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Graham Stephan Course

In this course, Graham Stephan explains how to assess risk and make decisions with the help of a quantitative framework. The first section covers simple tools for calculating financial risks in terms of volatility, drawdowns, expected returns and more. In particular it talks about the difference between internalizing risk (using market data) vs externalizing risk (using anecdotes). It also examines hedging strategies that can be employed at various stages of an investment’s life cycle.

The “graham stephan course free download” is a free course by Graham Stephan. It is about personal finance and how to make money from your investments.

He is the proud owner of five rental properties in San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. He is now residing at his duplex in Los Angeles.

Stephan is the owner of two profitable YouTube channels. As of November 2019, the “Graham Stephan” channel has 1.16 million members, while his other channel, “The Graham Stephan Show,” has 214k subscribers.

Graham had his first sales experience at a marine aquarium wholesaler when he was only 13 years old. His work was photographing the inventory, retouching it in Photoshop, and uploading it to the company’s website.

He was paid $35 per hour and made about $100 per day, which was a lot of money for a 13-year-old.

He performed in a rock band for a short time before deciding on a career as a real estate agent.

His real estate business began in an unusual and amusing manner. Graham saw the photographs on the leasing postings and decided they needed to be improved, so he used Photoshop to do so.

He took advantage of the situation and offered to work for agents, editing images in advertisements and posting them on Craigslist in exchange for a percentage on sales.

This went on for a few years, and despite the odd start (which was also humiliating), his real estate business took off over the following nine years. It was fantastic!

Graham was able to sell real estate for more than $120 million only a few years before turning 30. He didn’t become a successful real estate agent overnight. He spent more than a decade learning the craft.

Graham claims that the secret to his success was beginning young and understanding what he wanted.

The “youtube creator academy” is a course by Graham Stephan that teaches people how to make YouTube videos. This course is designed for all types of creators, from beginners to experts. The course includes step-by-step instructions, and it offers the opportunity to learn from other people’s work.

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