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Map Pack Hero Review (2023): Is Joshua Osborne Course Legit?

Joshua Osborne is a popular personal finance blog, but some of his claims have been questioned. Using this article, you can decide for yourself how legitimate it is.

Joshua T. Osborne is a self-proclaimed “Map Pack Hero Review” who has been in the online marketing and advertising industry for over 10 years. He claims that his course, “Joshua T. Osborne Course Legit?” is the best way to make money online by building your own app store. Read more in detail here: joshua t osborne reviews.

So, what do you receive when you buy Joshua Osborne’s Map Pack Hero?

You receive Josh’s 10 stages to dominating local map pack listings, which he teaches to his private coaching groups!

You’ll learn about the necessity of creating social accounts, Google Sites, and writing descriptions for GBPs (Google Business Profiles), among other things.

Josh says in the video that he wants to sell this Map Pack Hero course for about $3,000!


Members of his private coaching group urged him to lower the price so that those who don’t believe in the reality of generating money online won’t have to spend a lot of money to obtain that belief.

Josh ultimately decided to sell it at $497 after some back and forth.

Josh also provides a private Facebook group with his best teachers for google map pack listings in addition to the video instruction.


Most digital marketing organizations charge THOUSANDS for comparable masterminding, so you could be surprised with that value add right there.

You’ll get access to some of the folks who had the greatest outcomes with this approach, as well as some hands-on instruction, in that group.

Google map packs are an excellent ability to have since they are quick to put up and incredibly passive once they are.

The most popular Google map packs are also the ones that generate the most clicks. This is due to the fact that it is the first thing that people notice.

The significance of having something like this is recognized by business owners… However, they often lack the time and resources to find it out on their own.

What exactly is Josh’s offer?

Here’s What You Can Expect To Find In The Map Pack Hero

  • Right Now, We’re Using Our Exact Sales System To Land Clients Paying Us Over $5,000 Per Month (So That You Can See Exactly What Works For Us, And Have A Blueprint For Duplicating Our Success) [All of this is explained in detail in Section 5 of the training] 
  •  A High-Level Overview Of How To Be A Local Sales Hero (You’ll Learn What It Means To Help Local Businesses And How To Get Paid Well For It) [Video 3 of the Training, Section 1]
  • You Need A Million-Dollar Mindset To Succeed (These Are The Principles I Live By… And I’m giving them to you for the first time ever. It’s Simple To Achieve Personal Freedom Once You’ve Got Your Mind Right) [Video 2 of the Training, Section 1]
  • A List Of Over 1,000+ Profitable Niches, So You Can Start Selling Your Services Right Away (Skip Over The Mistakes And Guesswork I Had To Deal With, And Get Right To The Most Profitable Niches On The Planet For You To Sell To!) [Video 5 of the Training, Section 2]
  • Our Million-Dollar Map Optimization Template (Businesses Are Practically Backing Up Dump-Trucks Full Of Money To People Who Can Rank Their Profiles For Them… Remove the guesswork and send them soaring to the top of Google with our EXACT Optimization Template.) [Video 9 of the Training, Section 2]
  • Our 10-Step Ranking Checklist, so you don’t have to guess what will work (Most of the businesses we work with see a significant increase in revenue after implementing only three of the items on this list… We’ll give you a total of ten!) [Video 16 of the Training, Section 2]
  • How To Get To The Top Of The Listings Using Map Categories (One Of Our Students Used This Advice And Landed A $1,500/Month Remodeling Client… Even without a website or a bank account!) [Video 2 of the Training, Section 3]
  • How To Make Your Map Pack Photos More Keyword-Friendly (Did you know that Google’s robots read the captions on every picture and know what they’re about? We’ll show you how to make the most of this little-known fact!) [Video 6 of the Training, Section 3]
  • Description Booster (Secret) (Want a quick WIN for yourself and your clients, we show you how to BOOST your rankings and conversions with our Step by Step Description Booster Package) [Video 3 of the Training, Section 3]
  • Blastoff’s Google Review (This ONE TIP IS WORTH 100 TIMES THE COST OF THE WHOLE TRAINING… And this is something we’ve only ever shared during one of my live events.) [Video 3 of the Training, Section 4]
  • Citations (This Is The Difference Between Clients Paying You $1,000 Per Month… Or $10,000 Per Month… For Exactly The Same Amount Of Work!) [Video 7 of the Training, Section 4]
  • Google My Business Websites (How much does Google like Google? By utilizing Google’s own paradigm for YOUR GAIN, this one secret will make the phones ring.) [Video 2 of the Training, Section 4]
  • Prospecting in the Downhill (How to find businesses that will beg you to work with them, get rid of the guessing game downhill prospecting will show you the businesses that are ready and willing to pay you for your services) [Section 5, Video 5 Of The Training] [Section 5, Video 5 Of The Training] [Section 5, Video 5


You’ll Also Have Access To His Closed Facebook Group!

He’ll teach you how to live a genuinely free life!

If you want more time and money, here is the definitive advice on how to obtain it.


Joshua Osborne is a well-known scammer and the “joshua t osborne reddit” is a good place to start looking for information. The course is not worth the time, money, or effort.

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