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Uforia Science MLM Review 2023: Scam or Legit?

You may have seen this company advertised on Facebook, Instagram or the radio. Uforia Science is an MLM that promises to help you earn a 5 figure income by promoting their products and earning commissions while they sell them. The problem is most of these claims are just marketing hype with no evidence backing up how much money people make selling their products.

“Uforia Science MLM Review 2023: Scam or Legit?” is a review of the Uforia supplement. The product is marketed as a “natural” weight loss supplement that helps with appetite control and metabolism. Read more in detail here: uforia supplement review.

There are 10 affiliate levels in the Üforia Science remuneration program.

The following is a list of them, along with their specific qualifying criteria:

1. Sign up as a Uforia Science Affiliate if you’re a beginner.

2. Builder – builds 100 RVs every month while recruiting and maintaining at least one active Uforia Science affiliate.

3. Producer – keep at least two active Uforia Science affiliates and maintain a monthly RV of 100.

4. Mover – recruit and retain at least three active Uforia Science affiliates, as well as produce and maintain 200 RV every month (each of the three recruitment legs must contain a Builder or higher).

5. Shaker – each month, generate 300 RV, personally recruit at least three active affiliates (each of the three recruiting legs must be a Producer or above), and generate 1000 GV.

6. Leader – create and maintain 5000 GV each month, keep 300 RV per month, and personally recruit at least three active affiliates (at least one Mover or above in each of the three recruiting legs).

7. Innovator – maintain 300 RV per month, three individually recruited active affiliates (each of the three recruiting legs must be a Leader or above), and 12,500 GV each month.

8. Generator – each month, generate 37,500 GV, recruit and keep at least four active affiliates (each of the three recruiting legs must have a Leader or above), and maintain 300 RV.

9. Rainmaker – create and maintain 50,000 GV each month, recruit and keep at least six active affiliates (at least one Creator or above in each of the three recruiting legs), and maintain 300 RV per month.

10. An affiliate is considered “active” by Uforia Science if they create 100 PV or more each month.

PV stands for Personal Volume and refers to the amount of money spent by Üforia Science customers and affiliates.

RV stands for “Retail Volume” and is made up of the following components:

1. PV resulting from affiliate purchases.

2. PV from direct recruited Üforia Science Beginner rated affiliates and PV from retail customers of a Uforia Science affiliate.

GV stands for “Group Volume” in Üforia Science, and it is made up of a Uforia Science affiliate’s own PV as well as that of their downline spanning three uni-level team levels.

ütrition reviews is a website that was created by the team behind Uforia Science, which is a MLM company. The purpose of this site is to provide unbiased reviews on different MLM companies.

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