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Yalber Review: The Right Business Funding Choice For You?

There are many business funding choices, but not every company needs or wants a loan. A start-up marketing agency might choose to raise funds through friends and family. Alternatively, they might opt for equity crowdfunding in order to access the wider investment market.

I’ve utilized Yalber’s services in the past with my own company. Basically, what I do is develop websites that generate leads for other local company owners. So, when I joined up with Yalber, my account manager contacted me and we spoke about how I wanted to expand my company.  

I told to her that I planned to utilize the funds to launch 50 new websites over the course of two months. I knew I’d have to outsource this since I couldn’t construct a website and have it up and operating in the period I needed.  

Here’s how it works: 

I presently have 15 websites that generate an average of $750 a month in revenue for me. That works up to a little more than $11,000 each month. Using the same calculations and growing to 50 more sites, I’d end up with $48,750.  

I now have 25 sites done and another 20 in the works. So it should just take a few more months until I’m done with them all.  

What’s so cool about this company model is that the skills I’ve gained are applicable to just about any other business.  

Consider this… 

Isn’t it true that all companies need customers? 

That’s precisely what I do: I get companies the consumers they badly need to prevent them from going out of business or from growing and developing.  

If you’d like to learn more about how I do this, please click here. 

To find out how I generate money by expanding other people’s companies, click here…


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can one determine the best source of funds?

A: Its difficult to determine which is the best source of funds. If youre looking through a crystal ball, then I would recommend starting by asking yourself what your budget is and where it will come from.

What types of funding are better at the beginning stages of a business?

A: Funding is important to any business, but the type of funding will depend on what stage the startup is in. A companys early stages are typically when they need capital that can be used for working capital or fixed assets; most likely a loan from a bank would provide such an opportunity. While more mature companies might consider stock options as an option during their growth and expansion phase.

What are the 3 types of funding?

A: The 3 types of funding are monetization, player drops and in-app purchase.

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