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Kush Station Review and Alternatives

After the legalization of cannabis, more Canadians have become accustomed to purchasing marijuana online, resulting in an increase in dispensaries. When more shops open and the market becomes more crowded, the question becomes who of all marijuana suppliers is the best. CannaBlossom and Kush Station are two excellent examples of Canadian online dispensaries.

Below you can find a comprehensive comparison of Kush Station and CannaBlossom in terms of pricing, discounts, discount codes, product selection, quality and service quality, and customer service. Let’s get this party started:

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KushStation is a postal service that allows Canadians to buy marijuana online and has weed delivered from the Quebec cannabis community to the British Columbia cannabis community. It also targets consumers in rural areas and everywhere else that Canada Post delivers.


Who is KushStation?

In the Canadian cannabis world, KushStation is one of the most dependable medical marijuana dispensaries. The dispensary has a large variety of marijuana, including sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. On their website, you can sort their catalog by popularity, average rating, freshness, price, and they have a wide selection fitting every customer’s budget.

KushStation Dispensary has a long history in the marijuana business, making them a knowledgeable and trustworthy online dispensary. To top it off, KushStation has a referral and points scheme in place, which encourages new users to sign up and gives existing customers reasons to stay.


What else does Kush Station offer?

KushStation is a marijuana dispensary that sells flowers, edibles, concentrates, hybrids like Alien Kush, and other cannabis-related products. Some of the better-than-traditional cannabis concentrates they sell include THC oil, Shatter Online, Bubble Hash, and Budder. However, cannabis vapors, dry screeners, distillate live resin, Phoenix Tears, Moonrock Canada, and topicals applied to the skin are also available at the dispensary.

Some edibles Kushner offers include chocolate chip cookies, weed chocolate, weed gummies, cannabutter brownies, weed drinks, and for a more medicinal approach, they offer cannabis pills and tincture. CBD Vape Cartridges, CBD Salve, CBD Drops Canada, and CBD Dog Treats are among Kush Station’s CBD options for people who want to support their pets. They also sell dried mushrooms and Shroom teas, as well as Shroom selections containing the psilocybin compound that causes psychedelic effects. 

Are there alternatives to Kush Station?

Fortunately, there are many marijuana suppliers from which you can choose your cannabis products in the country of Canada. However, not every dispensary can be trusted to deliver high-quality goods and follow all of the legal requirements.

Let’s compare and contrast these two dispensaries. is one of the most reputable online retailers of cannabis products, so let’s see how they stack up. We’ve done the work for you, availing you with pertinent information.


CannaBlossom Vs Kush Station

1. Cannabis Product Range

As the Canadian cannabis community continues to grow, a marijuana provider must have various products in their store, from flower to other cannabis products. 

Cannablossom offers about 20 strains of weed, and this makes an excellent strain for an average weed user and has several other popular strains in stock in Canada. Concentrates, Flowers, vapors, edibles like cookies, magic mushrooms, and healthy cannabis stocks are among their pot goods. They also have 40 different brand stores where you can shop for your favorite brand and the highest quality. Hybrid, indica, baked edibles,ganja edibles, and Baker’s store are just a few of the brands available.

KushStation Online Dispensary, on the other hand, provides about ten cannabis strains, slightly less than Cannablossom, but they are adequate for the average consumer.


2. Price Categories

When searching for cannabis-related products online, prices usually play a big role as every person wants to buy quality products at a fair price. 

Cannablossom Online Dispensary prices range from $160 to $280 for their cannabis ounces, and this is a fair price to pay for the quality kush products they sell. Kush station prices by the ounce usually range between $130 and $240.


3. Product Quality

The quality of the product is a must as it guarantees that a user will get the best grade available in the market, and it is also safe. 

Cannablossom offers different bud qualities to allow every customer to enjoy some products in their budget range. 

Kush Station also has high-quality cannabis products with incredibly excellent prices, and they are available at all quality levels.


4. Offers and promotions

Who doesn’t like getting anything for nothing? Most consumers appreciate freebies or substantial discounts that enable them to save money. As a result, businesses provide discounts to express their gratitude and promote further Kush sales.

CannaBlossom is well-known for its enticing discounts, coupon codes, and sales. A current voucher code is “ATTACHED” for a 15% off discount on select products for kush users. Cannablossom’s online pharmacy also offers a $25 referral bonus for referring a mate, as well as free shipping on orders over $150. On a regular basis


5. Customer Service

In any online platform, a working customer service is required only when a user encounters a problem. 

Cannablossom has excellent customer service and live chat that runs Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. 

Kush Station employs a trained team of cannabis experts who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist consumers with any questions they may have.

6. Kush Station vs Cannablossom reviews

Before you put your order, look for the best dispensary and read all customer feedback online to get an idea of what you’ll get. Reviews are valuable because you will almost definitely get the same quality of support from the company for your order.

Reddit has CannaBlossom reviews, but bear in mind that the site’s reputation is poor because anyone can post a fake review. Still, reviews may be useful, but no one can rely solely on them; they can only act as a reference.

Kush Station still has several Reddit reviews, but they should not be fully trusted.


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