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Local Sales Hero Review 2023: Joshua Osborne Course Legit?

There is a lot of talk about the future of crypto, but Joshua Osborne believes that he has found the answer. He is launching an ICO with one goal in mind: to make trading in cryptocurrency as easy and safe as using PayPal or Payoneer. Let’s find out more below!

Joshua Osborne is a self-proclaimed “local sales hero” and has released his course called Local Sales Hero Review. The reviews are mixed, with some people saying it’s legit, while others say it’s not. Read more in detail here: joshua t osborne reviews.

You can really BECOME THE HERO for local small businesses with Local Sales Hero.

As an example, consider the roofing industry. The typical cost of a roof is about $10,000. After everything is said and done, the profit is usually $5,000.

Consider the term “roofing indianapolis,” which receives 300 monthly searches.

According to statistics, the top listing receives 40% of all search traffic.

But let’s imagine you have a bad month and only receive 10% of what you normally earn. 30 phone calls

If you’re dealing with a skilled roofer, his close rate is likely to be around 33%.

Continuing with the math… 10 = 300 x.1 x.33

This month, you assisted him in installing ten new roofs. That’s an additional $50,000 in profit you’ve given him.

Do you really believe that a respectable roofing contractor would make a big deal out of paying you $500?

But let’s imagine the first person you phone is a COMPLETE LITERAL IDIOT… I can tell you from personal experience that there is ALWAYS a SMART BUSINESS OWNER willing to pay for leads.

Particularly high-quality, hot leads, such as the ones you’re supplying.

As you can see from this Local Sales Hero review… I believe that purchasing this course is a no-brainer.

The worth is there…

It’s less expensive than a vehicle payment…

If you can give them with high quality leads, business owners are always willing to spend…

And you can simply automate this tiny act to bring in more than $5,000 every month.

Think about it: the worst that might happen is that you discover Josh’s EXACT strategies for acquiring high-paying customers AND have access to coaches if you get stuck.


And if you’re terrified of success… Josh will truly pay you for the deals you land!


Joshua Osborne is known for his course “Local Sales Hero”. The course has been reviewed by many people and Joshua himself. There are many reviews on the internet, but there are some who think that the course is not legit. Reference: joshua t osborne reddit.

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