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The Best Way To Show Formulas In Excel: A Shortcut Guide

Key Takeaway:

  • Showing formulas in Excel is an important part of auditing and understanding your data. There are three main methods for showing formulas: using the Excel Ribbon, the Formula Bar, or the Ctrl+` shortcut.
  • The Excel Ribbon is the most convenient method for occasional formula viewing, as it does not require any shortcuts or memorization. Simply navigate to the Formulas tab and click on the Show Formulas button.
  • For users who frequently need to view formulas, using shortcuts is the best option. Two useful shortcuts are the Ctrl+` shortcut and the F2 key, which allows users to toggle between formula and cell view modes rapidly.

Struggling to figure out how to display formulas in Excel? You can easily learn this essential task using this shortcut guide. With these quick tips and tricks, you can save time, simplify your workflow and ensure accuracy in your calculations.

Method 1: Using the Excel Ribbon

Methodology 1: Utilizing the Ribbon in Excel

This approach involves using Excel’s Ribbon feature to display formulas.

Follow these six steps to display formulas in Excel using the Ribbon feature:

  1. Select the “Formulas” tab from the “Ribbon” menu.
  2. Click on the “Show Formulas” option.
  3. Excel will now display all formulas in the worksheet instead of their values.
  4. To undo this action, simply press the “Show Formulas” option again.
  5. Alternatively, you can use the “Ctrl + `” shortcut to toggle between formula and value displays.
  6. Additionally, you can create a custom shortcut key from the “Formulas” tab in the “Excel Options” menu.

A unique feature of this method is the ability to create custom shortcut keys. Simply navigate to the “Excel Options” menu from the “Formulas” tab and assign a custom key combination for the “Show Formulas” option.

Have you ever wondered how this feature came to be? The Ribbon has been a part of Excel since the 2007 version was released. It was designed to offer a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy navigation and access to commonly-used features such as “Show Formulas.”

In summary, utilizing the Ribbon feature in Excel is a simple and efficient way to display formulas. By following these steps and customizing shortcut keys to your preference, working with formulas has never been easier. And if you’re looking for another useful shortcut, try “Ctrl + 5” for strikethrough in Excel.

Method 2: Using the Formula Bar

To show formulas in Excel, another method is by using the Formula Bar. This feature is designed to show formulas and insert new ones comfortably and effectively.

Here’s a 4-step guide to using this method:

  1. Click on the cell with the formula you want to see.
  2. Then, select the Formula Bar at the top of the sheet.
  3. Once selected, the formula will appear in the Formula Bar, and the cells with formulas will be highlighted.
  4. Lastly, press the Enter key to return to the normal view.

One distinctive aspect of this method is that it tends to be much more efficient when dealing with complex formulas. It also provides an excellent way to input new formulas, as it supports both relative and absolute referencing.

To demonstrate the usefulness of this method, consider the scenario of an accountant tasked with creating a budget report. She needs to track expenses in a new column and only wants to show values that are above $100. By using this method, she can input the criteria into the formula bar and hide the unwanted cells easily.

Method 3: Using the Ctrl+` shortcut

By using the Ctrl+` shortcut in Excel, you can easily show the formulas used in your spreadsheet. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Excel spreadsheet you want to work with.
  2. Press the Ctrl+` keys together on your keyboard.
  3. The formulas in the sheet will now be displayed instead of the results.
  4. Press Ctrl+` again to switch back to the normal view.

It is important to note that this shortcut works in all versions of Excel and can save you time when checking and editing formulas.

To further enhance your Excel experience, try customizing your toolbar to include this shortcut for easy access. It’s an efficient way to toggle between the formula view and the normal view in a jiffy.

If you want to learn more Excel shortcuts, search for “How to strikethrough in excel shortcut” to find some great time-saving tricks.

5 Facts About The Best Way to Show Formulas in Excel: A Shortcut Guide

  • ✅ Showing formulas in Excel can be done by using the shortcut key combination “Ctrl + ~”. (Source: Microsoft Support)
  • ✅ This function is useful for checking formula errors and debugging. (Source: Excel Easy)
  • ✅ The shortcut key combination for hiding formulas in Excel is “Ctrl + ~” as well. (Source: Excel Tips)
  • ✅ The formula bar in Excel also allows users to display and edit formulas. (Source: Lifewire)
  • ✅ Knowing how to show and hide formulas can save time and increase productivity when working with complex spreadsheets. (Source: Spreadsheeto)

FAQs about The Best Way To Show Formulas In Excel: A Shortcut Guide

What is the best way to show formulas in Excel?

The best way to show formulas in Excel is by using a shortcut guide. This will help you to quickly and easily see all the formulas that have been entered into your spreadsheet.

What is a shortcut guide in Excel?

A shortcut guide in Excel is a quick, easy way to access important functions without having to navigate through menus and toolbars. By using keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly perform common tasks, including showing the formulas in your spreadsheet.

What are the benefits of using a shortcut guide in Excel?

There are several benefits of using a shortcut guide in Excel. Firstly, it can save you a lot of time. Instead of having to navigate through menus and toolbars, you can quickly perform tasks with just a few keystrokes. Secondly, it can help to improve your productivity by allowing you to work more efficiently. Finally, it can also help to reduce the risk of errors, as you are less likely to make mistakes when using a shortcut guide.

How do I show formulas in Excel using a shortcut guide?

To show formulas in Excel using a shortcut guide, simply press the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘~’ keys at the same time. This will toggle between showing the formulas and displaying the results of the formulas in your spreadsheet.

Is it possible to show formulas in Excel without using a shortcut guide?

Yes, it is possible to show formulas in Excel without using a shortcut guide. You can do this by going to the ‘Formulas’ tab and selecting ‘Show Formulas’ from the ‘Formula Auditing’ group. However, using a shortcut guide is typically faster and more efficient.

Can I customize my shortcut guide in Excel?

Yes, you can customize your shortcut guide in Excel. To do this, click the ‘File’ tab and select ‘Options’. From there, select the ‘Customize Ribbon’ option and then click the ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ button. This will allow you to customize the shortcuts for a variety of functions, including showing formulas in your spreadsheet.

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