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StreitWise Review 2023: Good Entry Level Option For Real Estate Investing?

This company is growing fast and has a lot of potential to grow in the next few years.

The “streitwise review reddit” is a Reddit review of the StreitWise Review 2021. The reviewer says that it’s an entry level option for real estate investing.

With a $5,000 initial commitment, you can start using Streitwise. You will get 500 shares for an investment of roughly $10 per share.

You do not need to be an accredited investor to participate, unlike many other real estate crowdfunding sites. As a consequence, the platform is now accessible to investors of all wealth levels and degrees of skill. The corporation, however, stipulates that your investment in the REIT must not exceed 10% of your net worth or income during the preceding two years. (Single or joint earnings or net worth are possible.)

You may put more than 10% of your income or net worth into investments, but you must be an authorized investor.

You will get payments weekly, net of investing expenses, since Streitwise pays dividends–an average of nearly 10% each year from 2017 through 2019. The following is a list of dividends paid out in the past:

One of the biggest advantages of investing with Streitwise is that the REIT’s three founders have placed over $5 million of their own money into the trust. That is, they have a direct stake in the fund’s successful administration.

Streitwise invests in commercial properties with the goal of holding them for 10 years or until property prices stabilize, at which time they will sell. The revenues of the sale will be distributed to investors or used to purchase a new property.

The REIT currently owns two commercial buildings. Panera Bread’s headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, span three buildings and cover 290,000 square feet. The second is the Allied Solutions Building, a 142,000-square-foot mixed-use commercial structure in Carmel, Indiana.

Streitwise concentrates on assets that meet the following criteria:

Value-oriented investments. This takes into account a strategic location with nearby amenities, long-term employment, high-quality construction, and long-term occupancy.

Tenants who have an excellent credit rating. Verizon, IBM, and Edward Jones are among the companies they are seeking for as tenants.

Markets that aren’t connected to the internet through a gateway. This is accomplished by avoiding high-cost coastal locations in favor of markets with higher dividend yields.

The amount of leverage you have is restricted. The firm attempts to restrict debt levels to no more than 60% of the value of any property owned to mitigate the risk associated with real estate indebtedness.

These four investing strategies are meant to reduce risk while increasing dividend income and capital appreciation over time.

The “diversyfund dividends” is a good option for someone looking to invest in real estate. It has a low cost structure and great returns. The downside is that it’s not the best option for long-term investors.

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