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Remote Closing Academy Reviews (2023): Best Sales Course?

Remote closing academy is a training center that provides sales courses. Their class has been the top seller on Udemy in their category, but users have mixed opinions about whether it’s worth the cost or not. What do you think?

The “Remote Closing Academy Reviews” is a program that offers an online course on how to close sales. The reviews are mixed as some say they were able to get the job done and others had no success. Read more in detail here: is remote closing academy legit.

What Is Remote Closing Academy and How Does It Work?


Cole Gordon’s Remote Closing Academy is a course that teaches you how to do your own research and establish a high-ticket recession-proof sales talent. When combined with the critical thinking skills taught in his curriculum, this business strategy will provide you with a consistent supply of incoming calls.

If you’ve never heard of telemarketing, consider yourself lucky. They’re the ones that acquire your phone number from who knows where, call you all the time with offers, and aggressively hawk their products as if they’re the finest thing ever made.

I’ve never been a telemarketer’s target, at least not in my own experience. Ads that are tailored to me are often seen on social media. In some respects, social media advertisements have replaced telemarketers, but it doesn’t imply telemarketers are going away. There are still a good number of them around.

According to Cole, using unproductive methods such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, or real estate investment would not lead to prosperity. Those things did, of course, work for some individuals, but not for the great majority of those who tried them.

There is a better and quicker way to attain, according to him. He’s also offering a course that will educate you how to create a recession-proof and successful approach.

Will the course be successful, or will it fail?

What is the price of Remote Closing Academy?

The price of the course is unknown. When I started looking for possible price quotes, I came across a forum post where a guy was charged $8,400. That’s a substantial sum of money.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend that much for a course. However, I do not feel that is a sensible move. Because the curriculum isn’t made public, you have no idea what you’ll get out of the training.

I suggest conducting your own study on remote closure before taking this one. Don’t spend $8,400 on a course without knowing what you’ll get out of it.

Even if you complete the course, there is no guarantee that you will succeed. After all, the main benefit of this training is that it will educate you how to be a remote closer. Your success is still totally reliant on you since this is a performance-based job.

Cole Gordon: Who Is He?


Cole Gordon was the one who came up with the idea for the course. A few years ago, he learnt about remote shutting. He used to make $18,000 a year as a bartender, working every night. His time as a bartender had been unsatisfactory, so he sought for other ways to get money.

He was offered the choice of using complex sales funnels, developing a team of personnel he couldn’t afford, or running potentially dangerous advertisements. Cole was uninterested in any of those options, so he went in a different way.

Cole aspired to make a lot of money (six figures per year), be his own boss, have total control over his free time and schedule, and dedicate attention to his hobbies.

He was fortunate in that he was able to find an appropriate work path. He was able to get work in phone sales, which seemed to be on the decrease as online shops became increasingly dominant. He eventually made more than $10,000 per month doing nothing but this.

Is Cole Gordon someone you can trust?

Based on my research, Cole looks to be genuine. He also has a wealth of experience that has contributed to his trustworthiness. He also has strong critical thinking abilities, therefore I am certain that he is perfectly capable of delivering a high-quality course.

I do, however, have some concerns about him. His training is prohibitively costly, which is sad considering that he is offering it to individuals searching for a route out of mundane occupations. Not everyone can afford $8,400, particularly if they are not well compensated at work.

Also, according to multiple forum posts, much of what Cole covers in his course is basic material that you can acquire for free by doing a few Google searches and doing some free training. I’m not sure whether that’s true, but if it is, it still doesn’t explain why the course costs so much.

What Is Remote Closing and How Does It Work?


With a few differences, remote closing is quite similar to telemarketing. As a remote closer, one of your responsibilities is to persuade customers to accept a deal.

They do it by phoning customers with whom they have already established a point of contact or even a link with another salesman. Remote closers do not need to meet with customers in person, and they may accomplish the bulk of their tasks and obligations from any location with internet or WiFi connectivity.

A remote closer’s responsibilities include identifying and resolving potential issues that are delaying or preventing the sale, elaborating the benefits and good qualities of the products or services being sold, employing techniques to persuade the customer to complete the sale, and negotiating a final deal.

You must be a great negotiator to succeed in this business.

Is it Possible to Make Money Through Remote Closing Academy?


Yes, with a lot of ticket sales!


Many individuals deal with a number of things that come with sales.

Don’t get the wrong impression…

It’s not impossible to make money with sales, but if you’re going to put in the effort to learn the ropes (which, believe us, isn’t simple), you may as well make some real money while you’re doing it.

The approach that has helped numerous internet companies grow to over $40,000 per month is so straightforward that producing money becomes second nature.

Remote Closing Academy is a website that offers remote sales courses. The site has been around since 2017 and has seen great reviews. Reference: remote closing academy website.

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