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Seint Makeup MLM Review: Scam or Legit?

Seint Makeup is a cosmetics company that offers its members an opportunity to earn free makeup through the Seinto model. The company pays for manufacturing, marketing and customer service (all by itself) while allowing distributors to keep 100% of their commissions.

Seint Makeup is a makeup company that has been in the market for quite some time. It’s not very popular, but it has managed to gain a lot of traction recently. The company offers a wide range of products and services. Read more in detail here: seint makeup mlm reddit.

1. Not for everyone

Even though they claim you may still join their artist program and become a professional artist, this does not guarantee it will happen quickly.

If you don’t enjoy cosmetics, you may want to steer clear of this path since I think you’ll be doing a lot of beauty speeches to promote or recruit others.

How can you provide cosmetics advise until you’ve worked on other people’s faces?

That is my viewpoint.

I still don’t enjoy receiving beauty advice from a presenter who isn’t a cosmetic expert at MAC or Sephora.

2. Religiously motivated MLM

When I first learnt this, I was taken aback, but it now makes perfect sense.

The company’s creator, Cara Brook, is a Mormon, and numerous religious words are employed throughout.

You are “Seint [your name]” if you represent them.

The brand’s name takes on a whole new significance after discovering this. And it irritates me. It has a cult-like aspect to it, and I believe that religious concepts should not be used in business.

3. There are no other business opportunities.

Once you join as an artist, this will be in your NDA. If you achieve the influencer level or above on an NDA, you are prohibited from working in any other direct selling enterprises for a year.

This is the only MLM I’ve ever come across that has this on their NDA, and it’s incredible.

I don’t understand.

Even at my last corporate position, when I was in charge of a huge number of people and data, the “price” to quit and move to a rival was to leave everything and leave the office within 24 hours.

Nobody can be forced to work for a rival or do a side job.

Because Seint does not compensate these artists, I do not believe they have the authority to prevent them from working elsewhere.

4. Concentrate on recruiting

If you merely want to advertise Seint and receive a 20% commission, go ahead – but consider how much you can sell it for since the $11.95 monthly charge must still be paid.

If you join as a makeup artist, you will also have an upline. Your upline will encourage you to recruit more people and sell more products. Yes, if you want someone to push you in your life all the time.

However, I dislike being compelled to do something every day, which is how MLM businesses operate.

I would much rather make money by marketing items I like and receiving a commission rather than having to recruit people to make more money or having someone tell me how much I should work each day.

Seint Makeup is a makeup line that has been getting mixed reviews, but mostly negative. This can be seen on reddit where there are many posts about the product. Reference: seint makeup reviews reddit.

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