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The Best Excel Shortcut For Strikethrough

Key Takeaway:

  • The Excel Shortcut for Strikethrough saves time: With just one keyboard shortcut, you can apply strikethrough formatting to cell contents in Excel. This allows you to easily cross out or mark items as completed without the need to manually format each cell.
  • Using the Strikethrough Shortcut in Excel improves data accuracy: By striking through completed items in a list, it is clear which tasks are still outstanding. This helps to avoid confusion and ensure that all data is accurate and up to date.
  • Other Excel Formatting Shortcuts can also be helpful: In addition to the strikethrough shortcut, Excel offers other formatting shortcuts such as bold and italics, underline, and font size/type. By learning these shortcuts, you can further improve your productivity and efficiency in Excel.

Struggling to find an easier way to add strikethrough to your spreadsheets? You’ll be glad to know that Excel has a shortcut for this! This article will help you quickly get familiar with the best shortcut for strikethrough in Excel.

Excel Strikethrough Shortcut

Make work easier with the Excel strikethrough shortcut! Save time and energy. No need to go through menus or highlight text. Learn how to use it and what it can do for you. All these benefits in just one shortcut!

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How to Use the Strikethrough Shortcut

Discovering the Strikethrough Shortcut could significantly boost your productivity in Excel. Now let’s explore how to efficiently wield this tool.

Here’s a 6-step guide to using the best Excel shortcut for strikethrough:

  1. Open an Excel worksheet with the data you wish you modify.
  2. Select the cells that need strikethrough.
  3. Press ‘Ctrl+5‘ on your keyboard. This will activate the strikethrough command.
  4. If the selected cells have other formatting like bold or italics, then press ‘Ctrl+Shift+~, followed by Ctrl+Shift+F’. This will remove all previous formatting entirely and solely apply the strikethrough feature.
  5. To undo strikethrough, select the previously marked cell or column and press ‘Ctrl+5
  6. The quickest way to apply Strikethrough is to add it as an excel ribbon icon for prompt access.

It’s crucial to note that once you select cells, and simultaneously perform a hotkey sequence like ‘Ctrl+5‘, only those specific highlighted cells receive that format.

Apart from Excel’s typical formatting commands like font size or italics, making use of shortcuts like strikethrough can drastically reduce manual effort for repetitive tasks.

To ensure increased speed and effectiveness when working with Excel data sets, using its fundamental tools to their maximum potential is a must-have skill.

Now get cracking on creating clean and dynamic spreadsheets with this supreme shortcut!

Using the Strikethrough Shortcut in Excel will not only make your text look like it’s been crossed out by a disgruntled toddler, but also save you valuable seconds of your life.

Benefits of Using the Strikethrough Shortcut

The Excel Shortcut for Strikethrough is a powerful tool that provides numerous advantages to users who effectively utilize it. Employing the Strikethrough Shortcut increases efficiency and productivity in various ways, making it an essential technique for any Excel user.

  • Emphasis on Deleted Information – The Strikethrough Shortcut highlights struck-out information, ensuring easy identification of depreciated content.
  • Consistency in Formatting – Easy and uniform access to formatting improves visual appeal of documents and ensures consistency in style.
  • Efficient Editing – With the ability to remove or modify data with ease, users will have tremendous ease working with extensive databases.
  • Improved Presentation Quality – By making document edits appear tidier and more legible, this shortcut helps improve the quality of presentations or reports.
  • Saves Time – In comparison to using conventional methods of striking out information; like deleting text and replacing it, using the Strikethrough Shortcut saves time as it reduces the number of steps needed.

Moreover, proficiency in this technique can lead to better command over Excel programs and its dashboard tools. This knowledge plays a crucial role when working with spreadsheets regularly, making quick data management efficient.

One story that showcases the importance of effectively utilizing this shortcut involved a marketing analyst who adopted it to strike out copied information that was unnecessary. After applying these strokes throughout hundreds of cells, they found that simply copying and pasting rows containing strikethrough details across multiple sheets showed how adequately placed their confidence was in learning this excel technique.

In summary, understanding and effectively employing the Excel’s Strikethrough Shortcut can lead to improved productivity, increased efficiency and hassle-free spreadsheet management.

Excel formatting shortcuts: because ain’t nobody got time for manually adjusting fonts and colors.

Other Excel Formatting Shortcuts

Enhance your Excel formatting skills with the Best Excel Shortcut for Strikethrough! Plus, know other formatting shortcuts. This will make your work more efficient and save time. Master this section titled “Other Excel Formatting Shortcuts” by diving into sub-sections on:

  • Bold and Italics
  • Underline
  • Font Size & Type

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Bold and Italics

Enhancing Text Appearance in Excel

One way to improve the visual appeal of your Excel spreadsheet is by using bold and italics. Bold emphasizes important data, while italics highlight titles, legends, or explanations.

To apply bold or italics formatting, select the target cell or range and press the Ctrl+B keys for bold or Ctrl+I keys for italics. Alternatively, use the Home tab in the Ribbon and click on the Bold or Italics buttons.

Moreover, you can combine both techniques for greater emphasis on particular information. By doing so, you can distinguish crucial data points that require additional attention from less important details.

Consider using colored fonts as well to make specific cells stand out more. This feature allows easy identification of relevant inputs even from afar.

By utilizing these formatting strategies appropriately, you not only enhance your presentation but also facilitate readability and comprehension among users.

Underline, the Excel shortcut that’s perfect for emphasizing just how much you’ve messed up your spreadsheet.


For emphasizing specific cell values, the best Excel Shortcut for ‘Underline’ is to use Ctrl + U keys. This keyboard combination helps to create an underline effect on selected text, making it prominent and easy to read.

To apply the ‘Underline’ format, users need to select the cell or text that they want to emphasize and then press Ctrl + U simultaneously on a Windows computer. For Mac users, the shortcut is Command + U. To remove underlines from specific cell values, simply select them and press the same key combination again.

One unique detail about this Excel Shortcut is that users can apply different types of underline styles by clicking on the Home tab’s Font group’s Underline button. This feature helps in highlighting or emphasizing data based on its importance.

To save time while using this shortcut frequently, one suggestion is to memorize it or print a list of Excel shortcuts to refer back whenever needed. This way, one can improve their efficiency while working with Excel. Additionally, using this shortcut can also make worksheets look more professional and easier to read for collaborators.

Want to make your spreadsheet look like a toddler’s finger painting? Experiment with font sizes and types in Excel.

Font Size and Type

The format and size of the font can significantly impact the way content is perceived. It is crucial to choose the appropriate font sizes and styles for readability and clarity purposes. In this context, understanding the significance of the various semantic variations related to font size and type in Excel is essential.

Excel offers an array of formatting options that help users customize their spreadsheets according to their preferences. Under the Font Size and Type category, users can choose from a wide range of fonts, sizes, colors, etc., while formatting texts or cells. A uniform use of formats enhances consistency and makes reports more visually pleasing.

In addition to selecting fonts and sizes, users can also modify other aspects like boldness, italics, underlining, highlighting mail merge options, proofreading their documents in various languages. Excel provides unique shortcuts for each of these features that enhance productivity significantly.

By mastering keyboard shortcuts or other features under the Font Size and Type section in Excel; users can save valuable time wasted through manual formatting efforts; thus improving overall efficiency levels when working with tables or spreadsheets.

Stay ahead of your competition by effectively utilizing all the fantastic features that Excel has to offer regularly. Before clicking ‘send’ or announcing completion on projects involving large amounts of data or content; spend some extra time examining your pages looking for consistencies regarding fonts, color schemes; doing so will make sure that your outputs remain authentic-looking while reducing mistakes along the way!

Some Facts About The Best Excel Shortcut for Strikethrough:

  • ✅ The best Excel shortcut for strikethrough is “Ctrl + 5”. (Source: Tech Community)
  • ✅ Strikethrough is a formatting option that can be used to visibly cross out text in Excel. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ Strikethrough can be useful for indicating completed tasks or for marking text as irrelevant or deleted. (Source: Ablebits)
  • ✅ The “Ctrl + 5” shortcut works in all versions of Excel, including Excel Online and Excel for Mac. (Source: Exceljet)
  • ✅ There are other shortcuts for applying different formatting options in Excel, such as bold, italic, and underline. (Source: Excel Easy)

FAQs about The Best Excel Shortcut For Strikethrough

What is the best Excel shortcut for Strikethrough?

The best Excel shortcut for Strikethrough is Ctrl + 5. This will add or remove a Strikethrough from the selected cell or cells.

What is Strikethrough in Excel?

Strikethrough is a text formatting option in Excel that adds a line through the middle of the selected cell or cells. It can be used to indicate that a value has been deleted or crossed out.

Can I customize the Excel Strikethrough shortcut?

Yes, you can customize the Excel Strikethrough shortcut by going to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Keyboard Shortcuts. From there, you can search for the Strikethrough command and assign a new shortcut key.

How do I apply Strikethrough to multiple cells at once in Excel?

To apply Strikethrough to multiple cells at once in Excel, select all the cells that you want to apply the formatting to, then press Ctrl + 5. This will add or remove Strikethrough from all the selected cells.

Can I use the Excel Strikethrough shortcut in other Microsoft Office programs?

Yes, the Excel Strikethrough shortcut (Ctrl + 5) can also be used to add or remove Strikethrough formatting in other Microsoft Office programs, such as Word and PowerPoint.

What do I do if the Excel Strikethrough shortcut is not working?

If the Excel Strikethrough shortcut is not working, it may have been reassigned or disabled. To check this, go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Keyboard Shortcuts and make sure that the shortcut is assigned to the Strikethrough command. If it is not, you can assign it a new shortcut key. If this does not fix the issue, try restarting Excel or your computer.

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