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Seagull 1963 Review – The Chinese Airforce Chronograph

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Yup, I did it, I went and bought the Seagull 1963 chronograph off Amazon. Guess what? It just became my absolute favorite watch of all time. Cut the fact that I’m Taiwanese – I am usually a Seiko guy anyways. After the overwhelming emotions that followed my m182sk purchase I decided to get another Chinese timepiece.

To give some background about this watch, this is a special edition, official remake of the Chinese Airforce chronograph. It has 21 jewels and the movement is the ST19 by Seagull(hand wound), with shock protection. It comes with a 1 year warranty as well as a Nato strap.


Pros and Cons of Seagull 1963

This is officially my second Chinese watch and I came in with a high standard. I did my routine checks on Watchuseek as well as Watchfreaks for the watch, but heard nothing but good things. To just give a quick disclaimer I have only just received the watch, so don’t expect many comments on time keeping over time. Here are some things I have noticed:


  • A pleasant surprise on how well a wound watch keeps time.
  • Nato strap, though originally not a fan, enables casual and formal use(when swapped).
  • Unique, historical, military-style piece, absolutely stunning.
  • Small watch face, works well for me.
  • I tried my best to take a nice photo, but photographs simply don’t do it justice.


  • None, for the first time, I have no complaints.


Conclusion to the Seagull 1963

Just look at that photo of the Seagull 1963, taken by a Nexus 5 – take some time to absorb that. Simply put, get the watch, you will not have any regrets. Once again, Seagull has outdone themselves. This watch boosts superior quality, style and beauty. Watch out Japanese and Swiss brands, I believe Seagull is coming for you.

Once again, I ordered off Amazon – this is purely because I like their refund and trust them immensely. I recommend you do the same, perhaps I have strong deep-rooted trust issues..


You can buy the same watch here, last time I checked there was only 1 left:

Or see other Seagull watches here:

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