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Higher Path Ventures Review: Is Luke Sample Legit?

Higher Path Ventures is a new type of fund that invests in cryptocurrency startups. They have continued to operate without any commensurate market validation, as they are based on the belief that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will become mainstream. Find out if Higher Path Ventures is worth your time with our review!

Luke Sample is a scammer and has been caught in the act. The reviews are all over the internet, but Luke promises to refund you if you follow his instructions.

Higher Path Ventures will be examined in this review to discover whether it is indeed the greatest Arbitrage of books course available.

You’ll find out whether Arbitrage of books is a good internet business for you.

Finally, you’ll discover answers to some of the most common queries about Higher Path Ventures and Arbitrage of books in general at the conclusion.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the precise strategy that many others have used to grow their own internet marketing company to over $40,000 in primarily passive revenue every month.

Because it leverages some of the same talents, but in a far more effective and lucrative manner, this approach made them swear off Arbitrage of books for good!

Review of Higher Path Ventures


Profits from Books is a product.

Online Arbitrage of books Course is a kind of product.

Creators: Luke Sample & Jon Shugart

$3,500 paid up, $297 each month

Higher Path Ventures is one of Luke’s several websites that touts a training program and software solution that promises to assist you in finding and selling cheap, in-demand books on Amazon.

The company strategy is good, but profit margins aren’t as high as they may be. The expenses of Profits from Books are far higher than they should be.

Furthermore, Luke Sample’s main program has changed names multiple times, which is a warning indicator.

Legitimate firms, in my view, do not behave in this way. Higher Path Ventures, in my opinion, is involved in a number of dubious activities.

If you’re a rookie looking to make money online, I feel there are alternative, more acceptable, and cost-effective options available to you that don’t need you to pay thousands of dollars up front for something that may or may not work out for you.

What Is High Path Ventures and How Does It Work?


This training program was devised by Luke Sample. In his sales film, he shows a few examples of techniques to demonstrate the whole company strategy.

You may purchase a book for $11.52 and sell it for $174 in the first video of the free training. You’re left with a profit of $130.85 after subtracting all of the expenses involved with utilizing Amazon to run your company.

You should be aware that a single sale will seldom net you that much money. After all of Amazon’s fees, you’ll most likely make less than that.

This system is similar to MentorBox, which is a similar system. The primary distinction is that with Higher Path Ventures, you will not learn how to publish your own books.

Luke Sample uses “case studies” from individuals who reportedly make thousands of dollars utilizing this business method throughout his online presentation.

Don’t get me wrong: you can absolutely do it. However, getting there will take a lot of hard work, patience, study, and trial and error.

To be clear, you do not need to invest or risk losing thousands of dollars to get started in this business.

Ex-members of Higher Path Ventures, previously Money from a textbook, Arbitrage of books, and now Profits from Books, have filed various complaints against the company.

If you question Luke’s methods or test the system and lose money, he apparently will go to great lengths to ensure that no one knows about your poor luck.

You’ll be silenced or kicked out of the secret, members-only communities.

Who Are Luke Sample & Jon Shugart?


Luke Sample is a co-founder of Profits from Books. According to his profile, he has earned millions of dollars online and was published in the Wall Street Journal at the age of 23. He comes out as a kind man who wants to help people attain their greatest potential.

Jon Shugart, the other High Path Ventures and Profits from Books co-founder, is a university graduate with a Masters in Education & Leadership.

In 2000, he started studying computer science after four years of teaching mathematics in high school. In the past 19 years, he has developed multiple multimillion-dollar firms.

Luke and Jon have both worked in digital marketing and made money online for a long time.

Higher Path Ventures: What’s Inside


Higher Path Ventures offers a training course as well as resources for usage.

Other extras are also available to assist you with your book-selling endeavors.

Summary of Training

The Higher Path Ventures training program will teach you all you need to know about starting a Arbitrage of books company.

Of course, the most important thing you’ll learn from this is how and where to obtain low-cost books that you can resale for a profit.

You will also study the following topics in addition to the core lessons:

  • How giving free delivery on your items may help you increase sales.
  • To sell your books for a bigger profit, choose the “Amazon Prime” option.
  • Keyword and product research
  • The Amazon Sales Rank is another important Amazon detail to be aware of.
  • How to get more books by using the Amazon Trade-in Program and how to convert Amazon gift cards into cash.
  • How to discover even more inexpensive books using sites other than Amazon.

Keep in mind that the course warns that converting the gift cards that Amazon provides for the trade-in program into cash might be difficult for some consumers.

As a consequence, they recommend avoiding it whenever possible and instead seek for books to sell on other online selling sites.


The software available isn’t really impressive. However, it greatly simplifies some of the tasks you will be expected to do here.

It focuses on making product research a lot simpler for you. With this program, you’ll be able to locate inexpensive books to purchase with more ease than if you did it yourself.

Other Advantages

Any essential logistics will be handled through the Higher Path Ventures system. For a nominal price, you will be able to outsource part of the logistics for your online bookstore.

Receiving your bought books, opening and inspecting them, packing them, and mailing them to Amazon on your behalf are just some of the services we do. For a modest price, you may utilize this feature to make money while using this application.

How much does it cost to start a higher path venture?

There is a $3,500 one-time cost and a $297 monthly fee. Setting up a group call is the only way to find out.

Over there, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to join Higher Path Ventures. Upsells such as split payments and other upsells may be provided.

In addition, they provide a money-back guarantee.

Advantages of Higher-Road Ventures


The course’s software makes the normally time-consuming task of finding the greatest and lowest-priced books to sell a lot easier.

Luke Sample’s introduction video for this course is very straightforward and informative. When you take this course, he addresses the bulk of the questions that may occur in your head.

Higher Path Ventures manages all aspects of your online business’s logistics. Because part of the work is done for you, you may earn some passive income from this company.

When done right, the business model is highly scalable.

It’s a terrific business idea for bookworms and other sorts of book collectors who want to earn a profession from their hobby.

The Drawbacks of Higher-Road Ventures

You should be aware of one drawback before enrolling in this course.

Regrettably, the same problems that affect other online courses apply here as well. Given the vast number of individuals that may enroll in this course, and the high price, there is a concern of saturation.

The reputation of Higher Path Ventures is, however, its most serious problem.

It’s true that it’s gone by a few different names in the past. After all, it has renamed itself countless times before.

It was originally known by a number of other names, including…

  • Money from a textbook
  • Arbitrage of books
  • Profits from Books

If these names seem familiar, it’s because they’ve been accused of nearly scamming individuals in the past. The finest example is that the vast majority of users who have tried these applications have reported that their software does not operate. Not in the least.

The rationale for the rebranding has yet to be revealed. However, you can probably guess what the reason is. They’re probably doing it since their former names have a bad reputation among individuals who have tried their program.

They even went far as to state in its Terms & Conditions that once you sign the contract, you will be unable to perform the following:

  • They can’t promise that the program will work correctly.
  • It is not possible to bring a class-action lawsuit.
  • Basically, after you’ve signed in, you can’t complain about the system.

Is it Safe to Put Your Trust in Higher Path Ventures?

In my perspective, this application is not a rip-off. I’m sure Luke Sample’s training bundle helped some people make money online.

Because this is a business opportunity, I’m aware that many people have squandered thousands of dollars trying to make it work for them.

That’s a rather common occurrence. On the other side, I feel Higher Path Ventures is expensive.

The greatest issue I have with Profits from Books program is that they’ve changed the name of the service several times over the years.

Why am I making such a fuss over something that many businesses and organizations do? Mostly due to a barrage of bad feedback from those who have lost a lot of money after investing in Luke Sample’s training program.

To me, it looks that he is seeking to distance himself from these negative associations by changing the name of his show on a frequent basis.

Higher Path Ventures has a Facebook page devoted to them, accusing them of being criminals. They have definitely outraged a sizable portion of the population.

Rather of facing these people and their disgruntled customers, Luke and his business partner Jon try to quiet them in some manner. That is, at least, the focus of many of the concerns.

This pattern of action suggests that they have no immediate intentions to increase their training or software quality.

I won’t go so far as to say this is a scam program. However, some ex-members of Money from a textbook (Higher Path Ventures’ prior name) claim that the actual net profit from some of the books they’ve purchased is as little as $2 or $3.

That’s a lot less than Luke’s claim of a $130.85 net profit during his free webinar training.

You might look at other, less risky ways for launching an online company with Amazon if you don’t want to invest thousands of dollars.

Is it possible to profit from higher-path ventures?

Yes, particularly if you like reading at the same time. That way, finding books to sell won’t be as difficult.


There’s a lot that comes along with Arbitrage of books that many people struggle with.

Don’t get the wrong impression…

It’s not impossible to make money with Arbitrage of books, but if you’re gonna put in the amount of grueling work to do this business (which, trust us, isn’t easy), you might as well bring in some REAL money while you’re learning the ropes.

The approach that has helped numerous internet companies grow to over $40,000 per month is so straightforward that producing money becomes second nature.

Higher Path Ventures: Is It a Scam?

Despite the unfavorable reviews, I do not think Higher Path Ventures is a fraud.

It is entirely possible to build a profitable, successful Arbitrage of books business… But there are better ways to build a business other than with Arbitrage of books…

Is Higher Path Ventures a genuine company?

Higher Path Ventures is a legitimate company.

When it comes to starting a company, though, you have a lot of possibilities.

Even if you’re dead bent on becoming a book trader, Higher Path Ventures isn’t the best choice.

Keep in mind, I don’t get paid to promote any of the programs we review. I personally think Arbitrage of books is a great business model, but you could end up leaving way too much money on the table.

What Is My Top Online Money-Making Recommendation For 2021?


Our review team has discovered a game-changing program in the real estate market!

It’s all digital, even if it’s not real estate in the classic sense.

Yes, it’s all about digital real estate.

Higher Path Ventures’ biggest flaw is its lack of scalability.

You can’t expect to create passive revenue if you have to keep an eye on your business and handle advertisements all day.

But what if you use it to your advantage?

Because there is no ad management with our digital real estate platform, you may entirely walk away from your laptop!

Does it seem too wonderful to be true? It certainly does! But it isn’t…in fact, many company owners wish they have this ability!

All you have to do is create and rank a website, then transmit the job listings to a local company owner through email.

This works for any service-based company, such as tree service, plumbing, towing, and so on.

How and how much do you get paid?

Just said, when you have sent the tasks to a company owner and he has profited from them, you simply ask to make the arrangement mutually beneficial.

10-20% is a reasonable sum to charge per lead, depending on the business… Let’s take the tree service sector as an example, and assume the worst-case situation.

Assume you develop and rank the site, but only 10 jobs come in every month. The typical tree service task costs between $500 and $2000!

That implies you have a monthly asset worth at least $500!

See why it’s now referred to as “digital real estate”? That is a payment for rent.

The best part is how simple it is to scale. You are not required to answer the phone; all that is required is for the phone to ring.

Remember Higher Path Ventures and its razor-thin profit margins?

This one enables you to acquire that without spending all day on your laptop operating a business. This is really passive income!

Making money online is taken to a whole new level with this training program. With the occasional voice over while he is sharing his screen, the program’s proprietor leads you through how to develop and rank a site hand in hand.

You’ll discover the value of keywords, the name of your website, how to send call alerts through email, backlinking, and more.

After completing the training program, you will have access to a Facebook group that, in our view, is much superior than the Higher Path Ventures community. This is a considerably more active group.


Unlike Higher Path Ventures, where you must run advertising all day and worry about making a $5 profit 1,000 times over on a $50 product…. A company will constantly want additional leads and a new position. It doesn’t matter if the task isn’t related to their website’s name; they view it for what it is…expanding digital real estate.

In contrast to Higher Path Ventures, more individuals have been able to leave their 9-5 jobs.

Digital real estate enables you to earn complete passive income while spending the majority of your time away from your computer.

Now, I’m sure you have a lot of questions… So, have a look at this to discover more.

The “zuubly com reviews” is a review site that has recently been created. The website was started by Luke Sample, who is the founder of Higher Path Ventures.

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