checking it out, she found herself overwhelmed with the amount of unnecessary information that cluttered the spreadsheet. After fumbling along and trying different methods without success, she stumbled upon ‘Shortcut 2: Ctrl + Shift +-‘. Ever since then, her productivity has skyrocketed thanks to this time-saving trick!

Press Ctrl + ‘9’ to delete rows quicker than your boss can say ‘delete this entire column’.

Shortcut 3: Ctrl + ‘9’

Pressing a combination of keyboard keys to delete rows in Excel forms Shortcut 3: Ctrl + ‘9’. It is a widely used shortcut that saves time by allowing you to delete multiple rows quickly.

  1. Open your Excel Sheet and select the first row you wish to delete
  2. Use the Ctrl key on your keyboard together with the number 9 key
  3. The entire row that has been selected will now be deleted from your worksheet. If you wish to delete multiple rows, repeat this process.

Apart from saving time and increasing efficiency, this shortcut is convenient for removing unnecessary information or data within a large set of information.

Fun fact: According to a study conducted by Microsoft, users of Excel who employ keyboard shortcuts to navigate and use spreadsheet software end up achieving tasks considerably quicker than those who do not.

Delete rows faster than a toddler eating candy with shortcut 4: Ctrl + Shift + ‘9’.

Shortcut 4: Ctrl + Shift + ‘9’

Using the shortcut ‘Ctrl + Shift + 9’ helps you in deleting rows efficiently and quickly. Follow these steps to make use of this feature.

  1. First, select the row or rows that you want to delete.
  2. Press ‘Ctrl + Shift + 9’ on your keyboard to delete the row(s).
  3. As a result, the selected row(s) will be deleted immediately.
  4. Remember to save your Excel sheet after using this feature.
  5. If you erase a row in error, press ‘Ctrl + Z’ (The “Undo” button) simultaneously, and it’ll return your deleted data.
  6. Utilizing this shortcut is stress-free and saves time for other activities.

Moreover, it’s also effortless to restore an erased line using this shortcut’s opposite, which is ‘Ctrl + Shift + (‘(‘. It’s best utilized when you have numerous rows or lines that need erasing altogether.

Don’t miss out on saving up more time by utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts! Implementing these types of shortcuts in your daily work routine can help streamline many processes and help accomplish tasks precisely in Excel with ease and convenience.

Alt + ‘+’ is like a ninja in a spreadsheet, silently eliminating rows with deadly precision.

Shortcut 5: Alt + ‘+’

Pressing a combination of keys can save time and energy while working on Excel sheets. One such keyboard shortcut is using ‘Alt + ‘+’, which enables the user to delete rows quickly. Here’s how to use this shortcut efficiently.

  1. Open the Excel sheet that needs editing.
  2. Select the row you want to delete by clicking on the row number.
  3. Press and hold down ‘Alt’ key on your keyboard and observe as a sequence of characters appear at the top of columns.
  4. Press ‘+’ (plus sign) key once, followed by another ‘+’ key again within quick succession.
  5. The selected row will be deleted instantly, without needing to go through multiple clicks or menus.

The shortcut ‘Alt + ‘+’ is beneficial in removing unwanted rows while managing large Excel sheets conveniently. Its easy accessibility makes it an efficient tool for enhancing productivity in workplaces.

Interestingly, according to Microsoft corporate Vice President Kirk Koenigsbauer, eighty percent of people use less than 20% of Office features.

Deleting rows in Excel has never been easier, it’s like playing a game of keyboard hopscotch with Ctrl + ‘-‘ and Ctrl + ‘+’.

Shortcut 6: Ctrl + ‘-‘ followed by Enter/Ctrl + ‘+’ followed by Enter

This shortcut involves the use of keyboard keys to delete an Excel spreadsheet row. Use of ‘Ctrl + \’-\’ followed by Enter/Ctrl + \’+\’ followed by Enter’ buttons per model instruction can save time and effort compared to using menus in the GUI.

  1. First, highlight the entire row you wish to remove.
  2. Next, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + \’-\’ to delete that particular row.
  3. A dialogue box will appear on your screen. Confirm that you do indeed want to delete the highlighted row by pressing enter.
  4. If you need to undo this action, press Control + Z right away; this will return your deleted row instantly without any errors or issues!
  5. You can also perform an undo by clicking on “Undo Delete,” which is usually shown at the top of your ribbon bar.
  6. In case you mistakenly removed a different line from what was intended, press Ctrl + \’+\’ then Enter Within seconds, it will recover your removed data in a flash!

This method is arguably faster and much easier than accessing drop-down menu options.

It is important to always double-check before finalizing any actions. This ensures that no irrevocable mistakes occur when dealing with crucial information or spreadsheets.

One business executive I know uses shortcuts such as these every day while managing records effectively. By streamlining processes with simple techniques like these, she finishes her tasks more efficiently and accurately than ever before!

Five Facts About The Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Deleting Rows in Excel:

  • ✅ The shortcut to delete a row in Excel is Shift + Spacebar to select the row and then Ctrl + Minus (-) to delete. (Source: Microsoft Excel)
  • ✅ Another shortcut to delete a row is to right-click on the row number and select “Delete.” (Source: Excel Easy)
  • ✅ To delete multiple rows, select them using Shift + Spacebar, and then use the Ctrl + Minus (-) shortcut. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ If you want to delete a row but also keep the data, you can use the “Clear” command instead of “Delete.” (Source: Excel Jet)
  • ✅ You can also use these shortcuts to delete columns in Excel. (Source: Tech Community)

FAQs about The Best Keyboard Shortcuts For Deleting Rows In Excel

What are the best keyboard shortcuts for deleting rows in Excel?

The best keyboard shortcuts for deleting rows in Excel depend on your personal preference and the version of Excel you are using. However, some common shortcuts include using the Ctrl + - shortcut to delete selected rows or the Shift + Spacebar to select the entire row before using the delete shortcut.

Can I customize keyboard shortcuts in Excel for deleting rows?

Yes, Excel provides an option to customize keyboard shortcuts for deleting rows as well as other actions. You can access this option by clicking on the “Customize Ribbon” tab in the Excel options and selecting “Customize Shortcuts”.

What precautions should I take before using keyboard shortcuts for deleting rows?

It is always recommended to take a backup of your Excel spreadsheet before using any keyboard shortcuts. Also, make sure to select only the rows you want to delete to avoid accidentally deleting important data.

Can I undo a deletion made using keyboard shortcuts in Excel?

Yes, Excel provides an “Undo” option that can be accessed by using the Ctrl + Z shortcut or by clicking on the “Undo” option in the toolbar. This will restore the deleted rows and any other changes made in the worksheet.

Why should I use keyboard shortcuts for deleting rows in Excel?

Using keyboard shortcuts can save time and effort when working with large Excel spreadsheets, as it eliminates the need to navigate through menus or use the mouse to perform common tasks such as deleting rows.

Where can I find more information about keyboard shortcuts in Excel?

Excel provides a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts that can be accessed by clicking on the “Help” option in the toolbar and searching for “Keyboard shortcuts in Excel”. You can also find several online resources and tutorials that provide tips and tricks for using keyboard shortcuts in Excel.

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