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NightWatch Review: Is It A Legit Keyword Tool?

A keyword tool is a software application that helps you find long-tail keywords for your website. Generally, it will suggest hundreds of words related to the word or phrase inputted by its users.

The “nightwatch pricing” is a keyword tool that allows users to search and monitor the keywords they are currently ranking for. The tool is also able to track how many searches you get per month, how much traffic your site gets, and more. This tool is great for anyone looking to build their own website or blog.

Nightwatch SEO will be examined in this review to discover whether it is indeed the greatest SEO rank tracker tool available.

You’ll find out whether SEO is the correct online venture for you.

Finally, you’ll discover answers to some of the most common queries about Nightwatch SEO and SEO rank tracker tools in general in the conclusion.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the precise strategy that many others have used to grow their own internet marketing company to over $40,000 in primarily passive revenue every month.

Because it leverages some of the same talents as SEO, but in a far more effective and lucrative manner, this technique made them swear off SEO for good!

Overview of Nightwatch

Night watch is a more complex SEO rank tracker with features like site audits, backlink tracking, and Reporting.

The cloud-based SEO tracker application specializes in monitoring local rankings down to the zip code level across major search engines.

What is Nightwatch SEO, and how does it work?

You may follow keyword ranks in 107,296 places across the globe with the Nightwatch SEO rank tracker tool.

It has access to a huge number of Google Data Centers, which allows it to monitor keywords for a big number of locations with great precision.

For both desktop and mobile platforms, Nightwatch enables you to check keyword rankings based on organic search results and local map results.

To put it another way, Nightwatch’s user interface is much more simplified than most other rank monitoring applications, making its complex functions more approachable and visually attractive.

With Nightwatch’s rich keyword filtering features, you can easily store custom views and divide terms into various groups.

Pricing Plans for Nightwatch

Nightwatch offers four sets of tools to assist you improve internet traffic and sales, each priced for a particular stage of your company’s development. You may try it out for free for 14 days before purchasing a plan with their 14-day free trial.

Starter Strategy:

Price of the plan: $32 per month, payable yearly

For freelancers, small businesses, and marketers on a tight budget.

  •  A total of 500 keywords are tracked on a daily basis.
  •  50 Websites Have Been Monitored
  •  Site Audit Pages: 5,000
  •  Integration with Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track
  •  Keep an eye on Google, YouTube, and Bing.

Optimize the Strategy:

Plan cost: $79 per month, payable once a year

For expanding SMBs and marketing firms.

  •  All Starter features are included.
  •  A total of 1,000 keywords are tracked on a daily basis.
  •  200 Websites Have Been Monitored
  •  10,000 Audit Pages on the Site
  •  Integration with Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track
  •  Integration with Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to manage your
  •  15 Reports with Your Own Label
  •  Access to APIs

Agency Strategy:

Plan cost: $295 per month, payable once a year

For organizations and enterprises with a greater budget.

  •  All Optimize features are included.
  •  5,000 Keywords Are Monitored Every Day
  •  1,000 Websites Have Been Monitored
  •  Site Audit Pages: 50,000
  •  Seats for as many users as you want
  •  Countless White Label Reports

Do you need a business strategy or bulk pricing?

For high-volume clients, Nightwatch provides a choice of flexible pricing alternatives.

Contact Nightwatch SEO for more details.

Features of NightWatch

The keyword tracking and Reporting options of Night Watch are extensive.


  • Rank Monitoring
  • Auditing of the Site
  • Monitoring of backlinks
  • Integrations
  • Reporting

A deeper look at some of the most significant aspects of Nightwatch:

Rank Monitoring

Stay ahead of the competition with accurate Rank Monitoring data from 107,296 locations worldwide.

Nightwatch’s keyword Rank Monitoring is its core.

Every day, Nightwatch updates the plan rankings. With daily ranking updates for many search engines and locales, the Starter plan is one of the most economical on the market.

Auditing on the side

In Nightwatch, a fast-loading audit may reveal optimization concerns across sites as well as the health of individual pages. Crawl snapshots may be compared to measure performance improvements.

In the columns, you may filter and show site analytics, much as in the keyword ranking table. Examples include the H1 and H2 tags, page size, indexed pages, missing image alt tags, connecting pages, broken links, and meta tags.

Monitoring of backlinks

Nightwatch’s Monitoring of backlinks makes incoming links easy to track. Determine which links are beneficial to page rankings and which are harmful.

When enabled, the Monitoring of backlinks overview section will show metrics like active backlinks, diversity, quality, and new & lost links, among others.

It also includes metrics for citation flow and trust flow, as well as page and domain authority.


There are three ways to integrate Nightwatch:

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track

All Nightwatch plans include Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track (GA). Add Nightwatch ranking data to your Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track website metrics like user sessions and pageviews.

Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to manage your

The Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to manage your (GSC) integration is included in the Optimize, Agency, and more extensive custom plans. This integration allows Night watch to find and alert you to keyword suggestions from Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to manage your, including clicks, impressions, CTR, and average positions.

Google Data Studio is a data visualization tool developed by Google.

Nightwatch Access to APIs is required for the Google Data Studio is a data visualization tool developed by Google. to work. Importing data into Google Data Studio is a data visualization tool developed by Google. allows you to create your own reports, merge data from various sources and present it in a variety of ways.


Nightwatch generates simple reports on rankings, site audits, and other SEO information. You may produce account-wide reports based on the URLs and views of several sites.

Conclusion of the Night Watch Review

While there are alternatives to Nightwatch, I recommend it to anyone looking for a cost-effective, accurate, and flexible Rank Monitoring tool with advanced features for tracking multiple keywords or locations. This stand evenly matched some well-known SEO tools.

Nightwatch is a fantastic tool for local SEO. For a chain, franchise, or local service area firm, monitoring local keywords across numerous cities, towns, or zip codes is a good use case at one point.

What Is Our #1 Online Money-Making Recommendation For 2021?


Our review team has discovered a game-changing program in the real estate market!

It’s all digital, even if it’s not real estate in the classic sense.

Yes, it’s all about digital real estate.

The scalability of Night Watch SEO is where it falls short.

You can’t expect to be able to conduct SEO 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bootstrapping requires much too many resources (including money) for the average individual, not to mention that certain customers may be a genuine pain!

But what if you could generate even more money from small local websites without spending all of your time managing various campaigns?

You may earn from LOCAL visitors to your website every day with our digital real estate service!

Does it seem too wonderful to be true?

It certainly does!

However, this isn’t the case… In fact, many company owners wish they have this talent!

All you have to do is create and rank a LOCAL website, then pass the job listings to a local company owner, or even email them!

This works for any service-based company, such as tree service, plumbing, towing, and so on.

What is the maximum amount of money you can make?

Just said, when you have sent the tasks to a company owner and he has profited from them, you simply ask to make the arrangement mutually beneficial.

10-20% is a reasonable sum to charge per lead, depending on the business… Let’s take the tree service sector as an example, and assume the worst-case situation.

Assume you develop and rank the site, but only 10 jobs come in every month. The typical tree service task costs between $500 and $2000!

That implies you have a monthly asset worth at least $500!

See why it’s now referred to as “digital real estate”?

That is a payment for rent.

It’s because it’s YOUR PROPERTY.

The best part is how simple it is to scale. Because you control the website, you don’t have to worry about annoying customers.

Returning to Night Watch SEO, why take on a little $500 SEO customer that treats you like an employee when you can use your own asset?

This strategy enables you to get MASSIVE FLAT RATE DEALS.

This is really passive income!

Making money online is taken to a whole new level with this training program. With the occasional voice over while he is sharing his screen, the program’s proprietor leads you through how to develop and rank a site hand in hand.

You’ll discover the value of keywords, the name of your website, how to send call alerts through email, backlinking, and more.

After completing the training program, you will get access to a Facebook group that, in our view, is much superior than the Night Watch SEO community. This is a considerably more active group.

Unlike Night Watch SEO, where you could make $250 each month, you might gain 10-20X that with this service.


A company will constantly want additional leads and a new position. It doesn’t matter if the task isn’t related to their website’s name; they view it for what it is…expanding digital real estate.

In contrast to Night Watch SEO, more individuals have been able to leave their 9-5 jobs.

Now, I’m sure you have a lot of questions…

So, have a look at this to discover more.

The “rank tracker login” is a keyword tool that allows users to track the rankings of their keywords. The tool is available for both free and paid members.

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