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Best Document Management Software Solutions In 2023

In this fast-paced digital age, with employees and clients in different cities, states, countries, and continents, e-filing systems and document management are more important than you may realize. On average, business members spend between 1 and 2 hours per day, organizing and managing documents, don’t even get me started about file sharing. I ask you, who in the world has time for that? No one. No one at all! That’s why document management software is booming and becoming more intelligent. They’re all designed with you in mind to take a load off your shoulders and make your document management easier than ever before. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to choose one that will best fit your needs and the needs of your team. So, what can you do?

You can spend just a bit more of your time with me! Below, I’ll list the best document management software solutions available to you. We’ll discuss their unique aspects, all of their vital information, and what business uses they’re best suited for. By the end, you’ll know exactly which software suits your needs, and you’ll be waiting in line to thank me for such helpful information (don’t worry, you can cut to the front!).

Our Top Picks For The Best Document Management Solutions

1. FileCenterDMS

FileCenter’s Document management software is chock full of amazing features to make your document management and document control tasks easy peasy. It’s built to handle offices of any size and is equipped with some of the most highly sought-after features, including PDF creation and editing, document search, integration with cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and is top-notch for file scanning and organization. You can even rename and organize files simply by dragging-and-dropping from your inbox into your cabinets for pain-free filing instantaneously. Doesn’t get much better than that, am I right?

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FileCenter’s best features include:

Built-in PDF editor that stacks, joins, splits, and edits PDFs like nobody’s business

Instant file search from anywhere – it’s as easy as searching the web

Intuitive unified interface

Unmatched competitive pricing

Incoming file inbox for easy filing, renaming, and organizing

Preview files without having to open them

Send files as PDFs with a single click

Easily share files, folders, and cabinets with your entire team

Seamless and streamlined document scanning and storing processes

Your scanned document can be opened in word with one click

Aside from all of this, FileCenter DMS is potentially the easiest document management software out there. Actually, there’s no ‘potentially’ about it. It just is. If I had an easy button, I’d be tired from hitting it in the time it takes you to finish this sentence. There are four reasons for this: (1) this software is ready to go the second it is installed on your computer (which also takes no time at all); (2) it’s intuitive interface is super easy to learn and they supply you with all the tutorial videos you could need; (3) even with all of these amazing features and user functions, its incredibly straightforward to use and everything just makes sense; and (4), last but not least, its easy on your budget with a LOW one-time payment.

Speaking of low one-time payments, I bet you’re wondering just how low it is. Prepare to be amazed!…

Okay, maybe not amazed, but delighted for sure.

FileCenterDMS has three pricing options depending on your needs. The standard package will cost $99.95 per user, the Pro package runs $199.95 per user, and for the Pro Plus package, you’re looking at $299.95 per user.

2. eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is another widely popular choice for document management software for any sized business, even if you’re just by yourself! Its users rave about the software’s usability and streamlined filing system. This software automates your document management systems and your files sort themselves! Its accessibility features are also highly optimized for customizability and usability. Plus, you’re able to enjoy both convenience and security with customizable safeguards and levels of security.

In terms of security, you can enjoy encrypted file sharing, two-factor authentication, your choice of password complexity, location-based authentication, role-based permissions, and version tracking.

eFileCabinet users all promote its unparalleled accessibility. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your files are just a few clicks away. The most beloved features of this software include iOS and Android compatible apps, browser accessibility, eSignature capabilities for document signing on-the-go, document management systems on the Cloud, and the ability to upload documents using your camera. How’s that for convenience?

This software is especially popular with start-ups because of how seamlessly it will scale with your business. Plus, you get responsive tech support and convenient admin tools that keep you in control and upgrade your efficiency.

eFileCabinet is also one of the best choices for document management software due to its ability to drastically improve your productivity using automated workflows, automated filing, version tracking, and instant retrieval of files. With this eloquent document management solution, you’ll never have to waste time searching for files since this software has folder templates, text search, and portfolios for your organization needs.

You can also enjoy optimized integration with third-party services, including Office, DocuSign, Salesforce, Thomson Reuters, and more!

eFileCabinet is a more expensive option than FileCenterDMS, but it still uses a convenient billing system! The recommended subscription is the Business plan, which runs each user $99/month. This fee is billed annually and affords you 5TB of space to store documents! If you’re a sole business owner, the starter package is your best option at only $15/month and 25GB of storage. Small businesses can get away with the reasonable Advantage plan, which will run you $55/month for 1TB of storage. If your business collects documents like my gym equipment collects dust, your best bet is to go with the Unlimited plan costing $199/month for unlimited storage.

3. Quip

Ah, Quip. You can’t go wrong with Quip; it’s a scientific impossibility, I checked. In terms of teamwork and collaboration, Quip’s document management system comes out well above par. Quip features a real-time messaging board for instant communication from team members. You’ll never lose track of important instructions or document context again – you can leave the days of important information getting lost in an endless stream of emails behind you! Plus, Quip has a notification system that ensures important documents don’t get forgotten.

Quip’s document management solution also allows team members to view all document changes and updates in organized threads. AND, you can set up read receipts and notifications when crucial documents are edited or viewed by other team members. Quip is ideal for real-time communication and up-to-date document statuses.

The security of your important business documents is key, and Quip doesn’t disappoint in this area either. Admin users can control and manage their team’s access as much as necessary. Admins can view who has access to which documents and folders, add and remove users easily, and disable accounts quickly to prevent ex-employees from having access.

With Quip, teams can access documents via cloud storage and will not lose access to editing and reading capabilities when offline. Quip is also optimized for browser access on mobile and tablet devices so you can manage your documents on the go.

The best of Quip includes:

Secure and reliable cloud storage platform

Team-oriented features and spreadsheets

Mobile apps for secure collaboration on the move

Group chats available inside and outside of documents

Personal and team-based to-do lists, priority lists, and project milestones

Offline usability

Notifications and read receipts for real-time communication

Quip has a free version, but for a team of 5 or more, pricing begins at $30/month per user. You can also take advantage of a free trial to determine if Quip is right for you before taking the plunge.

4. M-Files

M-Files is one of the most well-rounded document management systems out there. With this software, you can process documents, emails, images, and customer information all in one space. Evey file can be accessed from anywhere, be it your M-Files platform itself, or other data repositories including Microsoft Office, Google docs, sheets, or drive, Salesforce, and many other major document management systems and business applications. Using this software, you’ll enjoy document automation that will make your life significantly easier while simultaneously improving productivity, efficiency, and client/customer relations.

Sounds fantastic, I know! But that’s not all, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

M-Files utilizes AI in refreshing and intelligent ways to deliver efficient document management processes that work for you. You can use M-Files on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both custom-tailored to your needs. Its AI-optimized interface allows users to experience state-of-the-art document management without having to worry about data migration from other platforms. Plus, M-Files organizes your documents based on what it is rather than where it’s stored.

Another extremely helpful benefit of using M-Files for your document management and organization is its industry-specific document management systems. They tailor to:

Real estate




Financial services

Professional services

And more!

M-Files is particularly useful for large teams that share documents and information regularly and in real-time. An especially helpful feature of M-Files document management is its ability to detect duplicate content and update the versions into a single document. This way, you know you’re working with the latest version of any given document, even if multiple people or teams are updating the same one.

For a pricing quote, you’ll need to contact the M-Files sales team personally to determine the cost of their services for your team.

5. Templafy

Templafy is built for big businesses. While many of its desirable features are similar to those listed for other document management software, Templafy is unique in a couple of ways.

First, it sorts through relevant documents depending on the team member’s role in the company and their typical usage. This means that your employees will see the documents that apply to their position and their position only. No one will have to go sorting through files trying to find the right document: Templafy does all the heavy lifting for you, so your documents are visible to you straight away.

Second, Templafy takes a new position on document creation. With other systems, your documents must be created on another platform and then exported into your document management software. Templafy does not require this. Instead, you can create new content within the system itself.

Templafy is also extremely accessible from both mobile and desktop devices. You can access files from anywhere, and Templafy will integrate with Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and other CRM and document management solutions. Having everything in one place makes things so much easier, doesn’t it? Templafy aims to please.

Templafy works hard to optimize employee productivity through efficient document management systems, but it doesn’t disappoint in terms of security either. Templafy offers advanced security features including single sign-on, content filtering, data loss prevention, data encryption at all times (including in transit), SCIM provisioning, plus all of the extravagant security features resulting from being hosted in Microsoft Azure.

Templafy is a customizable document management solution, and as a result, they don’t provide static subscription prices. To get a quote, contact their sales team for an accurate rate. They also have a free trial, so you can judge its suitability for your business and team before committing.

Document Management Software FAQ

What is the most efficient filing system?

Digital filing systems are by far the most efficient filing system available. Physical filing systems are not conducive to productivity in the workplace. There are several reasons why digital filing systems are much more efficient than physical ones. Here are a few:

Organizing is way easier with a digital system. You can organize by date, alphabetical order, client or customer, department, status, and anything else. Most digital filing systems allow you to drag and drop documents into different folders and cabinets, and several even do this automatically for you when they’re received. Forget the days of searching through physical cabinets to find where a document belongs.

File retrieval has never been this painless. Digital systems often come with a search feature that allows you to look up a document by searching the author, date, or even the text within the document itself. No more searching through endless filing cabinets trying to find the paperwork you need. No more losing documents because someone messed up the filing system. With a digital system, you’ll have access to the document(s) you’re looking for in just a matter of a few quick seconds (or minutes, depending on your internet connection).

Things like audits and progress reports are so much easier to conduct when you can simply search for the necessary documents and have them available within seconds. Digital filing systems make every task much easier and faster to complete

Document sharing is efficiency-overloaded when using a digital filing system. Digital systems allow you to scan contracts, documents, and even receipts all into one place. If multiple team members work on a single document, it’s consistently updated for everyone who needs access to it. You can share documents you get in person with a colleague halfway around the world within minutes when you upload it into one of these digital filing systems.

Efficiency is king, and digital is the way to go.

What is the best way to file documents?

The answer to this question changes depending on what type of documents your business collects, but there are a few solid rules-of-thumb to follow for document filing that apply to every business type.

Don’t save unnecessary documents. The worst thing you can do to yourself in terms of filing is to build up clutter unnecessarily. Every business has an extraordinary number of documents due to day-to-day operations, and saving files that aren’t all that important will make it that much more difficult to find the important stuff in the mountains of paperwork. Do yourself a favor and only save what’s relevant and necessary. Being selective is key!

Consistency, consistency, consistency. In this context, consistency means that your folders are labeled the same, your categories are color-coded the same, documents related to each other are filed together, or documents for each project are kept together in one single folder. Whatever way you choose to organize your files, stick to it, and make sure everyone knows the same organization process!

Differentiate between ongoing and completed work. Don’t mix-and-match your started and completed documents – this is the easiest way to lose track of what needs to be done. Do yourself a favor and keep all in-progress work in front of your face.

Don’t overstuff your files. Have you ever tried to eat a taco that was overfilled with toppings? Me too, and it all fell in my lap. Don’t make my mistakes! Organize folders by project, by month, by year, by employee, by contractor, by anything else that makes sense to you. But don’t stuff them. This is less important for digital folders, but the premise still holds all the same. It’s much better to have smaller folders for optimal organization.

What is a good filing system?

This answer isn’t the same for every business, but every good document filing system has similar qualities and characteristics.

First, a great document management system with filing capabilities should be simple! Document filing systems should be straightforward and easy to understand. They should make logical sense, and it should be easy to determine which file belongs where. If you over-complicate your document filing system, you’ll end up losing documents to random drawers just like you lose socks to the dryer.

Second, it needs to be easily accessible to everyone who needs access to it. That just makes sense, I think. When devising your file system, make sure everyone who uses it knows how to find specific documents and also understand how to put them back properly. If your team isn’t all in one office, how are they going to access these documents if they need to?

Third, your document management system and filing system need to be compact and manageable. Only save documents that have a purpose and are vital to your business. Many documents will not warrant keeping, so there’s no point in it taking up space when that space could be put to better use. No one has unlimited storage space in an office, so every inch needs to be put to good use.

How do organizations manage records?

Records management in every organization is different. Each company deals with a different set of employee, operation, and client documents that are stored and organized in different ways. Large organizations typically have office admin staff that manage their records, and they also usually hire large companies for their physical record storing. Many organizations also choose the digital filing route and manage all f their records online with intuitive, customizable, and AI intelligent software that does a lot of the work for them.

What is the best document management software?

The best document management software is whichever software has the features and functionality that you’re looking for. The budget is also an influential determiner of which document management software is right for you. Some are built for large teams, and others are more suited to smaller business or individual operations.

What does document management software do?

Document management software is software that controls and efficiently organizes a business’ or organization’s documents. It also refers to the processes within the filing system that are used for tracking, storing, and managing documents online. They give users better control over their documents and allow multi-user editing, sharing, and filing in an efficient and productive way.

Your takeaway here is that it makes your life easier.

What is the best digital filing system?

The best digital filing system is the one that gives you all of the features you’re looking for. It is the software that encourages efficiency and productivity. It should reduce filing-induced headaches, make client and employee management easier, keep your documents secure, and allow you optimal control and management of your documents.

What is records management software?

Records management software is another name for document management software. It is software that allows digital control of documents, emails, and other information files, including images and receipts. It makes filing much easier, usually includes integration with other document management systems and CRMs such as Salesforce, and generally modernizes the typical filing system.

Final Thoughts

While not all documents management system and platform offerings are built equal – some consistently outshine their peers. The best document management system softwares are technologically advanced while being entirely user friendly.

More often than not, their features include a seamless management solution, version control, audit trail capabilities, and cloud storage, among other feature offerings for enterprise content needs to do with documents and files.

Today I’ve given you a grand tour of the best document management solution offerings on the market in 2020 and gave you insights on the most frequently asked questions to do with enterprise content management, file sharing and other queries relevant to the management of documents and files in the modern digital business world.

I hope to have added new options to your shortlist and to have helped you walk away with more knowledge to make the best well-informed decision for your own business.

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