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Videforex Review 2023: Scam or Legit

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The “videforex review reddit” is a new cryptocurrency that has been created by the company Videforex. The company claims to be owned by a private European bank, but it’s not clear if this is true or not.

So, what exactly does Videforex have to offer its customers? The next parts will go through this in further depth.

Additional Costs: According to the website and a customer service representative from VideForex, there are no additional fees. The salesman, on the other hand, stayed mute when questioned about their commissions and profit share. There is no extra information about commissions or profit-sharing on the website.

Assets and leverage: All of the assets mentioned below are accessible. Videforex allows you to trade digital options and CFDs on the same platform.

Options trading is accessible on VideForex in four asset types. Currency, commodities, cryptocurrency, and stocks are examples of these. The following is a list of these assets. Clients are also not required to trade with leverage since options trading is already considered high risk.


Gold and silver are examples of commodities.

Bitcoin, Zcash, Ripple, Monero, OmiseGO, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, and equities like Lufthansa, Deutsche, Daimler, and BMW are all examples of cryptocurrency.

CFDs on currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices, and stocks are available via VideForex. The following is a list of them. However, there are more than 50 CFD stocks accessible when it comes to equities. The most popular stocks on the site are Apple, Starbucks, Tesla, and Apple. When it comes to forex, you may expect to see the seven main currency pairings, as well as smaller and exotic ones.

Clients may trade these assets utilizing leverage. For FX, index CFDs, and commodities CFDs, the leverage may exceed 1:500. For bitcoin CFDs, the leverage is fixed at 1:10. Finally, stock CFDs have a one-to-one leverage.

The “videforex minimum deposit” is the amount of money that you must put down in order to make a trade with VideForex. The company has been known to be a scam or legit company, but it’s hard to tell which one it really is.

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