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Best Web Design Companies in the World

Obviously, a business needs to have an online presence. The role of a web design and development company is to guide you through this transition. They will help you build a client focused website from the ground up, and some will show you how to maintain it, while you can pay others to maintain it for you. Having a solid web design is almost as important as having an integrated marketing agency

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The best web design agencies in the world


Huemor is an award-winning web design agency, and their motto is that they create memorable sites that sell. At first glance, it’s clear that their site is indeed memorable.

From the name, which is a great play on words for their space-themed site, it’s clear that Huemor is not bluffing when they say they can provide memorability and sales. Huemor partners with brands to create websites that customers will remember, which greatly improves key website metrics. Their goal is to help companies, large or small, discover what makes them unique and guide them into memorable experiences that outperform the competition online.

The company was founded in 2011 by two friends, and their agency is culture based on these three principles: relationships are everything. They never cut corners. They do what’s right for everyone. They have offices in Manhattan, New York and Pittsburgh.

What makes them the best?
Humor has won 77 international awards from organizations like The Davey’s, Interactive Media Awards, W3, Clutch and The Webbys. This proves that they really are the best at the game and at what they do.

Their client list will make you hustle and be ready to work with them. They have worked with such notable organizations as Revlon, NBC Sports and Rug and Home.

They make their process simple, transparent and customer-focused. Their ultimate goal is to make sure they create a best-in-class user experience that translates into things that matter.

Their portfolio showcases cases from a wide range of work, demonstrating their creativity and versatility.

They’ve broken this down into directions, building and evolving so that depending on your company’s needs, you can choose a package that meets your needs.

Building Interactions is best for organizations that are undergoing a major rebranding, want to move from their content management system to WordPress or Shopify, or have more structural issues with their current web design. Our 4-6 month engagement builds your site anew from the ground up.

Through immersive engagement we offer strategy, design, content, development and support/maintenance.

Huemor’s main goal-create an experience that directly interacts with and engages your company’s target audience with your website.

Growth interaction is best for organizations that already have a website on Shopify or WordPress and want to increase conversions, sales and improve their overall customer experience.

The best part is that for both growth and construction, they back it up with testimonials of real results from developed websites.

They offer support once your site goes live in two ways:

Support keeps your site up to date, maintained, secure and fast. Huemor also helps with reactive improvements to your site, such as creating new landing pages or adding new features.

Grow is a proactive approach to continually improving your site. Huemor focuses on improving your conversion rate through multivariate, split-and a/B testing.

They can also focus on creating new lead magnets such as calculators, quizzes and downloadable resources. You can learn more about grow here.

Finally, what makes Huemor the best web design firm is that they strive to find the sweet spot between a memorable brand experience and a user experience. As user experience experts, they help their clients create designs that people like, designs that will ultimately remove the barriers that limit new business.

Huemor Web Design Services strives to deliver brand value without feeling too self-centered. It delivers what the client wants without losing the integrity of what the brand represents. When it comes to memorable experiences, their goal is to create an online experience that truly resonates with your company’s target customer.

Lounge Lizard.

Lounge Lizard is a New York-based web design, digital marketing, public relations and social media agency. Lounge Lizard’s brandtenders and marketing mixologists offer unique website designs coded with modern technology. Lounge Lizard has offices in Los Angeles, California, Washington D.C. and Long Island, New York.

The company has been in existence since 1998 and serves more than 1,000 clients.

Their portfolio covers a wide range of industries.

Their client list includes well-known companies such as IBM/Unique, National Geographic and Canon.

Blue Fountain Media.

Blue Fountain Media is a New York-based web design agency committed to helping businesses accelerate their growth by leveraging the power of digital technology. They combine imagination and technology to help brands grow in an era of digital transformation.

Their portfolio includes work for well-known clients such as FedEx, Microsoft and Sony.

They have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries.

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