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FarmTogether Review 2023: Good Investment Option?

FarmTogether is a new company that has launched their own cryptocurrency, the Farm Token. It promises to fix one of the biggest pain points for organic farmers – lack of access to capital and market exposure. Should investors bet on FarmToken?

FarmTogether is a new investment platform that offers investors the opportunity to earn up to 10% of their investments by helping others invest. Read more in detail here: farmtogether investment reviews.

The initial investment is little. On the low end, $15,000, but depending on the specific investment, it might be $50,000 or more.

Term of investment It might last as little as five years, but it’s more likely to last seven to 10. It’s possible that certain investments may take much longer.

The frequency with which net rent is distributed. Depending on the investment, rent payments may be paid weekly, semi-annually, or yearly.

Investors who are eligible. An person, a limited partnership (LP), a limited liability corporation (LLC), or a trust may all invest. US citizens, permanent residents, and foreign nationals are all eligible to invest.

Accounts that are eligible. Taxable investment accounts that may be kept in a self-directed IRA account On this project, FarmTogether partners with Alto IRA.

Income distributions. Quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly, rent payments may be received. Distributions are sent immediately into a connected bank account, much like yearly income.

Tax reporting at the end of the year. The IRS Form K-1 will be used to report the year-end outcomes of individual LLC investments. This contains taxable rental revenue and costs for each year. Any profits will be taxed at reduced long-term capital gains rates when the property is sold.

FarmTogether charges a fee. The charge structure will vary based on the investment available. On average, a “intake charge” of 0.5 percent to 1.0 percent of your original investment should be expected. You can also expect to pay an annual management fee, which is typically about 1% of your investment value. The sale of the underlying acreage, however, is exempt from any costs.

Customer service. Because you’ll need to schedule a call, you’ll only be able to talk on the phone a few times. Time zone variations must also be addressed since the firm is based on the West Coast. The real estate crowdfunding market is notorious for its lack of phone interaction.

FarmTogether is a new investment option that was introduced in 2019. FarmTogether has been getting mixed reviews so far, but it looks like a good investment option. Reference: farm together investment reddit.

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