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REIPro Review 2023: Best Real Estate Software For You?

REIPro has been around for over 10 years, boasting the ability to save users time and money. REIPro is now offering a special deal on their platform with an annual subscription cost of $75 versus a monthly fee of $10 per user.

The “reipro vs propstream” is a debate that has been going on for some time. The “REIPro Review 2021: Best Real Estate Software For You?” will help you decide which one to use.

You may search 150 million leads with REIPro, which are often eager sellers for investors.

You may choose from a variety of categories to refine your search, including:

  • Owners who are not present
  • Vacant real estate
  • Real estate held by a bank
  • Pre-foreclosures/auctions
  • Clear and unrestricted properties
  • Property with high and low equity (more or less than 30 percent equity)
  • Trustee-owned properties
  • Properties that are “underwater” (owe more than their current value)

Many real estate investors value the ability to collaborate with other investors and co-invest, partner, or promote transactions to them.

As a consequence, the website enables you to search for other investors all throughout the United States.

Assume you have a buyer’s list or a list of other wholesalers, and you understand what they’re looking for in terms of an investment.

The search filter in REIPros comes in handy here.

It allows you to filter your results by price, lot size, property type, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, year built, date last sold, property size, owner type, and potential equity.

Within the same lead generation or better property look-up module, you may examine the potential equity of a certain property and determine whether or not it has deal potential for you.

This is done by comparing the original loan amounts to current market values in REIpro.

REIpro gets its property leads from a variety of sources.

The application, among other things, reviews courts records and county tax assessors on a daily basis and updates this information every morning from Monday through Friday.

The “rei pro reviews” is a software that helps real estate agents manage their business. It offers a wide range of features and it is easy to use.

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