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Job Killing Reviews: 10 Things You Need To Know

The job killing review era is upon us, and this will have a huge impact on businesses everywhere. Here are the top 10 things you need to know before taking your business’s online reviews into consideration.

The “job killing login” is a term that has been used to describe the process of employees being laid off due to low profits. This article will detail 10 things you need to know about job killing reviews.

While we’re pretty certain that having money given to you is the greatest model, this is a close second. However, lead generation is one of the most passive revenue strategies available!

It’s similar to digital real estate, but without the costs of property management and upkeep.

It’s even better than Amazon FBA since you don’t have to invest $10,000 in inventory that may or may not produce a profit.

The fact is that organic lead generation is likely your only option if you want to generate money online with a high profit margin.

You have the greatest control, apart from profit margins.

You could have some success running a lead generation business utilizing Facebook advertisements, but statistically speaking, your account will be terminated within 6 months, and all you’ve put up will vanish overnight.

A Google-ranked website cannot just vanish…

Facebook advertisements are also readily replicated, and conversion rates may fluctuate dramatically.

Not to mention that CPC is always fluctuating, and you might find yourself in the red far faster than you’d want.

Paid traffic also reduces your profit margins. If your flat fee arrangement with your client is $20 per lead, but it costs you $12 to create that lead… You only make a $8 profit.

Whereas naturally, it’s clear that you’d retain the whole $20.

There are several reasons why organic lead generation is the best option… But we don’t want to bore you with the details…

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