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15 Mac Excel Shortcuts To Help You Work Better & Faster

Key Takeaway:

  • Using keyboard shortcuts in Mac Excel can significantly improve your work efficiency and productivity. Navigation shortcuts can help you quickly move around the worksheet without using the mouse.
  • Shortcuts for selecting cells can help you save time when working with large data sets. With shortcuts for inserting and deleting cells, you can easily add or remove cells, rows, or columns.
  • Formatting shortcuts enable you to quickly change font size, font type, and other formatting styles. With shortcuts for working with sheets, you can easily switch between sheets, create new sheets or rename existing ones.

Looking to save time and become more productive with Excel? You’re in luck! Discover these 15 Mac Excel shortcuts that will help you work better and faster. Make tedious tasks easier and reduce the chance of errors, with the power of these keyboard shortcuts!

15 Mac Excel Shortcuts

Text: 15 Efficient Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel on Mac

Microsoft Excel on Mac is widely used by professionals and learners everywhere. To save time and work precisely, knowing essential shortcuts is key. Here are 15 shortcuts that can help you work faster and more efficiently in Microsoft Excel on Mac:

  • Command+Arrow Keys to navigate through cells quickly and conveniently.
  • Command+C and Command+V to copy and paste data in a second without any fuss.
  • Command+Shift+0 to reformat cells and get them back to General formatting quickly.
  • Command+Option+Arrow Keys to move cells around the sheet with ease.
  • Control+Shift+Enter for quickly performing an array formula calculation.
  • Command+Shift+T to create a table easily with preformatted columns and rows.
  • Command+Option+L to manage and filter your data through a specialized table style.
  • Command+Shift+$ to format cells as a currency format or other formatting style immediately.
  • Option+Arrow Keys for shifting the contents of cells.
  • Command+Option+R to fill right for multiple selected cells.
  • Shift+Spacebar and Command+Spacebar to select a whole row or column.
  • Control+Click to open a context menu that displays advanced options.
  • Command+Option+K to access the hyperlink dialogue box quickly.
  • Command+Shift+Z to perform a “Redo” command.
  • Command+1 to format cells quickly and manage their preferences via the formatting dialogue box.

Implement these shortcuts in your work and improve your productivity manifold. One must-have bonus shortcut is to use the Strikethrough shortcut on Mac in Excel by selecting your text and pressing Command+Shift+X.

Knowing these shortcuts will undoubtedly make your workflow smoother, faster and more efficient.

15 Mac Excel Shortcuts-15 Mac Excel Shortcuts to Help You Work Better & Faster,

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Benefits of Using Excel Shortcuts

Innovative Advantages of Utilizing Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel keyboard shortcuts are a crucial tool that can enhance your productivity and refine your spreadsheet work. They provide users with innovative advantages that facilitate faster work and efficient task completion. Here are four benefits of utilizing Excel keyboard shortcuts:

  • Accelerated Work – Using keyboard shortcuts will help you save time spent searching through the ribbon for each function. With a few keyboard strokes, you can execute multiple commands at once.
  • Refined Accuracy – Excel shortcuts streamline your spreadsheet work and reduce human errors, increasing your overall accuracy in the process.
  • Efficient Navigation – Navigating through spreadsheets with the cursor can be time-consuming. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to move seamlessly through the rows and columns of your spreadsheet with minimal use of your mouse.
  • Improved Formatting – Keyboard shortcuts offer users a way to execute formats in seconds. With a simple command, you can easily change the font, size and background color of the highlighted cell.

Incorporating keyboard shortcuts in your Excel tasks offers various unique advantages. They can be customized, and you can easily add, remove or change shortcuts to fit your preferences. Moreover, the shortcuts allow for easier interaction with the application, reducing mental pressure on the users.

History has it that keyboard shortcuts were initially created to cater to the visually impaired community. Today, millions of Excel users rely on keyboard shortcuts to work faster and more efficiently. And thus, learning how to use the strikethrough shortcut on Mac in Excel is a fundamental step in increasing your productivity and overall output.

Benefits of Using Excel Shortcuts-15 Mac Excel Shortcuts to Help You Work Better & Faster,

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Five Facts About 15 Mac Excel Shortcuts to Help You Work Better & Faster:

  • ✅ The “Command + X” shortcut allows you to cut selected cells, rows, or columns and move them to another location. (Source: Macworld)
  • ✅ The “Command + K” shortcut lets you add hyperlinks to your Excel cells. (Source: Zapier)
  • ✅ The “Shift + Command + L” shortcut allows you to filter and sort your data in Excel. (Source: How-To Geek)
  • ✅ The “Option + F11” shortcut opens the Visual Basic Editor in Excel. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ The “Command + Shift + T” shortcut helps you repeat the last action in your Excel sheet. (Source: Business Insider)

FAQs about 15 Mac Excel Shortcuts To Help You Work Better & Faster

What are 15 Mac Excel Shortcuts to Help You Work Better & Faster?

Here are 15 Mac Excel shortcuts that can help you work better and faster:

  • Command + N – Create a new workbook
  • Command + O – Open a workbook
  • Command + S – Save a workbook
  • Command + P – Print a workbook
  • Command + F – Find something in a workbook
  • Command + G – Find the next instance of something in a workbook
  • Command + Z – Undo last action
  • Command + Y – Redo last action
  • Command + X – Cut selected cells
  • Command + C – Copy selected cells
  • Command + V – Paste copied or cut cells
  • Command + B – Apply bold formatting to selected cells
  • Command + I – Apply italics formatting to selected cells
  • Command + U – Apply underline formatting to selected cells
  • Command + 1 – Apply the Number format to selected cells

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