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Kevin David, Amazon FBA Zon Ninja – THATLifestyleNinja LLC

Length: 10 hours, 19 minutes

Content: Comprehensive but disorganized

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: $1997 (after current discount)

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin grew up in Eugene, Oregon, on the west coast. He began playing soccer at a young age and learned the importance of hard work, technique, and perseverance.

When he was 14 years old, he began selling baseball cards and candy bars, revealing his destiny to become a wealthy entrepreneur.

Kevin went through many different jobs, from accounting to creating gaming apps to simply writing blog articles. There, Kevin got the training he needed to make money with the Amazon affiliate program and Google Ads. While he collected successes here and there, little did he know that the majority of success was still ahead of him.

After graduating college and landing a coveted accounting position, he soon went to work at Facebook, where, after a long day at the office, he discovered the Amazon FBA opportunity. Thirty days later, he launched his first product on the world's largest e-commerce platform.

Kevin, aka The Lifestyle Ninja, has since created many online courses. Kevin David's net worth has risen to over $5 million as a result.

Kevin also has his own podcast, the Ninja Podcast.

You could, however, be perplexed. Is it still worthwhile to take Amazon FBA courses? If that's the case, what's the best Amazon FBA course for 2021? Is the self-described "Ninja of ecommerce" really the secret to your success?

What can you expect from this course?

The Amazon FBA Ninja course, which starts in February 2021, offers the majority of the knowledge and techniques required to sell on Amazon and scales them over time to the degree you want. It's not a download, but if you pay the original fee, you get lifetime access.

Here's what you'll learn once you get your coveted Zon Ninja Masterclass credentials:

Gain confidence in your product selection skills.

Gain the knowledge and best practices for finding quality suppliers

Learn both the basics of PPC and advanced strategies to increase your organic rankings

Multiply your topline sales by adding brands and scaling your sales to the heights most only dream about

So let's get started. Prepare to be engrossed in this Amazon FBA Ninja Course Analysis.

Outline of the Amazon FBA Ninja Course

Module 1: Setting the Groundwork: Initial Product Collection and Market Licensing

Kevin starts the course by advising you on forming a limited liability company (LLC), exploring the characteristics of excellent FBA items, and presenting resources to help you with your in-house item quest.

Acquire an LLC quickly and affordably

Make more sales by going against the grain.

Practicing the TRACK cart method.

Jungle Scout will help you locate related items.

Watch Kevin take you through the entire product selection process.

Kevin gives you a short overview of several items to consider when choosing a product (that many tools only work with algorithmic predictions, how to know sales levels for sure, etc.).

While discussing simple resources like Jungle Scout, Kevin makes some interesting ideas, such as improving AmazonBasic by making unique packages of best-selling items and implying that competing against Amazon as a seller is a successful (profitable) activity.

I considered the three sections of this introductory module to be a little disjointed, but it makes sense in the context of the course. Kevin uses the teaching technique of telling several different aspects and then leaving it up to the student to bring the pieces together to form a cohesive, larger image in the course.

Total video time: 3 hrs

Module 2: Verifying Product Codes, Choosing Suppliers, and Placing the First Order

Kevin discusses the differences between UPCs and FNSKUs, what to look for when choosing a vendor, and how to set up your shipment in Seller Central in this module.

Kevin has split this module down into three parts.

Part 1: Barcodes and getting in touch with Alibaba sellers.

A specific barcode form is required by Amazon, which cannot be replaced with a Universal Product Code (UPC). FNSKUs is the barcode type used by Amazon, according to Kevin (which can be generated after entering your UPC in Seller Central).

Knowledgeably, Kevin gives a brief overview of Amazon's potential GS1 requirements (currently only "recommended") and also shares where he purchases UPC codes at a fraction of the price listed by GS1.

Kevin included PDFs with two separate models for starting contact with international suppliers via Jack Ma's platform after training several VAs to sign up and start the conversation with Alibaba suppliers. is an online marketplace. He, on the other hand, is in charge of finalizing the arrangements.

Since the initial conversations between merchants and suppliers are fairly normal (information exchange), I agree with Kevin's decision to outsource this part of the method.

Part 2: Using Alibaba to find suppliers, negotiate MOQs under 500 units, and establish the shipping process from the manufacturer to Amazon's warehouse.

1st First, Kevin shows how to use the filters to find quality suppliers, explains what each filter does and what a manufacturer must do to qualify for inclusion in each filter.

2nd, he walks through the difference between ordering the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of a product at the discounted rate often quoted when exponentially more units of product are purchased.

Then he explains how to use the price gap to bargain with the supplier for a lower first-order price. He also provides a template for supplier communications to ensure that new salespeople have all of the relevant details.

Third, he explains how to use Seller Central to set up a shipment to go directly from an international supplier to Amazon's FBA warehouse.

One of his suggestions is to select FOB over EXW (two separate shipping methods) because FOB is more costly in the short term but means that the supplier is responsible for damage during the shipping process, while EXW leaves the merchant liable for damage outside the warehouse.

Part 3: Getting an inspection right

In this final video of Module 2, Kevin explains why it's important to have a third party inspect the shipment before it leaves the manufacturer's warehouse.

In addition, he explains how to customize the inspection based on your product (electrical products require different specifications than kitchenware) and how much you should expect to pay for this important final inspection.

While Kevin does a great job of showing how to evaluate online suppliers, he doesn't talk about finding unique product manufacturers in hard-to-find places.

If you use a common supplier, this is a guarantee that your product will be copied much sooner than if you search for a supplier that is not available to everyone on the internet.


Are there mom-and-pop stores near you that make unusual items?

Have you attended conventions or visited far-flung places (like on vacation)?

Key takeaway on business mindset.

As an Amazon - business owner, you must always strive to find your next product and check out the producers and stores near you for their potential offerings.

 Total video time: 55 mins

Module 3: Developing a brand, defining a daily price, and formatting your listing.

Kevin's third module is divided into three parts.

Module Outline:

Part 1: Registering your brand and set your canonical URL.

Kevin discusses the benefits Amazon offers to those who are brand registered (various types of advertising available to registered brands).

(For more information on registering your brand in 2021, see this complete guide).

Part 2: Format both the front end and back end of your listing correctly.

Increase organic sales by 197% by indexing related keywords.

Build an organic keyword rank as fast as greased lightning

Create amazing videos that appear on your listing (and stand out from your competition)

A step-by-step guide to constructing a search engine-friendly listing from the ground up.

Part 3: Selling out and Dealing with hijackers

Throw hijackers out of your listing (and regain control of your buy box)

Stocking up on supplies while fending off a hijacker (Kevin's advice).

Restore your previous ranking after your new inventory arrives

In this module, Kevin teaches:

  • How to 10X your offer with a hypnotic copy.
  • Adding product upsells to your checkout page.
  • Avoiding errors with extended branded content.
  • Removing list hijackers in a heartbeat

One of the key tactics a hijacker will use to gain control of your offer is to grab the buy box right from under your nose, using black hat methods to increase their BSR.

Total Module Time: 1 hr, 33 mins

Module 4: Product Launch: Leveraging AMS and Giveaways.

In this section, Kevin discusses how to bring your product to market quickly by gathering key 5-star ratings from first-time buyers while staying consistent with Amazon's terms of service and ranking your product for maximum benefit.

Kevin's training topics include:

  • Mistakes to avoid when running product giveaways (make sure your coupons are set up correctly to avoid giving away all your inventory).
  • The huge space between $19.99 and $20
  • Pricing tools to make sure your pricing refers to in
  • List your commodity in the top 100 best-selling items (to rocket your traffic to new heights)
  • Using ebooks to capture consumer emails and stand out from the competition.

One of the services Kevin highlights throughout the third module is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS).

Here's another place where I agree:

Kevin and I agree that spending (investing) the funds when signing up for AMS is a smart idea because you get a lot of promotional options when you do.

Most sales do not go to the defensive but to those who deserve the most attention. 

Read the full report to learn more about Amazon Marketing Services opportunities.

 Total video time: 55 mins

Module 5: Reviews, Previews

Module 5 is the shortest, but it covers one of the most important factors in determining your rankings: ratings.

Kevin covers three facets of Amazon reviews in this module's three episodes.

1. Get two-thirds more ratings by using an email follow-up program.

2. being familiar with Amazon's terms of service as they pertain to reviews and promotions.

3.The right way to maximize product feedback is to engage FB Review Groups.

For more information on how to get more product reviews on your Amazon listings, check out this article.

Total video time: 21 mins

Module 6: All, AMS, and PPC are covered

This is the course's most comprehensive module.

It is divided into two parts.

Part 1: The advantages of AMS and the advantages of using a credit card for PPC.

Kevin delves into Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) in-depth, demonstrating three different forms of promotions that can be used to accomplish various offensive objectives.

He also explains how he got airline bonus points for simply spending his PPC campaign budget (he flew to Brazil for practically free).

Part 2: Kevin walks you through his PPC cheatsheet and campaign optimization methods.

Below is a list of the three different campaign types:

Campaign for a Wide Match (you can call your ad).

A campaign called "Word Match" (term in phrase brings up ad).

Exact Match marketing strategy (best if you know what works).

Kevin's walkthrough and screencast keyword processes illustrate the true depth of this module. Even if you're a beginner, these step-by-step sequences inhibit the PPC optimization mechanism in your head, so you already know what you're doing while studying your own products' names.

Kevin reveals more hacks in the sixth module:

Set your PPC campaign to automatically outbid your rivals by one cent.

Popular misspelling prospecting and converting them into exact match campaigns for additional sales using AMS headline ads to auto-populate text fields in your home run PPC campaign

Getting paid to sell your own product is a dream come true for many people.

If you're searching for more PPC optimization techniques, check out the Private Label Masters or read the thorough analysis by clicking the green button below.

Total Module Time: 1 hr, 6 mins

Module 7: Walkthrough of Instagram Influencer Marketing and Facebook Targeting.

1. Kevin explains how to choose a great influencer for your product, time your campaign perfectly, and expand your sales to the moon and back in the first section of this module.

Kevin touches on:

  • The perfect influencer's number of followers/likes.
  • Influencer marketing costs on average
  • Keeping track of your Instagram influencer campaign
  • The content of your due diligence list
  • Understanding the short and long term benefits of these promotions

2. In part two, Kevin takes an in-depth look at creating a Facebook Look-a-Like audience of your Amazon customers using external data service.

In addition, Kevin shows how to create targeted FB groups that are long-term advertising opportunities.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Kevin suggested that you use Amazon's data extraction service.
  • A Facebook community has more meaning than a Facebook profile.
  • Kevin's strategies for Viewer Insights.
  • Using Facebook advertising to guide people to an Amazon product page
  • Click funnels are being used to boost Amazon sales and collect customer emails.

Adding a Facebook Messenger autoresponder that automatically links to your online services is another marketing resource that has aided Kevin.

Creating a Facebook group is a strategy unique to Kevin's FBA course, although Sophie Howard (known as "the Amazon sales queen") shares tips that are similar during the market research portion of her course.

For more details on Kevin's unusual audience-building tactics, see the in-depth review of Module 7 by tapping the green button below.

 Total Module Time: 1 hr, 13 mins

Module 8: Hacks to Boost Your Amazon FBA Profits

Kevin discusses strategies to increase the productivity of your machine in this module of the Amazon FBA Masterclass, from the layout of your market to the organic rankings of your failing listings.

This lesson will cover the following topics:

  • Contacting the seller's customer service (contacting the most helpful call center).
  • Obtaining free headlines while raising organic rankings is a win-win scenario.
  • To boost rankings, tweet a particular version of a product's URL.
  • Search for reviewers, even if they use an alias
  • Arming your account against hijackers
  • Negative seller input is being removed (the quick and easy way)
  • To combat the impact of suspension, build multiple seller accounts.
  • Having writers write about your product listings on their blogs (free attention)

In 5 minutes, you can cross-list all of your items on eBay.

Retrieving $1000 that Amazon owes you (this part is interesting).

This module builds on topics covered in earlier modules. Most of Kevin's content offers tips and tricks (or "hacks," as he calls them) to streamline many processes in your business.

What was most helpful for me was Kevin's training on returning an account to full work order after a suspension. Not only does he provide a brief guide to the process, but he also provides a short but meaty letter from a copyright infringement attorney.

Kevin's details on how Amazon will compensate you for the large percentage of items they lose or break in their FBA warehouse were also helpful to me. In my lead generation company, I never had to worry about running out of inventory.

 Total Module Time: 49 minutes & 28 seconds

Final thoughts:

If you enroll in this course, your Zon Ninja Masterclass username will give you access to a whole new FBA universe. Kevin David has the credentials to teach this masterclass on the business model, having been an outstanding Amazon seller himself.

Although Kevin reveals hacks that were current two years ago (he completed the completely unlocked course in May of 2017), I wondered if any of the "hacks" still worked in today's market as I watched each video.

The " Super URL" is an example of an out-of-date trick.

What else has disappeared since then, such as the mega URL from a few years ago? This course was last revised in 2020, but that was a big year with a lot of changes. Things can change dramatically overnight, particularly when it comes to Amazon FBA. He should update his Amazon Masterclass training for 2021, in my view, because someone who is building their company entirely on someone else's platform needs the most up-to-date details.

Alternatively, he could provide new content weekly or monthly to share new tricks as the scene keeps changing.

On the plus side, Kevin still has a significant following on both Facebook (268k) and YouTube (658k), which means he either has other material that is current or that this material is still mostly functional.

Although he mainly promotes his courses, masterclasses, and free eBooks on Facebook, his main free training is on YouTube, where he offers many one-hour training courses.

I bought this course primarily to fine-tune some elements of my PPC campaigns. Kevin was also someone I knew as a reliable and seasoned guru (aka he is not like the many fraudulent "mentors" who have no experience in the subject their course covers). And I have to admit, Kevin has really delivered for me in this field because I have already recouped my investment three times since taking this course as I write this review.

Kevin David's FBA Ninja has both pros and cons.

Overall, Kevin offers a thorough description of the FBA business model and explains how to get started as an Amazon private label merchant. (When it comes to all the ever-evolving nuances of Bezos' web, no course has it all.)


  • Provides Light Out FB Ads Training -.
  • Unique influencer marketing launch strategy.
  • Facebook group for support


  • Outdated course material (2017 hacks that won't work in 2021)
  • Unclear refund policy
  • Outdated product selection method
  • Content is all over the place (disorganized)


Kevin does an outstanding job of putting together an Amazon private label sale course. His course is a little out of date in some areas, but it does a decent job of teaching the structure and how-to of selling on the world's largest e-commerce site. Kevin, on the other hand, is no longer an active Amazon FBA seller and is rarely seen in the Facebook community. That concludes my study of the Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass! I hope it was of use to you.

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