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WTF Cannabis Review and Alternatives

WTF Cannabis is an online mail-order cannabis dispensary that specializes in selling marijuana products in Canada. They offer an extensive inventory on their website where customers can shop at reasonable prices. Regardless of your location in the country, you can still have your CBD or THC product delivered.

WTF Cannabis, who are they?

WTF Cannabis is one of the online THC and CBD retailers in Canada. . Thus, The Cannabis Dispensary sources its herb locally to fulfil shipping orders to all areas where Canada Post reaches.

Whether you’re looking for high-quality bud, cookies, or smoking accessories, WTF Cannabis can sort you out. The online retailer offers a rich selection of options, including cannabis Sativa, hybrid strains, and indica flowers. What’s more, WTF Cannabis strives to ship your product in discreetly sealed packaging. 

What else does WTF Cannabis offer?

If you’re on a tight budget, the online mail-order cannabis dispensary’s “Less Than $100 Ounces” segment could be of interest. WTF Cannabis coupon codes may be used by new consumers to purchase high-quality buds at a reduced price.

If you desire to try using marijuana, the website provides a variety of choices, from smoking to chewing. To begin, they offer a mix and match choice, in which customers can purchase a value pack of complementary cannabis items. This option will help you save money while still encouraging you to try a new strain without having to pay full price.

Some people tend to buy enough THC or CBD to last them for months at a time. WTF Cannabis offers customers with high consumption a wholesale option to buy a strain like Sativa in bulk. There are also lucrative offers like free shipping for customers who spend a significant amount on the site. 

WTF Cannabis not only offers its customers a selection of their favorite cannabis products but also sells its internal deals. You can get different types of flower, Sativa joints, shatter, and CBD tinctures.

You can buy pre-rolled joints, cartridges, vapes, and concentrates if you want to smoke your marijuana. WTF Weed offers edibles such as gummies, popsicles, chewable candies, and chocolate chip cookies. Regardless of your favorite strain, you can get high in a number of ways.

WTF Cannabis seems to have a good understanding of what customers want. That said, is it the best online retailer for cannabis strains in Canada? Or are there better weed sites for discerning consumers? 

Is There Anything Better Than WTF Cannabis?

Following the legalization of cannabis in 2017, a slew of new websites sprung up in Canada to meet the high demand for the substance. Still, a booming market doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed excellent customer service and top-notch cannabis products. Besides, some people don’t trust online stores, so they are satisfied with a sketchy local retailer. 

It’s difficult for customers to be sure that what they order from a website like WTF Cannabis will be delivered. Fortunately, Cannablossom has earned a reputation for being one of Canada’s best weed dispensaries. They have a combination of a hardworking team, a wealth of experience, and excellent cannabis products. 

When you buy online, the strain, size, or description may be far from the information provided by the website in question. Cannablossom makes sure that what you view is what you will receive by going the extra mile to show the actual photo of the cannabis product being sold on the website.

If you’re looking for information on how WTF Cannabis compares to Cannablossom, we’ve put together a detailed look at the two websites. Let’s dive into our review and find out how the two match up in terms of cannabis products, customer satisfaction, promotions, and discounts. 


Cannablossm Vs. WTF Cannabis

1. Available Cannabis Products

A discerning consumer prefers to have a variety of choices from which to choose. Customers’ consumption appetites can also be catered to by a reputable online cannabis dispensary. It’s critical to find an online cannabis dispensary that will provide you with the high you want, whether it’s THC or CBD.

Cannablossom’s impressive catalog includes over 1300 different items, including CG extracts, vaporizers, and Sativa herb. If you’re looking for a good time or a new experience, this dependable service will provide you with a wide range of THC and CBD options.

What the hell is going on? Cannabis also offers a variety of cannabis items with stronger effects. Their range of THC and CBD alternatives, on the other hand, is just around two-thirds of what Cannablossom has to sell. As a result, when it comes to Cannablossom, picky customers can be spoilt for options.

2. Promotions and Discounts 

WTF Cannabis has numerous promotions that aim to offer discounts to customers when they use a coupon code. However, only new customers can use them on their first shipping orders. If your account is a regular on the site, you may not have the opportunity to receive a coupon code in your email when you purchase another product. 

When you open an account with Cannablossom, you will receive 15% off your first order for a THC or CBD product. You can gain credits on your account by participating in the service’s great programs. Simply send in your friend’s email address as a referral.

Also, if you spend more than $100, you will receive an additional product with your shipping orders.

3.Customer Service

When you order a particular THC or CBD strain, you want reliable customer support to make sure you receive your product. WTF Cannabis offers order tracking, but some customers complain that the support staff is not helpful when you don’t receive your desired menu items. 

On the other hand, Cannablossom stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction by fulfilling shipping orders. Furthermore, the staff is always able to provide you with any product details you need.

4. Order Tracking

Cannablossom and WTF Cannabis also use Canada Post to ship their products. Furthermore, the former includes express delivery as well as the ability to monitor the commodity for its customers. You don’t have to suffer the consequences of not receiving the strain you requested.

5. WTF Cannabis 

WTF Cannabis has what it takes to make sure you don’t have the pain of running out of your inventory. Cannablossom offers a wider selection of options for every strain, more attentive staff, and better promotions for customers. If these things are important to you, Cannablossom is the right choice.

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