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Greg Luther Coaching Review: Scam or Legit?

Greg Luther has been accused of running a scam. After his coaching program had garnered many complaints, we decided to dig into the claims and see how valid they were. For our review, we chose two clients who shared their experiences with us for this article.

Greg Luther is a personal coach that has been in the business for over 10 years. He offers coaching services and also posts postcards to his clients. The “greg luther postcards” are a scam or legit?

So, what is Greg Luther’s history, and how does he qualify as a mastermind? Let’s have a look at it. Greg Gregluther bootstrapped his real estate firm from the bottom up, according to the about page, taking a $1,500 loan to get his real estate license. Even in the face of low-cost brokerages, he swiftly rose to become one of America’s highest-paid brokers, gaining customers for fees ranging from 7% to 10%. Greg isn’t your typical real estate agent.

He determined to devise a better approach after watching senior agents suffering, despite the fact that they had been doing this for over 10 years.

He subsequently started cooperating with agents around the nation and one-on-one teaching a select number of private customers, with many of them closing 8-15 properties per month. Greg takes pride in his ability to build a company for an agent with the “end game” in mind.

Greg is active on a variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

I also learned that he spent two years studying marketing and that there doesn’t seem to be much more about Greg’s brilliant abilities! So, what has he really accomplished?

There is a wealth of information accessible on Greg’s achievements. Greg Luther is based in Columbus, Ohio, and Tampa, Florida, and he trains over 30,000 agents around the country. Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants and Greg Luther Coaching are two of his passions. He also owns a stable of more than 30 racehorses that compete for millions of dollars in six states.

Greg Luther is a coach that has been accused of being a scammer. He charges people for his services, but does not deliver on what he promises. I will review the coaching to see if it’s worth it or not. Reference: greg luther tampa.

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