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Full Time Filmmaker Review: Legit Film School?

Legit Film School is a new online film school that promises to teach you how to make films for $50 per month. The course includes consultations with industry professionals, practical and theoretical lessons in filmmaking, scripts, critique groups, and more. Is it worth the investment?

The “tomorrows filmmakers vs full time filmmaker” is a review of the new film school, Legit Film School. The reviewer has not been able to find any information on the website and it appears that they are only taking applications for their next course.

What Should You Expect From This Analysis?

In this review, we’ll look at Full Time Filmmaker to determine whether it’s the best online film school available.

You’ll find out whether the finest online film school is the correct education for you.

Finally, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Full Time Filmmaker and film school in general at the bottom of the page.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the precise strategy that many others have used to grow their own internet marketing company to over $40,000 in primarily passive revenue every month.

Because it leverages some of the same talents, but in a far more effective and lucrative manner, this method made them swear off film school for forever!

What Does It Mean to Be a Full-Time Filmmaker?

Parker Walbeck established Full Time Filmmaker, an ultimate online film school featuring cameo appearances from other professors specialized in different disciplines such as wedding films, music videos, and more.

The ultimate online film school allows you to learn filmmaking at your own pace by providing in-depth, step-by-step tutorials and mini courses that cover everything from the fundamentals, such as what equipment to buy and what camera settings to use, to how to create stories and complete client assignments.

The videos are crucial because they are framed with a distinct transition.

To put it another way, after you’ve finished the real estate module, you’ll know all you need to know about making a real estate video. A music video is in the same boat.

Is It The Ultimate Online Film School? Is Full Time Filmmaker The Ultimate Online Film School?

Full Time Filmmaker is without a doubt the greatest and most comprehensive online film school available.

This ultimate online film school’s staff are not only working professionals, but they are also committed to provide as much value to their students as possible in order to assist them in achieving their objectives.

They are enthusiastic about filming and want to pass on their skills. The Full Time Filmmaker team is growing, and the value they bring to their students is increasing.

Parker Walbeck: Who Is He?

Parker Walbeck is an American filmmaker, director, YouTuber, and social media star. His YouTube channel, which included his filmmaking, photography courses, technology reviews, and vacation videos, made him famous.

Parker is also recognized for founding Parker Walbeck Productions and the Full Time Filmmaker online course.

Parker was born and reared in the state of Utah, together with his parents and brothers. Southern Utah University awarded him a bachelor’s degree in communications.

He became interested in filmmaking and photography throughout his bachelor’s degree. He then began releasing photography and producing films on his own YouTube channel, which he founded in 2012.

What is Parker Walbeck’s net worth?


Parker Walbeck’s net worth is expected to reach more than $2 million in 2021. Teaching, filmmaking, brand sponsorships, and other commercial ventures provide him with a living. His Youtube channel provides a significant portion of his revenue.

On the Full Time Filmmaker Platform, there are mini courses available.



Starting with equipment recommendations and the finest available options, we’ll provide you with thorough professional camera advice tailored to your specific needs.

Many camera evaluations are available online, but if you don’t have the necessary skills, you’ll need professional help, especially if you have a means to communicate your thoughts. This online course covers all of these topics and more.


It’s time to learn how to use your equipment once you’ve chosen it.

This online course will take you through all of the technical elements and equipment settings, as well as suggestions and methods for producing the best possible visual results.


It will show you how to use methods and settings to turn a normal video into a cinematic masterpiece.

This course will teach you how to become a director of photography, not simply a videographer, firsthand and in person.

Premium Professional


In Premiere Pro, you’ll learn their whole editing process from start to finish.

Only by demonstrating the vast variety of possibilities and creativity that can be achieved via learning can the scary Premiere Pro editing program be conquered.

Understanding editing will improve all of the other techniques, such as lighting, sound, and equipment setup.


Who should come to the Premiere Pro training?

Although the program is geared at beginners and intermediates, even seasoned professionals may profit from the Premiere Pro training.

Tips and methods for YouTube videos will only go you so far. The training will offer you with everything you need to succeed.

Full Time Filmmaker claims that students with years of experience have attended Premium Professional and developed abilities and knowledge that have significantly boosted their skill set and/or enterprises.

The Premium Professional workshop includes 52 video lessons consisting of 6 hours of organized training videos teaching how to edit like a professional.

Final Cut Pro X is a piece of software that allows you to edit video


Final Cut Pro X is a piece of software that allows you to edit video is another editing software.

After learning about both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X is a piece of software that allows you to edit video, you may decide which one of these Parker Walbeck’s courses works best for you and is more handy for your style.

What is the purpose of the Final Cut Pro X is a piece of software that allows you to edit video course?

Final Cut Pro X is a piece of software that allows you to edit video is intended for beginners and intermediates, but even seasoned experts may learn something new from Final Cut Pro X is a piece of software that allows you to edit video.

Final Cut Pro X is a piece of software that allows you to edit video includes 20 video lessons that involve 3 hours of organized training videos teaching how to edit like a professional.

Clients on the Ground


This course provides an answer to the following question:

How do you go about attracting customers and making money?

The main goal of this course is to help you identify your unique selling proposition and use it to acquire new consumers.

Job Shadowing in the Virtual World

The Job Shadowing in the Virtual World course teaches you how to work on projects from the sidelines. This is a good start and opportunity to establish your worth before launching your own company ventures in the industry.

Videos about Real Estate

You will learn how to land, film, and edit Videos about Real Estate from actual experts in this Videos about Real Estate Course.

Videos about Real Estate have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years. A lot of the best videographers were hired to work on major Videos about Real Estate and projects.

Creating Videos about Real Estate is a well-paying job that also allows for a lot of creative freedom and a lot of good times.

What Videos about Real Estate Are Included In The Real Estate Video Pro Course?

You’ll learn the exact methods Parker Walbeck used to go from nothing to full-time work with companies like Hyundai, LG, Canon, Adobe, and many more in the Real Estate Video Pro course.

The Videos about Real Estate course includes 20 video lessons that translate to 4 hours of well-organized training films on how to land, shoot, and edit Videos about Real Estate

With Travel Video Pro, you may create travel videos.


This Vacation Films Pro course will teach you how to design, shoot, and edit travel videos.

This course has 15 video lessons totaling 2 hours of instruction on how to plan, film, and edit vacation movies.

Videos for Business

Commercials account for a significant share of the business. Even celebrities must put forth some effort.

This course is for you if you’re searching for short-term work that won’t conflict with your other tasks.

This specialization brings together a broad variety of media, such as animation, editing, and videography. It will be shown to you.

Music Video Pro is a program that allows you to create music videos.


Music videos are the most imaginative form of filmmaking.

Take the Music Video Pro course on the best cameras and lighting for music videos, as well as the greatest tools for video production, to change the way we view music videos.

Music Video Pro covers all you need to know about creating cinematic music videos.

Wedding Video Pro creates wedding videos.

Wedding videos are becoming more popular, and the production values of wedding films are approaching that of film.

The Wedding Video Pro workshop will show you how to expertly land, film, and edit wedding films.

The Wedding Video Pro course consists of 37 video courses totaling 6 hours of instruction on how to film and edit wedding video advertising.

In Full-Time Filmmaker, there are regular video contests.

Regular video competitions are held on the Full Time Filmmaker platform to keep you engaged and encouraged while learning at their ultimate online film school.

In addition to recognizing your efforts, Full Time Filmmaker will educate you how to produce excellent material.

Themes are the focus of these regular video competitions, and the prizes are fantastic.

For a chance to win up to $1,000 and have your work appraised, enter one of their video competitions.

A Devin Graham Glidecam (worth $850) was presented to the most recent winner of these recurring video competitions.

What Is The Difference Between A Videographer And A Filmmaker?


Filmmakers and videographers use their cameras to capture the world around them, capturing both actual and imagined moments in time.

It is possible to compare the end product, as well as some of the duties involved with lighting and camera angle selection.

Videographers collect personal and business material, as well as news footage, whereas filmmakers create larger-scale motion movies.

Movies with a pre-planned plot and performers are often recorded, as are formal interviews with real individuals.


Videographers, on the other hand, capture genuine moments in time that are often more natural and less manufactured.

In addition, although directors often work with large production teams, videographers typically operate alone or with a small crew.

What Does It Take To Become A Real Filmmaker?

Making movies is a fun and creative activity. From the plot to the sound effects, filmmakers are in command of everything. Take lessons or enroll in a film school. Join a film team to get experience and meet experts in the business. You’ll need to organize your own film team to produce your own film.

What Education Do Filmmakers Require?

While a bachelor’s degree in cinema and television production is not essential to become a filmmaker, it is recommended to get experience, contacts, and abilities.

How much does it cost to join as a full-time filmmaker?

The Lifetime Membership for Full Time Filmmakers is $799.

For this lifelong membership, all that is necessary is a one-time payment.

What Are The Benefits Of Lifetime Membership To Consider Before Joining This Full-Time Filmmaker Program?

  • There are almost 400 movies and hours of content.
  • All future material will be available to see. The crew at Full Time Filmmaker creates new course material on a weekly basis, so make sure you don’t miss out on anything new!
  • The short courses are all available.
  • Mentorship
  • Access to a private community
  • Regular video competitions are available to you.
  • Learn how to use your editing program.
  • Job Shadowing in the Virtual World
  • Free music / Slo-Mo sound effects / Downloads / Presets
  • All Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers are eligible for student discounts. This feature alone will save you $360 in editing software expenditures every year.
  • Glidecams, Zhiyun Crane 2s, Rhino Sliders, and Westcott Lights are also 50% off for members, as are Red Giant editing software and 10% discount for Glidecams, Zhiyun Crane 2s, Rhino Sliders, and Westcott Lights.


Is it possible to earn a living as a full-time filmmaker?

Yes, you certainly can!


Many individuals struggle with a lot of the things that come with film school.

Don’t get the wrong impression…

It’s not impossible to make money at film school, but if you’re going to put in the effort to learn the ropes (which, believe us, isn’t easy), you may as well make some real money while you’re doing it.

The approach that has helped numerous internet companies grow to over $40,000 per month is so straightforward that producing money becomes second nature. 

Is Working as a Full-Time Filmmaker Worth It?

This Full Time Filmmaker course will teach you everything you need to know about earning money with films as a side hustle, whether you’ve never picked up a camera before or are currently generating money with videos as a side hustle and want to take it to the next level.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you may give it a go and get your money back if it doesn’t work out.

Keep in mind that I am not compensated in any way to promote the programs I evaluate. Personally, I believe that filmmaking is a fantastic business concept, but you might wind up losing a lot of money.

What Is My Top Money-Making Recommendation For 2021?


Our review team has discovered a game-changing program in the real estate market! It’s all digital, even if it’s not real estate in the classic sense.

Yes, it’s all about digital real estate.

In terms of profitability, Full Time Filmmaker falls short. When you have to ACTIVELY film, you can’t possibly expect to generate any REAL passive revenue.

But what if you use it to your advantage?

You will be able to fully eliminate manual work with our digital real estate application! Does it seem too wonderful to be true? It certainly does! However, this isn’t the case… In fact, many company owners wish they have this talent!

All you have to do is create and rank a website, then transmit the job listings to a local company owner through email.

This works for any service-based company, such as tree service, plumbing, towing, and so on.

How and how much do you get paid?

Just said, when you have sent the tasks to a company owner and he has profited from them, you simply ask to make the arrangement mutually beneficial.

10-20% is a reasonable sum to charge per lead, depending on the business… Let’s take the tree service sector as an example, and assume the worst-case situation.

Assume you develop and rank the site, but only get 20 job applications each month. The typical tree service task costs between $500 and $2000!

That indicates you have a monthly asset worth at least $1000! See why it’s now referred to as “digital real estate”? That is a payment for rent. The best part is how simple it is to scale. You are not required to answer the phone; all that is required is for the phone to ring.

Do you recall Full Time Filmmaker and the amount of time it takes? This one genuinely enables you to gather that without having to spend the whole day working with back-breaking cameras. This is really passive income!

Making money online is taken to a whole new level with this training program. With the occasional voice over while he is sharing his screen, the program’s proprietor leads you through how to develop and rank a site hand in hand.

You’ll discover the value of keywords, the name of your website, how to send call alerts through email, backlinking, and more.

Once you’ve finished the training program, you’ll have access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with people who are on the same path as you.


Unlike Full Time Filmmaker, where you must constantly trade your time for money…. You may finally start living a financially independent life.

A company will constantly want additional leads and a new position. It doesn’t matter if the task isn’t related to their website’s name; they view it for what it is…expanding digital real estate.

In comparison to making films, more individuals have been able to achieve financial independence.

Digital real estate enables you to earn passive income while spending the majority of your time outside of the brick and mortar world.

Now, I’m sure you have a lot of questions… So, have a look at this to discover more.

The “full time filmmaker sale” is a website that allows people to buy full-time filmmaking courses. This site claims to be a legit film school, but many reviews have been negative.

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