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The Best Shortcut To Clear Filters In Excel

Key Takeaway:

  • Clearing filters in Excel with a keyboard shortcut can save time and effort: Instead of navigating through menus to remove filters, the keyboard shortcut ALT+D+F+F can be used to quickly clear a filter from a selected column or range of cells.
  • Using the ALT+D+F+F keyboard shortcut is easy and efficient: After selecting the column or range of cells with a filter to clear, simply press ALT+D+F+F to clear the filter. This shortcut can also be customized to a different key combination to better suit the user’s preferences.
  • Clearing filters with a shortcut can avoid errors and improve data accuracy: Manually clearing filters from columns can be time-consuming and potentially lead to mistakes. Using a shortcut to clear filters can minimize the risk of errors and ensure that data is accurate and up-to-date.

Are you tired of filtering through thousands of data points in Excel? Tired of spending countless hours manually clearing filters? Here is the best shortcut to clear filters in Excel, saving you time and energy.

Essential shortcuts in Excel

Essential Productivity Enhancing Functions in Excel

Excel is a powerful tool with numerous functions that enhance productivity. Here are some essential shortcuts to increase efficiency and complete tasks quickly:

  1. Navigation: Use the Ctrl + Arrow keys to move quickly to the last filled cell in a column or row. Press the Home key to move to cell A1, while Ctrl + End takes you to the last cell of the active worksheet.
  2. Selection: To select an entire row or column, use Shift + Spacebar or Ctrl + Spacebar, respectively. Select multiple non-sequential cells by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting the cells individually.
  3. Copy and Paste: Use the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V key combination to copy and paste selected data. To duplicate cells, use the Ctrl + D shortcut.
  4. Formatting: Use Ctrl + B to bold text, Ctrl + I to italicize, and Ctrl + U to underline. You can also use the Ctrl + Shift + F shortcut to open the Format Cells dialog box.

To Clear Filters in Excel, use Ctrl + Shift + L for a quick and simple solution. This shortcut removes all filters and displays all data.

It’s interesting to learn that Microsoft Excel was originally developed to simplify accounting work. Eventually, it became a multi-purpose tool used by professionals across industries, including data analysts, finance experts, and engineers. Using essential shortcuts saves time and makes working with large data sets more manageable.

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The best shortcut to clear filters in Excel

Clearing excessive data on Excel becomes easy when you learn the best keyboard shortcut to clear filters in Excel. This trick enables you to erase exceptional data that exists in columns avoiding manual deletion and helps you to jump to the desired data efficiently.

Follow the below-mentioned four steps to learn the trick:

  1. Select any cell in the data set.
  2. Press the keys “Alt + A + C” to clear filters instantly.
  3. You can alternatively follow the sequence: “Alt key, press ‘D’, then ‘C’ and release the keys.”
  4. The filter drop-down arrows will disappear, and you can see all the data in the columns again.

It’s a straightforward process which could save you ample time while dealing with big data sets. By following this shortcut, you can quickly move on to the next task without worrying about deleting filters manually each time.

Now, suppose you want to clear not only filter data but any kind of data such as sorts or conditional formats. In that case, you can use different pathways to do the same process.

Next time when you need to clear filters in Excel, try this neat trick and circumvent the manual deletion of data entirely.

To optimize your work, try using this shortcut with Excel’s “Go To Special” command or “Paste Special” function, enabling you to analyze specific types of data with much more ease.

Optimizing work is a crucial aspect that helps to increase efficiency, making the given task easier. Incorporate this keyboard shortcut to clear filters in Excel and witness how it helps you to manage and manipulate data effectively.

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Alternative methods for clearing filters

When it comes to clearing filters in Excel, there are various ways to do it other than the conventional method. Here’s a guide on other ways to remove filtration in Excel.

  1. Double-click the filtered cell – You can quickly remove the filter by double-clicking any cell that features the drop-down arrow.
  2. Use the Clear Filter option – Pick the filter drop-down arrow, put the cursor over ‘Clear Filter,’ and click it to eliminate the filtration.
  3. Use the Key Combination – Another quick method is to use the keyboard sequence “Alt + A + C” to clear the filter.
  4. Apply the filter again – If you’re not sure of exactly which cells have filters, you can reapply the filter. Excel will simultaneously remove any active filters.
  5. Turn off the Filtering Function – You can turn off the filtering function altogether by selecting ‘Sort & Filter’ on the ribbon and toggling ‘Filter’ off.
  6. Use a Macro – Advanced users can develop a macro to help remove filtration. This process will instantly eliminate all filters from the worksheet.

Apart from the above methods, the simplest way to clear filters in Excel quickly is to use the right-click shortcut. Just right-click on any cell featured in the filtered range and select ‘Clear Filter,’ and the filtration will be eliminated.

It’s essential to note that clearing filters won’t delete any of your data. The filter function will merely be turned off, but all data will remain intact.

In summary, using any of the above methods will help you efficiently clear filters in Excel. Employing these shortcuts can save you valuable time and prevent frustration.

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Five Facts About The Best Shortcut to Clear Filters in Excel:

  • ✅ The shortcut key to clear filters in Excel is “Ctrl+Shift+L”.
  • ✅ This shortcut removes all filters applied to a worksheet or table in Excel.
  • ✅ Using this shortcut saves time compared to manually removing filters using the “clear filter” option.
  • ✅ The “Ctrl+Shift+L” shortcut is compatible with Excel versions 2007 and later.
  • ✅ This shortcut can be customized or changed based on user preference.

FAQs about The Best Shortcut To Clear Filters In Excel

What is the best shortcut to clear filters in Excel?

The best shortcut to clear filters in Excel is to use the “Alt + A + C” keyboard shortcut. This will clear all the filters in the current worksheet.

Can I use a shortcut to clear filters in a specific column?

Yes, you can use the “Alt + D + F + S” keyboard shortcut to access the Filter drop-down menu. From there, you can select “Clear Filter From” and choose the column you want to clear.

Is there a way to create a custom shortcut for clearing filters?

Yes, you can create a custom shortcut for clearing filters by going to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Keyboard Shortcuts. From there, you can assign a shortcut to the “Clear” command in the “Home” tab under “Editing”.

What happens if I accidentally clear my filters?

If you accidentally clear your filters, you can use the “Ctrl + Z” keyboard shortcut to undo the action. This will restore the previous filter settings.

Can I clear filters in multiple worksheets at once?

Yes, you can clear filters in multiple worksheets at once by selecting all the worksheets you want to clear and using the “Alt + A + C” keyboard shortcut. This will clear all the filters in all the selected worksheets.

Is there a way to clear filters using a mouse click instead of a keyboard shortcut?

Yes, you can add the “Clear Filter” command to the Quick Access Toolbar and click on it to clear filters using a mouse click.

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