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Modern Millionaires Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

The world of crypto has exploded in the last few years, with scams becoming a growing problem. This article goes over some tips to avoid falling victim to today’s cryptocurrency schemes along with reviewing two promising projects that may be worth considering for investors looking for more opportunities.

The “modern millionaires review reddit” is a new product that was released on the market. The product claims to be able to make you rich in just weeks. However, it has been called a scam by some users and others have said that it is legit.

What Does It Mean to Be a Modern Millionaire?

Modern-Millionaires-Review-2022-Scam-or-LegitThe Modern Millionaires claim to be able to teach you how to start an internet company from scratch.

It mostly demonstrates how to establish an agency. You’ll be generating revenue from Google ads.

While the course covers a variety of niches, the major objective of this course is lead generation for a variety of other enterprises.

However, I see no reason why you should use the strategies and tactics discussed in this specific course in your own firm.

I believe a large number of people will follow that route.

In a moment, I’ll go through this in more detail.

This will most likely give you a better idea of what Modern Millionaires brings to the table.

What Does The Modern Millionaires Course Cost?


They don’t mention the course prices anywhere on the internet. It was difficult for me to locate, but it was available for $9.95 on YouTube advertisements.

If you’re a newbie, you could think that something is quite inexpensive or that it’s within reach.

Please allow me to explain…. This is the product that they offer as an upsell. The training course costs between $5000 and $7860.

Yes, between $5000 and $7860!

I’m going to be completely honest with you straight away.

This will almost certainly not be a training course for everyone.

It’ll set you back about $8,000.

This implies you’ll probably have to pay a lot of money for the SAME QUALITY information you might get for free in other goods!

It’s important to note that this is only the’starting point.’

You’ll also want additional funds to cope with sponsored advertising and any applications that require a subscription.


What Is The Best Way To Get The Modern Millionaires Training Course?

The only method to buy modern millionaires is to schedule a call and speak with a sales representative.

They will attempt to sell you their items depending on your budget during this phone conversation.

They attempt to sell you on the cost of altering your life rather than the goods itself.

There’s one more heinous secret.

As I previously said, their upsell item costs $9.95, yet most customers claim that they were charged $137 instead of $9.95.

The method that helped me grow my online company to $50,000+ per month not only teaches you certain digital marketing abilities, but also how to monetize them in a far more successful manner.

Who Are The Modern Millionaires Course’s Inventors?


Abdul Samed and Chance Welton are the faces behind the Modern Millionaires.

Both are unknown in the world of online coaching.

Abdul and Chance have built multiple enterprises from the ground up. Chance is very successful in marketing and advertising (on Google), while Abdul focuses on digital enterprises, lead generation, and revenue production.

On this specific training course, Abdul and Chance work well together, and each of their skill sets contributes something unique to the curriculum.

After doing my study, I’ve come to the conclusion that they aren’t lying about the business model’s effectiveness….but I do have reservations about their capacity to train…

I’m not sure why Forbes chose to include them; have they accomplished anything noteworthy? No…

I believe Chance and Abdul bought that part from Forbes, which is why it is no longer available.

What Is The Business Model Of Today’s Millionaires?


The contemporary millionaire’s business strategy is, in reality, legitimate.

If you’re reading this review, consider yourself lucky since I’ve been in this company for a long time and can explain everything to you…

As a result, the focus of this training course is on running Google advertisements for company owners.

The major goal is to make money for you and your customers as quickly as feasible.

The numerous other key factors include the fact that many company owners do not have the time to run Google advertisements or even handle their own promotion.

So you’re only acting as their publicist.

They characterized it as exceedingly slick and, to be honest, a little too simple during their webinar.

What is the content of the Modern Millionaires Course?


This course consists of just four component units. If you consider the fact that module three has been separated into several’ submodules,’ there are seven modules.

Although this may seem to be a little amount of content, you may be surprised at how much information each component contains.

Just don’t set your sights too high…

The Foundation (module 1)

Everything is kept basic and welcoming in the first section. You’ll learn exactly how to start a company from the ground up.

The major emphasis of this component will be on determining your specialty and developing your agency website (including purchasing your domain name). This domain name is critical for attracting customers.

There will also be a lot of talk on being in the right frame of mind for running a company.

Essentially, the purpose of this lesson is to provide you with the motivation you need to succeed in online local companies.

Module 2: Sales Prospecting and Closing


Module two starts to illustrate how comprehensive these courses will be. It goes into great detail. I can’t possible tell you everything that comes with this module. However, I’ll give you a high-level summary.

This subject begins with a recap of what prospecting is all about. After you’ve gotten that out of the way, you’ll learn how to research the industry you want to operate in and a little bit about how an online CRM works.

The second section is crucial since your whole company strategy is built on prospecting clients and producing leads, as well as how you can manage them.

It’s the next best thing to talking about how cold emailing works. This is something that you won’t find in many other similar courses.

Many people completely disregard the concept of cold emailing.

As a result, the fact that the Modern Millionaires Course is prepared to explore far more unique techniques of generating leads is really beneficial to me.

You’ll also learn how to use LinkedIn, how to accept payments, and how to close transactions with customers you’ve acquired.

The training skips over the offer finalization section, which is unfortunate since the whole business model relies on attracting the best consumers you can and converting them into higher-paying clients.

This may be difficult if your sales game isn’t up to par.

Module 3A: Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic

1646681634_305_Modern-Millionaires-Review-2022-Scam-or-Legit This is likely where the course’s meat is. As the name implies, you’ll learn how to utilize Google Ads to generate traffic in this section.

This is perhaps one of the most in-depth Google Ads courses I’ve ever seen, and the dynamic pair leaves no stone unturned in teaching you all you need to know to generate leads from it.

You’ll also learn more about how Google Analytics fits into the picture.

Module 3B: Traffic Management (Facebook)

1646681635_983_Modern-Millionaires-Review-2022-Scam-or-Legit This section is fairly similar to the last one, except that instead of using Google Ads to generate leads, you’ll be using Facebook Ads.

3C Module:


The last module connects the two prior parts.

In this course, you’ll discover how to nurture those leads and, hopefully, convert them into paying customers.

Auto-Pilot is the fourth module.


The last component generates all of the automatic choices. This section covers hiring, training, and other aspects of personnel management.

Unlike previous courses where you’ll probably want to build your company for a while before automating it, this module recommends that you automate your business right away so you can start making money.

Could you make money if you bought The Modern Millionaires, also known as the Officeless Agency?

1646681637_129_Modern-Millionaires-Review-2022-Scam-or-Legit Yes, the Millionaire Middleman may help you generate money, but it is still missing in knowledge and assistance.

In reality, as of the time of writing, we’ve had multiple consumer complaints regarding the lack of activity in the Facebook group or any connection with Chance or Abdul.

Of sure, you can earn money, but the cost of this course is too high, and there are several drawbacks that I will detail later in this review.

But first, let me explain why this specific business strategy could be able to help you make money.

The Good & The Bad


The Good:

  • Chance and Abdul created the Modern Millionaires program, and both has had a lot of success with their own brands. Forbes has featured them.
  • There are no specific knowledge requirements for starting the program – you don’t need to have any prior experience with internet marketing or even acquire any particular marketing abilities.
  • The Modern Millionaires (AKA Officeless Agency) business model is a practical and common-sense way to generate money using Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • The training is cutting-edge, and you get good value for your money.

The Bad:

  • There is a level of non-transparency around the charges — they’re stated at $5000, but they’re all over the place. That’s a significant investment for a program.
  • The fees do not end with the training; you will also have to pay for your own digital advertising. You’ll have to pay until you get a customer to cover your expenses.
  • There’s no guarantee of success — it’s very possible that you’ll spend money on an opportunity that you won’t be able to recover.
  • There will be hidden expenses that were not given during your evaluation phone call, and it might cost you an additional $300 to $400 each month.
  • These monthly fees are too expensive for somebody just starting out.

Understanding The Business Opportunity For Modern Millionaires


Running Google advertisements for the purpose of earning money and profiting from it seems to be an attractive business concept.

As a corporation, it seems that there are several aspects to consider…

The majority of company owners have no idea how to run advertisements. They also have no idea how to lose business on Facebook, Google, or Bing.

They have no idea how to build a website and attract people to it.

They’re much too busy for all of this.

Or maybe he or she is only willing to spend on products that will help their company grow.

So, when you consider all of this, it makes a lot more sense.

I don’t recommend or even support you enrolling in this course for a variety of reasons, the most important of which being the absence of genuine mentoring after you enroll.

Is Modern Millionaires a Real Company?


Modern Millionaires is a real show. At the very least, the program’s business strategy is sound. In truth, social media marketing has gained a lot of traction in recent years, but purchasing Facebook and Google advertisements may be complicated, so hire the correct professionals for the task.

Yes, running advertising for company owners may earn you a lot of money.

When it comes to starting an internet company, though, you have a lot of possibilities.

Even if you’re dead bent on being an internet advertising, Modern Millionaire isn’t the best solution.

Keep in mind that I am not compensated in any way to promote the programs I evaluate. Personally, I believe that running an online company or an advertising agency is a poor business strategy that results in you leaving a lot of money on the table.

The “how much does the modern millionaires program cost” is a question that comes up often, and it’s not an easy one to answer. Many people are unsure if this program is legit or a scam. Some of the reviews that have been left seem to be positive, while others are negative.

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