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Fractional Content System Review (2023): Taylor Welch, Scam?

Scammers are changing their tactics and getting more sophisticated. The FTC warns the industry to stop using common words like “investment” when referring to what could be a scam. Token sale fraud is on the rise, with many Ponzi schemes driving up demand for new tokens in order to pay off early investors.

Fractional Content is a training for ad agencies. The core notion is that you’ll learn how to start your own advertising business, get customers, and deliver results to them.

Running an agency (even though they’re becoming something of a commodity) isn’t a terrible way to get your feet wet in the web business sector.

This business model does, however, have a number of moving parts:

  • Prospecting — you must know how to locate new customers.
  • Sales – you must be able to persuade those customers to pay you money.
  • Media Buying – you must understand how to run advertisements profitably.
  • Copywriting – you must be able to personalize your ad message to the appropriate audience.
  • Create – in order to optimize conversions, you must understand how to design advertising and landing sites.
  • You must know how to follow up with prospects and consumers via email marketing.
  • Automation need a thorough understanding of how to correctly link everything.

Most course vendors will now attempt to make things simpler for you by claiming to have “automated everything,” providing “plug-and-play” campaigns, and “pre-built templates,” among other things.

But here’s the thing:

Markets are always shifting. As time passes, they become more astute.

If you purchase a program with thousands of other students where everything is pre-built for you, those templates are virtually certainly not going to work.


Because tens of millions of people have previously seen those very same “plug and play” advertisements if thousands of other students are employing them, their efficacy is reduced.

Not to mention that most agency programs use templates that were created by a virtual assistant in the Philippines or India and have never been tested in the real world.

And if they have, there’s a strong possibility they’re out of date, since most applications don’t bother to update their templates after they’ve been launched. Instead of concentrating on excellent teaching, the course author becomes overly preoccupied with attempting to sell to as many students as possible.

Now for the most heinous aspect of the entire thing:

The majority of course producers promote their agency courses as being accessible from anywhere in the globe. “The globe is my workplace,” they would remark, or “This is a simple passive income company,” they might add.

That is just untrue. It takes a lot of effort to run a successful agency. Take a look at the list above and keep in mind that you can’t depend on pre-made templates. You’re in charge of every step of the procedure.

Is it truly a company you can run from a beach with your laptop?

Can you see how this may be a problem?

What if there was a way to create a passive income source that was really passive?

A source of revenue that does not necessitate:

  • 100 different jobs to master
  • Needing to be a whiz with technology
  • Working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week merely to prevent everything from blowing up

An income source that generates constant monthly income (ranging from a few thousand dollars to well over $10,000)?

An income stream you could develop in your leisure time and scale up or down as needed, without having to spend hours every day pursuing, marketing, or maintaining anything?


Check out Digital Real Estate if it seems like something you’d be interested in.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about Fractional Content and Taylor Welch.

Introduction to Fractional Content Marketing

According to Taylor Welch, you’ll never have to depend on cold pitching or advertising with this method… Despite the fact that you most likely learned about Fractional Content via his advertisements…

The irony of it all.

Move along, there’s nothing to see here!


Putting aside the humor, the Traffic and Funnels expert claims that Fractional Content, as taught by him, would provide coaches, agency owners, freelancers, and consultants with a new technique to target their ideal, high-ticket clientele.

If you run any of the companies I mentioned, Taylor claims that this is the most effective approach to “reach out” to people who are willing to pay for your services.

According to Taylor Welch, the biggest reason why consultants don’t receive any meaningful results from their advertising (particularly on social media) is that it’s TOO informative. He claims that although knowledge is valuable, it won’t help you get customers since you won’t be able to influence your prospects’ minds.

According to Taylor, no amount of informing or educating your prospect would persuade them to take action, trust you, or even believe you’re the ideal person to address their issues.


Welch claims it’s because that kind of advertising doesn’t appropriately elicit the emotions that make people want to put their money into you.

This raises the following question, which I’m sure you’re dying to know:

What Makes Fractional Content Unique?

We need to go further into What is Fractional Content and How Does It Work? to find the true solution.

What is Fractional Content and How Does It Work?

Fractional Content, according to Taylor Welch, is more effective since it may activate the three areas of the brain that are involved for high-stakes judgments.

What are the different sorts of high-stakes decisions?

You know… if the customer you’re targeting is willing to spend thousands of dollars on what you’re providing

Using this brain diagram, the Traffic and Funnels master explains:


Taylor discovered that fractional content stimulates the right side of the brain based on his studies. The amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex are all affected… All of which happen to be engaged in high-stakes decision-making.

Why does he say we should concentrate on these three areas?

Simple. When you target those regions of the right side of the brain, Taylor explains, you’re directly attacking the parts that deal with trust, belief, and emotional decision-making.

He claims that an educational post engages the left side of the brain, which reduces your odds of completing the transaction significantly since those high-stakes decision-making components aren’t activated.

It really bores them…

What exactly does Taylor Welch say?

“Information alone is insufficient!”

I’ll say it again since it’s critical to your success…

You will never be able to attract the clientele you want only on the basis of information.

It won’t turn on the correct psychological switches in your prospect’s head…

It fails to persuade them to take action.

It does not inspire confidence. It does not give them the impression that you are the best person to assist them. And it doesn’t elicit the correct feelings in them to make them want to work with you.”

Taylor claims that employing his fractional content approach to engage the right side of the brain would instantly set you apart from any of your rivals using social media material.

He offers us a very excellent idea of the nitty gritty facts and how he found this sort of stuff, whether it’s the truth or not.

He was doing things the old way and saw that the previous approaches were no longer successful… Taylor, having nothing to lose, explains:

“Instead of doing what I’d done previously – posting the same crap everyone else does on social media… I penned a bizarre piece that contradicted everything I’d been instructed. I didn’t mention my area of expertise. I didn’t mention any customer outcomes. I didn’t even mention what I had to give.

Instead, my piece aided someone in changing their mindset regarding money and risk… and how it connects to their company success. It was posted by me. My Macbook was slammed shut. And then I completely forgot about it. Until…

What the #@$%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

I couldn’t believe my eyes the following morning. That spur-of-the-moment post that I hadn’t given any attention to… it worked. And suddenly I had three new folks interested in collaborating with me in my DMs.”

He was able to expand his firm even further by shifting his attitude, resulting in a tremendous financial gain.

What do his findings imply for us?

It demonstrates that, rather than considering you as merely another source of knowledge like everyone else, your high-ticket customer will perceive you as the catalyst for their future development.

That is exactly what they want and need. You’ll be the one in charge of offering them a fresh viewpoint and changing their minds about why your services are required.

Furthermore, people will see you as the authoritative figure on a psychological level. In their thoughts, you’ll be the only one who can genuinely assist them with what they need done.

If those big promises aren’t convincing enough, Taylor Welch argues that being a fractional content marketer will just take 30 minutes every day and will bring in even more customers.

Is it Time to Give Up Social Media?


While social media is popular, according to the traffic and funnels specialist, it isn’t as efficient as fractional content when it comes to producing high-ticket consumers for your organization.

Taylor also points out that social media marketing has become too time demanding, and that time is best spent servicing and accomplishing customer responsibilities.

Still… I’m not sure why people are still seeing adverts for this. He wouldn’t be spending all much money on commercials if they weren’t effective, right?

It’s just something I’m still thinking about.

Please don’t get me wrong… He isn’t suggesting that you abandon social media marketing entirely. He’s just stating that if you earn more than $10,000 a month, it’s probably no longer worth your time.

What is Taylor Welch’s name?


Taylor Welch is the co-founder of Traffic & Funnels . His partner is Chris Evans. No not the actor lol, just another digital marketing guru.

Although we don’t have a precise figure, Traffic Funnels is thought to be an 8-figure digital education firm. They have assisted a large number of the coaches, consultants, and agency owners you see today at one time or another.

However, before creating Traffic & Funnels, Taylor got his start in copywriting. He quit his 9-5 to take a chance at making a killing on the internet.

Payton Welch, Taylor’s brother, is the proprietor of Inbound Closer, another “high ticket” sales product.

You’ve undoubtedly seen that Taylor Welch has been using Traffic and Funnels to attempt to develop other people’s companies to 6-7 figures. They’ve progressed in the same manner that John Crestani, the super affiliate, has.

What is News Feed Authority, and how does it work?


You didn’t expect Taylor Welch to just hand up his Fractional Content System to you, did you? In reality, the only way to have access to the fractional content training is to buy the News Feed Authority.

Taylor will teach you a three-part technique that incorporates every tip and trick he’s learned for generating hot leads that transform into high-ticket customers for your company.

Here’s what you’ll get: It’s divided down into a few separate modules:

Module 1: Laying the Groundwork for Fractional Content That Attracts New Clients — Quickly!

This is the first module, and it will walk you through everything you need to accomplish before you submit your first fractional content post. It’s a pretty simple introduction that only provides the foundation for all of your future opportunities.

Taylor Welch shares his “success indicators” with you. You’ll be able to tell whether you’re on the correct road if you pay attention to them.

He’ll teach you how to make your own unique profile and walk you through the three phases.

He’ll next walk you through a technique that he promises will help you generate better fractional content postings over time.

Taylor will also teach you how to avoid common pitfalls, the broad picture, and the many modalities of Fractional Content.

Module 2: Identifying and Approaching Your Ideal Clients

This whole section focuses on a two-phase technique for identifying high-ticket customers.

Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll learn how to generate and present fractional material in a manner that they’ll accept.

This module contains the following information.

  • How to find and develop prospects in pre-existing pools.
  • Learn about a special website that tells you precisely where your customers are, not linkedin.
  • He offers you an Avatar Builder worksheet to help you maintain consistency in your communication.
  • You’ll learn about the four target blunders that might sabotage your customer acquisition attempts right now. You’ll find out about one industry insider who is leading others wrong.
  • There are three parts to this method for obtaining customers without having to DM them.
  • How to choose wonderful customers from a Facebook group while avoiding the ones that aren’t.
  • What you need to make a good first impression.
  • How to quickly integrate into your new group and communicate with your target audience.
  • Use tactics to guarantee that your intended audience is the one you’re attracting. In “sales averse” groups, you’ll also understand the critical elements for fractional content postings.
  • The method you’ll use to locate uncommon groupings of individuals in desperate need of assistance.

This lesson, in my view, lays the groundwork for reaching your target customer at scale. According to Taylor Welch, if you use his methods, you can get your message in front of thousands of individuals.

This may be a stretch, but Taylor Welch claims it’s similar to having bought traffic, with the exception that you don’t have to pay a dime for it.

Module #3: How To Fill Your Calendar With Dream Clients In The Next 21 Days Using A 3-Part Fractional Content System

Taylor Welch claims that his fractional content strategy incorporates three distinct sorts of content marketing. They’re already fantastic on their own, but when they work together, they’re much better.

The three sorts of content are as follows:


Module 3 contains the following items:

  • You see Taylor Welch creating a Fractional Content article from the ground up.
  • He demonstrates how to approach prospects without using the standard “what business issues are you facing?” question. He outlines a three-part strategy that will ensure you don’t irritate your prospects and instead become a welcome visitor in their DMs.
  • Taylor explains why you don’t need a website to have a consistent flow of prospective customers.
  • This tutorial will show you how to increase the number of people who notice your article.
  • He walks you through the four phases of creating a transformative article in such a manner that the thoughts almost stream onto the paper.
  • Taylor will show you what you can neglect and yet succeed with fractional content quickly. This is directly responsible for some individuals obtaining their first customers far sooner than they anticipated.
  • The “Daily Metrics Tracker” will be made available to you. He utilizes it to keep track of his development and eliminate the guessing.

Here are some of the extras you’ll receive:

10 Post Templates for Fractional Content:


He picked these positions because they are the most productive.

The “2-Step” Strategy for Getting Your Best Prospects Into Your DMs:


This sophisticated organic technique is designed to generate a flood of messenger chats with individuals who are interested in your goods.

The Fractional Content Swipe File with 8 Figures:


Taylor and the team at Traffic & Funnels give you access to these top performing posts you can use for inspiration in your Fractional Content.

Pricing for News Feed Authority

The cost of News Feed Authority is $27.

The News Feed Authority offers a lifetime money-back promise, which is a lot better than the 30-day guarantee, right?


The Benefits of Fractional Content

  • No prior experience is required.
  • There are no bothersome webinars or funnels required.
  • There’s no reason to be concerned about cold-calling people on YouTube advertising.
  • According to Taylor Welch, you don’t even have to be skilled at creating content.

The Drawbacks of Fractional Content

  • You can’t expect his Fractional Content findings to be the same as yours.
  • There are no assurances in this world.

Is Fractional Content Scam or Legit?


So, Is Fractional Content Scam or Legit? Not technically. You can make money with this program, but it’s definitely not as easy as Taylor Welch makes it sound.

There’s a lot of effort at initially, no assurance of success, and – most crucially — running an agency is a very active income (NOT passive).

There’s nothing wrong with getting the task done first and earning the money afterwards.

However, if you’re looking to live life on your own terms, travel the globe, and earn passive or semi-passive money from anyplace, this isn’t the game for you.

What if, instead, you could invest a few hours a day (in your free time) to create a single digital product in exchange for a monthly payout of $500 to $2,000?

What if you could start right now and receive your first paycheck in a week?

What if you could double it the following week?

That, in a nutshell, is the power of Digital Real Estate.

And, unlike a typical advertising firm, you can work from anywhere. It’s a genuine lifestyle company.

All you’ll need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Some of the program’s most successful students manage their whole six-figure enterprises from:

  • In the midst of the woods, a camper
  • In Mexico, a beach chair on the ocean.
  • Greece’s modest cottage


They have the freedom to roam anywhere, putting their life first and earning money second.

Because the money continues pouring in even if they cease working for a lengthy period of time.

As a result, adventure, memory, and experience take precedence.

They also don’t have to worry about how they’ll pay for the next vacation or if they’ll be able to take time off.

If this seems like the kind of life you want to live, learn more about Digital Real Estate by clicking here.


Are there any alternatives to Taylor Welch and Fractional Content?

Yes, there are plenty alternative business concepts from which to select if you want to make money online. Here are a few examples:

Is Fractional Content And Fractional Marketing the Same Thing?

You may be asking what the difference is between “Fractional Content,” “Fractional Marketing,” and “Fractional Content Marketing”…

There is, indeed!

According to Taylor Welch, “Fractional Material” is the content you generate to elicit an emotional reaction from your audience and persuade them to become future customers in the change you’re attempting to achieve. If anything, keep this in mind… Don’t be rational or informative.

What is Fractional Marketing, and how does it work?

When you outsource portion of your marketing staff to a part-time fractional chief marketing officer, you’re doing fractional marketing. In essence, you’ll have your in-house marketing staff, but marketing responsibilities will be handled by service providers that sign up for the marketing campaign.


You may outsource your marketing team’s leadership with Fractional Marketing. They can assist you in running your marketing initiatives and developing the most effective marketing plan for you. This kind of fractional marketing allows you to engage marketing experts with years of expertise for a fraction of the cost.

What does it mean to be a fractional content marketer?

A fractional content marketer works part-time and is responsible for developing a content strategy that assures high-quality material throughout the project’s duration.

If a company requires fractional marketing, a fractional content expert can be hired to handle all of their content marketing needs. Just remember that content marketers just deal with content marketing and not the full marketing strategy.

Because company owners can now measure the ROI throughout their marketing team, content marketing is becoming more significant.

What Is Our #1 Online Money-Making Recommendation For 2023?


Hundreds of business models and hundreds of programs have been researched, reviewed, and vetted by the ScamRisk team over the course of months.

While there is no such thing as a “perfect company,” the study is clear:

For individuals just getting started in the internet world, digital real estate is the best option.

Digital Real Estate is for you whether you’ve never earned a dime online or if you’ve been in this sector for a long but never truly “made it.”


1) It’s Versatile: only have an hour a day? You’ve got this. Are you ready to put everything else on hold and plunge in full-time? You’ve got this. Yes, the more time you invest, the more quickly you will see benefits. However, even if you just have a few minutes each day, you may make a difference in a Digital Real Estate firm.

You don’t have to continually labor to get additional money since this approach is so flexible. It’s termed PASSIVE INCOME because the money doesn’t stop flowing after you quit working.

Imagine taking three months off to travel throughout Europe, write a novel in a cottage in the woods, trek the Appalachian Trail, or live on the beach and surf all day.

This is only achievable if you have a source of income that isn’t dependent on your availability.


2) You Own & Control EVERYTHING: With an ad agency, you don’t really own anything. You’re a hired gun for clients, and entirely at their mercy.

Sure, you own your agency, but if it comes to a halt after you quit working, you’re left with nothing but a self-created job.

You own all of the assets in Digital Real Estate (a passive income stream), which means you have complete authority and control.


3) Low to No Startup Costs: It is feasible to enter the Digital Real Estate market with no money down. Because you can persuade a customer to pay you BEFORE you spend a dime of your own money…even before you perform any work…if you apply the tactics provided in this program.

You can get your first Digital Rental Property up and running and making money for less than $100 even if you don’t get paid in advance.


4) Simple To Replicate: Here’s the best part: after you’ve got your first Digital Rental Property up and running, you can practically DOUBLE your revenue with a few clicks, a few keystrokes, and a single phone call (which you don’t really require).

Keep in mind that each Digital Rental Property is worth $500 to $2,000 in semi-passive revenue each month (over 95 percent profit). It becomes easy every time you decide to start another one and enhance your earnings.

You have more knowledge, experience, outcomes, and momentum because you have more knowledge, experience, results, and momentum.

You’d have to double your clients OR double the monthly payment of your current customers if you wanted to double your revenue as an ad firm. And you can bet it’s a lot more difficult than a few mouse clicks and a few minutes of your time.


5) Earn Money By Assisting Real People: This is the part that makes it all worthwhile. You’re genuinely helping people by fixing your customers’ main issue with Digital Real Estate:

Small, local companies need more consumers, and by using Digital Real Estate, you can provide them with a flood of happy, paying customers.

You earn money by assisting others in earning money.

It’s also not a giant, impersonal company… a small company owner who is utilizing the funds to feed their family, create a college fund for their children, or care for a sick parent. You’ll sleep like a baby with a huge grin on your face once you discover how Digital Genuine Estate has a real influence on real people’s lives.


Now it’s up to you to make a decision. You might keep searching, seeking for options like Fractional Content that could help you generate money in the future.

You may go on studying indefinitely without making a conclusion.

OR you might dig within, examine what you truly want, and enroll in a program that will help you achieve your goals. At the same time, you’ll be joining a community of over 2,000 successful students who are using Digital Real Estate to live life on their own terms.

A steady, dependable, semi-passive source of income that does not rely on you or your time to generate earnings.

All while actually assisting real individuals who are appreciative for the assistance and willing to pay for it.

Click here to read more about Digital Real Estate if this seems more like what you want out of life (or if you simply want some great side cash).

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